A better way to manage your support inbox

Answer every email from shoppers in a shared workspace, so your agents always know who to support next and have the context they need to provide exceptional support.

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Keep your CSAT high and inbox at zero

Detailed ecommerce data at your fingertips

Don’t waste time opening Shopify (or Magento or BigCommerce) and searching for order information. Gorgias brings this data right into the helpdesk, so your agents can quickly perform the actions they need to (like issuing a refund or applying a discount) without needing to open another browser tab.


Send emails quickly and efficiently

Whether you’re manually replying to a shopper or using our automation tools to answer the most common requests, empower your agents to work efficiently instead of spending all day in your brand’s inbox.

Keep track of email threads (and all other conversations)

Stop guessing what your customers are talking about. We’ll pull all their messages, regardless of channel, into a single view so your agents can easily see the context they need to customize their response.


“We achieved a high level of customer service through effectively responding to a customer’s inquiry from the first point of contact.”

Bernie Kolar, Customer Service Director, Love Your Melon

More examples of Help Centers built with Gorgias

Efficiently manage email tickets

Sync with Gmail

Connect your Google Workspace organization to send and receive emails from the Gorgias helpdesk, plus automatically add Gmail tags for advanced reporting and automation workflows.

Sync with Outlook

Connect your Outlook account to send and receive emails from the Gorgias helpdesk and sync the last two years of conversations for complete context.

Forward emails to Gorgias

Use email forwarding to receive emails to any address (like the marketing newsletter or noreply@) in the Gorgias helpdesk and reply from your support team’s preferred account.

Reply faster with Macros

Create personalized email templates with Shopify variables (or other data points from our 65+ leading integrations) to speed up replies and answer customer questions faster.

Set your signature

Create a consistent support experience with customizable signatures, so your agents never have to worry about the final touch of their email.

Automatically tag and assign emails to agents

Create Rules to automatically triage emails to the right person on your team, or assign tags to tickets for customized reporting to improve your workflow.

Start seeing the impact from the first week

Deflect tickets
30% of all inquiries are about order status, returns and cancellations. You can automate these inquiries using self-service and managed rules.
24/7 support
Customers shop online 24/7. With self-service, your customers can get the help they need outside business hours, without the overhead cost.
Generate revenue
Customers are more likely to make a purchase if their product questions are answered. FAQ in chat helps educating customers and promote your brand.

Join 11,024+ merchants offering exceptional ecommerce support

Centralize 1:1 conversations today with Gorgias

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