Connect your Twitter account and reply to tweets and mentions from Gorgias.

Connect your Twitter account and reply to tweets and mentions from Gorgias.

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Give your support team the power to interact with shoppers on Twitter, without having to log into another platform or share credentials with your social media manager. View past Twitter conversations, gain cross-channel message context, and customize your replies to provide exceptional customer support.

Features of this integration: 

  • Create tickets in Gorgias when someone replies to a tweet from your brand.
  • Create tickets in Gorgias when someone mentions your brand in a tweet.
  • Tweet back right from the ticket in Gorgias.
  • View media attached to tweets, including images, videos, and gifs.
  • Open the tweet in Twitter with a single click.

This integration is currently only available for Advanced and Enterprise plans. View pricing here.

“Thanks to Gorgias, my customer service team has been able to increase customer satisfaction and drive customer loyalty.
Dave Szymaszek, Head of Customer Experience @ Marine Layer
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We’ve stopped hunting and matching Facebook users to customer accounts on Shopify. The information we need is surfaced so we can respond better and faster.
Guita Gopalan, Chief Revenue Officer @ Ellana
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“I like the pricing structure: in a startup, everybody should be an agent. Zendesk charges per agent. Gorgias' pricing is smarter.”
Danny Taing, Founder & CEO @ Bokksu
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“With all the Gorgias integrations, my team doesn't need to jump between tools. This has helped us dramatically improve customer satisfaction.”
Amanda, Director of Operations @ Darn Good Yarn
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