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How SuperATV Decreases Their Response Time by 84% and Resolution Time by 82%

decrease in first response times
decrease in resolution times

Challenge: SuperATV needed a partner to ramp up Magento, and a helpdesk to help keep track of customer touchpoints and data across all channels.

Solution: Work with Corra and Gorgias to help their team and site scale, and improve the customer experience.


SuperATV is what Josh South (their Director of Marketing & Technology) calls the classic American Dream story. Harold Hunt started SuperATV in a small garage in rural Indiana.

While riding through the creeks, Harold wanted a little extra lift on his Polaris Sportsman, so he made one.  His buddies liked it, so he made one for them and then realized it was something others would like as well, and started selling his kits on eBay. 16 years later, SuperATV is the leading omnichannel aftermarket manufacturer, selling across 3,000 dealers nationwide as well as DTC.


As SuperATV scaled, they needed a partner to help them build out the right technology stack and centralize their communications with customers across channels. Their customers were communicating with them through Facebook, live chat, email, SMS, and phone - and each channel was creating its own silo of information. Their team was growing quickly, and they were training their customer support staff for each distinct channel, which caused further silos.

With the complexity of their product, they needed one centralized place where they could see a customer's previous interaction and purchase history, which would save them time and help ensure the customer didn't have to repeat their experience over and over again.

"Simply put, Gorgias takes the IT out of customer service. It allows multiple teams members to onboard quickly while at the same time giving us the ability to service the customer as quickly as possible." - Josh South , Director of Marketing and Technology, SuperATV


First, SuperATV started working with Corra, a global digital agency. They quickly upgraded them to the latest version of Magento, and launched a PWA a few weeks ago that has seen good results.

"Corra's team are Magento experts. Immediately they started giving us great results, and had a great turnaround time." - Josh South, Director of Marketing and Technology, SuperATV

As SuperATV's growth was skyrocketing, Corra recommended Gorgias as the integrated ecommerce helpdesk they needed to reduce their customer silos.

“When we first came upon Gorgias and started exploring it, light bulbs were popping off in terms of what this could mean for the brand,” - Benjamin Marshall, Client Partner, Corra


SuperATV now uses Gorgias for Facebook messaging and comments, chat, SMS, phone, and email (for 5 different shared inboxes). This has helped them know who their customers are, as Gorgias' integration with Magento shows all the relevant customer data, and you can quickly see your communication history with that customer.

SuperATV is also now able to flex their staff more. Before they had a team for each channel, and now everyone on their customer service team can focus on one channel, Gorgias. This means that the business is able to flex their staff a bit more, and they've slowed down their customer agent hiring.


In addition to increasing team efficiency and scalability, SuperATV's first response time has decreased 84%, from 2 hours to 19 minutes. Their resolution time for customer tickets has reduced by 82%, from 14 hours down to 2.5 hours.

"In reality, it’s a lot more than just a ticket. It’s providing customer information to that customer, being able to solve customer issues, and being able to scale teams ... It’s one platform, learn it once, use it forever. " - Josh South , Director of Marketing and Technology, SuperATV

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