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Gorgias values diversity and inclusivity in our company and is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.
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Company Culture

Put the customer first

Respect the customers trust.

Be honest

All metrics are available for everyone.


Because you have equity, this is your company!

Decide FAST using 

Measure the impact on
what you do.

Automate your

What steps are repetitive and ripe for automation.

Thrive for excellence

Identify what' moving the needle.

Interviewing Process



We run a thorough, data-driven review guided by specific criteria.

Recruiter Interview

We'll get to know each other through a video call.


Show us what you've got! Take on a hands-on challenge relevant to the role.

Manager Interview

Get to know your future direct report and understand your team's day-to-day.

Founder Interview

Meet the founders, understand the culture and vision.


Providing competitive compensation at or above the 50th percentile using market data.
Working at Gorgias has not only enabled me to learn almost all of the skills that I use in my daily work, but it has also allowed me to work with some of the smartest people I’ve met.
Axelle, Growth Operations Manager
I feel my voice is heard. The team is open to new ideas and encourages collaboration. We have a great product that is fun to sell in an interesting market.

Blake Allen, Account Executive Manager
From the leadership down, we wholeheartedly live our company values. As a former customer, I know the value of the product when utilized effectively and find great joy in helping others find the same value.
Chloe Kesler, Customer Success Manager
Gorgias has given me resources to grow in my career and learn new skills. We are young and scrappy, and I love how every individual's contributions is felt around the company.

Aasif Osmany, Sales Manager
Working at Gorgias makes you learn new skills every day, and that is precisely what makes the work extremely rewarding and challenging at the same time.

Mehdi Dellagi, Full-stack developer
What I like about working at Gorgias is that we all share the same energy to make the company grow. I admire the people, and I love my everyday job and the product. I’m very, very grateful for all the things I’ve learned so far.
Sonia Moatti, Growth Marketing Manager
The Gorgias team is composed of extremely talented people that are always ready to help. Everyone is prepared to share their knowledge with you or lend a hand, so this allows you to always learn something new.
Aleksandra Pavic, Support Agent
I love working at Gorgias because I love working with tech. And Gorgias is on the cutting edge of using tech and automation that inspires me to improve every day, along with working with an incredibly talented team.
Travis Cross, Partner Operations Specialist
I'm thrilled to work here at Gorgias. It allows me to continue to learn and discover challenging problems. It's the place to go if you're searching to have an impact on a fast-growing product and work with a team of talented people.
Jean Jacobi, Full-stack Developer
I like working at Gorgias because I get the opportunity to learn from talented people and discover new ways to solve challenging problems. It's rewarding to work on a product that helps our customers focus on what matters.
Charles Jacquet, Machine Learning Engineer

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Benefits & Perks

Health coverage

It's important to stay healthy 
and we'll make sure you do.

Generous Equity Package

Skin in the game to share
 in our future success.

Company Offsites

Meet the global team 
in a new location.

Competitive  salary

53rd and above percentile
 in compensation.

Latest Laptop

Ergonomic setup 
at your service.

Parental leave

Include maternity, paternity, 
and adoption leave.

Fully Stocked Kitchen

Stocked with snacks of 
your choosing.

Catered Meals

Daily catered lunch.

4 Weeks of Vacation

A balanced work-life 
can go a long way.

Retirement Benefits

We're looking ahead 
and so can you.

Join Gorgias to help us make customer support
easy for Ecommerce brands.

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