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Voyage SMS

Reply to SMS inbound support tickets directly in Gorgias
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Voyage SMS is building the next-gen messaging commerce platform, empowering eCommerce brands to drive revenue through text messaging more effectively than any other platform. Voyage allows brands to build their SMS list quickly, engage consumers with innovative call-to-actions like "click to buy," and segment and track performance in real-time. Voyage is trailblazing product functionality within the SMS space.


Ecommerce brands can harness both the high engagement of SMS through Voyage with the personalization of high touch support through Gorgias. Brands can seamlessly communicate across channels with consumers, reducing friction, increasing brand loyalty, and driving customer engagement.

Use cases

- Allow consumers to text a keyword such as “ASSIST103” to open a support ticket in Gorgias.

- Reply to SMS inbound support tickets directly in Gorgias, sending an SMS to the consumer on the same phone number at which they receive marketing messages.

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