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Our Vision

We believe that next version of commerce should be more open and anyone should be able to be a part of it, as a merchant or a customer. We believe decentralized commerce is better for everyone.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower all merchants to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

By empowering, we mean that we research the customers' needs, so we can educate the merchants on the best ways to address them, and build the right tools to help them meet these needs.

We are focused on all merchants, both on the internet and in the physical world, in every geography. For now, we're starting with ecommerce merchants on Shopify, making between $100k to $200m in Gross Merchandize Value.

We believe that to make this mission happen, we're building a team that shares our five core values: be 100% honest, be customer first, strive for excellence, take extreme ownership, maximize your impact.

Company Culture

Always put our customers first

Respect customer's trust.

Strive for excellence

Identify what'S moving the needle.

Be 100% honest

All metrics are available for everyone.

Take extreme ownership

Because you have equity, this is your company!

Maximize your impact

What steps are repetitive and ripe for automation.

Gorgias is a team of 


+ people
located all over the world


Founded in Paris by Alex Plugaru and
Romain Lapeyre

Joined the Techstars accelerator
program in NYC

Raised a seed round


Helpdesk launched with Foodchéri
and Emma & Chloé

Relocated to San Francisco


Launched on Shopify

First 100 customers


Started to scale and welcomed
Jason Lemkin as 
an investor

Went from 5 employees to 15


Raised a 14M series A

Opened our Belgrade office

First 1,000 customers

Launched on Magento


Raised a 25M series B

70+ employees

4,000+ customers


Opened our new Paris office

150 employees

6,800+ customers

Meet the team

Illia Petrov
Python Backend Engineer
"Travel through time via Python versions. The rest of the time can be found traveling around the world, doing sports and researching the new IT ideas"
Suzana Dumas
Account Executive
"Saleswoman, yoga enthusiast, self taught ukulele player with a sweet tooth."
Vincent Gilles
Site Reliability Engineer
“Spending hours automating five-minute tasks, making people’s lives easier. Big soccer fan. I am also always up for a beer and traveling.”
Mustafa Rahin
Activation Success Manager
"I can talk abstract ideas for hours! Other than that, I'm into meditation, reading and martial arts. Black coffee is great, chocolate is okay."
Rohan Kapoor
"I'm all about basketball, black coffee, and summer weather. I also have a dry sense of humor."
Philippe Diep
Full Stack JS Developer
"I VSCode by day, play violin by night, and never leave fried chicken leftovers"
Khadijha Ganijee
Customer Success Manager
Food, festivals (music & art) and yoga!
Mehdi Dellagi
Full Stack Python Developer
"Curious about everything, especially technology, Sci Fi, astronomy and blues music."
Andrea Blanco
Executive Assistant
"Globetrotter, amateur photographer and pizza lover. Camping and hiking are my meditation."
Camille Savary
Office Manager - Executive Assistant
"I like cooking without a recipe, discovering new places, and talking about privacy. My motto is: always do your best in everything you undertake."
Victoria Danahy
Lead Technical Recruiter
"I’m just a woman, standing in front of the world, asking you to follow me. Avid reader, ex-pro horse rider. I like people."
Nicole Baqai
Strategic Partnerships
"International citizen: three passports, three (and a half) languages, and lived globally across seven countries. Lover of pasta, candy, binge-watching and hot tubs"
Thomas Trinelle
Senior Product Manager
"Rational, logical & algorithmic thinker, applied math & data for the real world, aspiring environmentalist, apprentice gardener & cook"
Amy Elenius
Customer Success Manager
"Passionate about Customer Success, metrics and automation. Never underestimate the power of an infographic!"
Quint Gamble
“In between climbing hills and listening to music, find me out traveling, dancing, and chatting peoples’ ears off”
Mohamed Messaad
Site Reliability Engineer
"Passionate about code, travelling, languages, sports and video games, I only stop to get a cup of good coffee"
Victor Suo
Machine Learning Engineer
"Classification and regression are my things. Tell me who you are, I’ll tell you where you belong. Appart from that, I like jacuzzis."
Romain Lapeyre
Co-founder & CEO
"I like hacky growth experiments and crazy sport challenges. On my spare time, you'll find me biking around SF or eating banana bread."
Alex Plugaru
Co-founder & CTO
"I like doing tech support for my parents! Big fan of hard sci-fi, pickup basketball and 4x strategy games."
Martin Latrille
Full-Stack developer
"IMHO, the best perk at Gorgias is the TRUFF sauce. I also love to travel, read and play video games."
Louis Barranqueiro
Full-Stack developer
"Writing code to enrich the lives of others. Cruising on 0, 2 or 4 wheels the rest of the time."
Axelle Heems
Growth Ops
“Moved from Paris to join the Growth team and to entertain them with my questionable taste in music.”
Aasif Osmany
Head of Sales
"I've been known as an entrepreneur, a public speaker, an avid fisherman. Find me out on a lake in my free time reeling in my next big catch!"
Philippe Roireau
Head of Partnerships
"World Citizen, Ecom Enthusiast, Crazy Skier. I love helping Ecom entrepreneurs’ scale x10."
Richard Venturini
Account Executive
"Juice, nuts, help desks, I sell it all! Find me on the weekends jumping out of trees or hiking the coast."
Charles Jacquet
Machine Learning Engineer
"Surf, bouldering and art enthusiast. Here to make machines understand you."
Adam Kelly
Account Executive
"Avid taco eater, as well as a top of the line software salesman. Making my parents proud since 96."
Blake Allen
Account Executive
"I love to play and watch basketball. Also have been told my spirit animal is a sloth."
Jean Jacobi
Full-Stack developer
"Passionate about coding and technologies, I love to automate stuff to simplify everyday tasks."
Samy Laumonier
Full-Stack developer
"My name is (what? 😂) Samy, I moved to San Francisco to join the developers team. I like running and rap music!"
Nikola Dimic
Account Executive
"I always like to look on the optimistic side of life. Love basketball, traveling, sparkling wine and good food."
Marija Blagojević
Customer Support Manager
"Classical Overthinker. But in my spare time I also love traveling with my friends, winter and playing board games."
Pawel Maciejewski
Frontend Developer
"I speak fluent Polish and JavaScript. After hours I play board games and brew beer."
Aleksandra Pavic
Customer Support Agent
"Video games, books and a lot of lasagna = me! I aim to learn a new thing every day and become a Jack of All Trades, if not Master of One."

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