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We are Gorgias. We embrace challenges and the learning that stems from them. We are a global-first team driven by the rich diversity of perspectives and lived experiences. Together, we’re building a product that delivers exceptional customer experience. We hold ourselves accountable to our five core values: be 100% honest, be customer first, strive for excellence, take extreme ownership, and maximize your impact.
"Joining Gorgias was by far the best career decision I've made. I still can't believe how many things I've been learning here. I love it all: my team, my projects and the company's culture"
Adeline Bodemer, VP of People Ops
"Gorgias is the first company in my career with a very transparent culture. I found that really encouraging. It feels very fulfilling to be surrounded by talented people with an incredible growth mindset."
Astaeka Pramuditya, Product Marketing Manager
"I love how fast I grow along with all the people I meet on this rocket ship. It feels effortless to go above and beyond since I feel motivated, curious, and driven to learn as much as possible."
Filip Jankovic - Sales Team Lead
"With an engineering organisation made of some of the most skilled people I ever had the chance to work with, and with a product that serves thousands of brands and million of customers, there’s always a big challenge to tackle."
Walter Danilo Galante - Engineering Manager
"Whether you're an engineer, a support agent, or a product manager, you'll find new and exciting challenges every day, and a team that's ready to back you up and see you grow. It's a life-changing ride through ecommerce"
Aleksandra Pavic - Customer Support Manager
"Every single day there are a lot of opportunities to learn new skills and improve existing ones. I like that we put customers’ interests before ours, so we don’t spend time on boring corporate routines and focus on what’s really important."
Roman Fayzullin - Senior Software Engineer
"As there is so much to do, we have a lot of freedom in deciding which tasks will have the most impact and we are encouraged to take extreme ownership over them. Everyone is friendly and focused on the same goals, which makes collaborating with other teams easy even when people are on the other side of the globe."
Vincent Gilles - Site Reliability Engineer

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