Coronavirus (COVID-19)

How Gorgias is Responding
to Help Online Merchants

We’re in unprecedented times right now with COVID 19. We’re seeing merchants of all sizes face very uncertain times. We’re going to be announcing and sharing a few more items in the coming days and weeks, but first we wanted to immediately help merchants and entrepreneurs with their cash flow.

We’re offering up to six months of free access to Gorgias for our merchants seeing a decline in sales. We will also be offering additional training as more shoppers look for the same retail experience online.

For our partners, we’re offering content to keep clients engaged and help transition to an online only experience, and additional rev-share opportunities.

Stimulus program

Get Gorgias for Free
up to 6 months

How to apply for the Gorgias Stimulus?

The goal of the Gorgias Stimulus is to help out merchants who have been impacted and seen a drop in sales. If you’ve been faced with a drop in sales from your online store, Amazon, or from a lack of popups and physical stores, just upload a screenshot of your Ecommerce Overview Dashboard (like this one) displaying key sales data from January 2020 to now.

Additional information

How many months will I get free?
We’re basing this stimulus on overall drop in sales. If you’ve seen a 20% or greater drop in sales we will give you three months of free access to Gorgias.
If you’ve seen a drop in sales by more than 40%, we will give you six months of free access to Gorgias
What happens at the end of the free period?
Once the end of the free period has ended, billing will resume. We will send you a notification before you’re billed.
Will I be billed for my free months down the road?
No. This isn’t a loan or an advance. The free months are free.
What do I need to do to get started?
All you need to do to get started is be on Shopify or Magento 2, and add a payment method.
Do I have access to all features?
Yes you do. You have access to all intent, automation, unlimited users, and all integrations as you normally would on your Gorgias plan.
What do I need to provide to qualify for this offer?
We're looking for proof of a decline in sales. Please send us a screenshot of the dashboard reporting revenue from January 1st to present which clearly indicates a drop in sales of at least 20%
What is the end date of this stimulus offer?
This offer is valid until June 31, 2020

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*The e-commerce Overview dashboard has to display key sales data of your Shopify or Magento store  from January 2020 until now (like this one).

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