Thank you, interns!

Thank you, interns!

At Gorgias we've been very fortunate to work with some amazing people who did their internship with us:

Amit Poonia
Astrid Parmentier
Emilie Drouin
Hadrien de Lamotte
Ram Goli

Thank you all for your work!

Their contributions big and small make an indispensable part of what Gorgias is today and what it will be in the future. We are very grateful for their hard work, and we want to continue working with them after they finish their studies. To make returning more attractive for them, we've decided to take into account their stock option vesting period if they ever decide to return as full-time employees.

What exactly does this mean?

Interns that decide to return to Gorgias within a limited amount of time and choose to take our stock options offer upon the start of their full-time employment will have an accelerated schedule of their stock option vesting period. The offer will be judged case by case with our board's approval.

Let's take the example from our friends at Cockroach Labs (which this decision was inspired from):

For example, our standard option vesting schedule is that 25% of the stock options vests after 12 months of service from an employee’s start date (the “cliff”), and the remaining option vests in equal installments over the following 36 months of continuous service. However, if an intern spent four months with us, on their hire date, they would only have eight months until they hit their one-year cliff date and vest 25%.

We hope that by doing so, we're showing that we're taking their time seriously and we show our intention to work with them beyond their internship.

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