Gorgias is now a Shopify Plus App Partner - And the only Customer Support

Gorgias is now a Shopify Plus App Partner - And the only Customer Support

As Shopify Plus continues to power a growing number of the world’s leading ecommerce sites, brands, and merchants, their eco system is evolving. They’ve grown their program to include certified Plus partners, who can keep up with the demand of merchants - one of the many benefits of Shopify Plus. We’re excited to announce that Gorgias is the only certified customer service platform for Shopify Plus merchants.

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What makes the program special?

The Shopify Plus Certified App Program supports the largest Shopify merchants by helping them find the apps and solutions they need to build and scale their business. This program is exclusive to Shopify Plus apps that have shown a level of product quality, performance, and privacy, and support that can be relied upon for the unique and often advanced requirements of a Shopify Plus Merchants

Enterprise grade merchants need enterprise grade solutions they can trust. When thousands of customers are wondering where their order is after Black Friday, or wondering if they should order half a size up, they need a customer support platform that can keep up.

Which is why Gorgias is the only customer support platform to make the grade. We help merchants like Steve Madden, MVMT, and Death Wish Coffee reduce costs and increase profits.

Scale as you need

Whether it’s BFCM, a new drop, or being featured on Shark Tank, we can scale with you as your demand grows and slows. With unlimited users you can add more support agents or chat sales specialists as you need, without the commitment of multi year contacts. We’ve also partnered with some of the best contact centers specializing in supporting ecommerce merchants..

Automate more and save 30% of your time

Did you know that 70% of customer service tickets are related to to- helping customers with an update on their order, edit, change, or cancel their order? That’s a lot of tedious work that’s costly. Make the lives of your agents easier, by automating up to 15% of your tickets during your busiest days and saving 30% of your time.

Turn Customer Support from a Cost Centre to a Profit Generator

As more customers want questions before they buy, we help merchants monetize and track every interaction with their customers. Use the time that you’ve saved findiFrom questions to potential customers on your ads to targeted website chat, we help Shopify Plus merchants increase sales.

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