AI helpdesk for Ecommerce

All your customer support, all in one place

Provide best in class support to your customers to maximize conversion and retention – with the #1 helpdesk for ecommerce brands.

Helping 15,000 ecommerce brands automate CX with the power of AI

Wow shoppers and do more with less, all in one place

Support management

Every support channel, in one tab

Email, chat, social, phone and more. Manage every customer interaction from one single place where you can refund, update, cancel, or approve return requests.

Customer information

Complete customer information, at your fingertips

See information like previous conversations, orders, reviews, or subscription details for every customer as you’re responding to them to have better context.

Channel integrations

Bring all your tools together

Make better use of your tech stack and data by sharing customer data between tools, and make updates in other apps — all from within Gorgias

Workflows & variables

Increase support team speed and efficiency

Build powerful AI-workflows that manage your support workload. Set rules to automatically route tickets, and personalize responses with templates and custom ecommerce variables.

Live chat

Customizable live chat that creates less work for your team, not more

Add a fast-loading chat widget to talk to customers right from your site and automatically answer their questions with generative AI before they become tickets.

Help center

Instantly create a help center to answer common questions

Automatically create a unique help center for your brand with the power of AI trained your brand alone. Reduce tickets in your helpdesk by 50%

Connect your entire ecommerce tech stack to your helpdesk

Connect 100+ apps to empower your team, share customer data between tools, and make updates in other apps — all from within Gorgias.

View customer data in the support ticket sidebar
Streamline your work and boost cross-team collaboration
Make updates in other tools without switching tabs

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