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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a billable ticket?

A billable ticket is a conversation initiated through one of the integrated channels which includes a message from an agent or a rule using Gorgias. A ticket that receives a response by an agent or a rule will only be counted as one billable ticket regardless of how many messages are sent or received on the thread.Note for chat tickets: If a customer responds to a chat ticket after 3 days of inactivity, this will create a new ticket which will be billable.

What is an automated interaction?

An automated interaction is a customer request that is resolved without any agent involvement, by using one of the features of the Automation Add-on.If an agent gets involved, the interaction does not count as successfully automated. For example, if a shopper starts a Quick Response Flow in the Chat widget and messages an agent with a follow-up question within 24 hours, it will count as a billable ticket (and not an automated interaction).

What’s a Voice ticket?

Tickets become Voice tickets when at least one phone call takes place between the customer and your team. Once a ticket becomes a Voice ticket, you can have multiple calls at no extra charge.

What’s SMS ticket?

Tickets become SMS tickets when at least one text message is sent from a customer to your team or vice versa. Once a ticket becomes an SMS ticket, you can continue texting at no extra charge.

How many tickets a month will I have?

As a general rule, most stores receive tickets at a rate of 2-10% of their overall order volume. Your volume of tickets will depend on your industry, product complexity, and level of customer self-service.

Do I have to pay for all messages received?

No. Think of each billable ticket as a two-way conversation. An incoming request only becomes a ticket when you respond from within Gorgias. If you close a ticket before responding (because it's spam or a no-reply message), you won't be charged.

How many tickets a day can a rep handle?

Top reps using built-in automations and Macros close out 100-200 tickets per day.

Do I have to pay state sales tax on my Gorgias subscription?

You may be required to pay state sales tax on your Gorgias subscription. We determine the applicable sales tax for your organization based on your billing address. More information here: https://www.gorgias.com/legal/master-subscription-agreement.