Revenue statistics

Know your bottom line

Keep track of the conversations that bring revenue. Every customer interaction is an opportunity to build stronger relationships that drive sales.

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Revenue statistics
Revenue statistics
“MNML is actively using Gorgias chat, as well as the chat campaigns. We also rely on Gorgias quick replies and this is what I call as quick marketing to drive sales.”

Ian Anderson, Operations Manager, MNML

Ka-ching! Count up the profits.

Revenue statistics

Support team makes bank

See the total sales revenue brought in from customer support. Track revenue growth on a weekly or monthly basis to inform your day-to-day operations. Know your team’s impact on your bottom line.

Run a profit center

It’s relationships that make the sale. As you help your customers love your brand, one ticket at a time, monitor the total number of tickets converted to sales, per day.

Revenue statistics
Revenue statistics

What converts?

Optimize your upsell strategy by quickly identifying the tickets that made the sale. Analyze the ticket details to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Monetize your customer care

Surface your impact

Good customer care grows revenue exponentially. Use Revenue Statistics to rightfully take credit for your team’s contribution to month-over-month revenue, all while building invaluable loyalty.

Turn problems into revenue

Customer support is the brick-and-mortar experience of ecommerce. Think of every ticket as an opportunity to build deeper relationships and convert more sales.

Keep a score - and don’t!

Use filters for time, agents and channels to identify trends. Quickly understand the circumstances around a good week or an agent that performed exceptionally better than the others.

Move your numbers up  

Lead customer support to generate more revenue by leveraging the product picker and chat campaigns. Your team knows your customer journey the best — equip them with the these tools to make the sale.

Measure the timeline

Forecast how long it's likely to take between ticket creation and the ensuing sale. Click on converted tickets to see just how much effort it takes to upsell.

Oil the machine

Reward the team members who led the support conversations that brought in sales. Easily monitor the tickets and agents who converted tickets to sales.

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Run a profit center with Gorgias

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