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We've grown a lot since 2015. Along with all this growth, our impact on the planet and on all our shareholders has grown too. We’re taking action to reduce our impact while leading the way toward a more sustainable future.

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Since 2020, we analyze our Carbon emissions. We have partnered with Greenly to build our analysis.

Since we want to have a Neutral impact, we offset 100% of our carbon emissions.

That includes emissions created from building our product and storing our data, employee commuting, business travel, and utility bills.

We are committed to reducing and offsetting our carbon footprint each year.
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Our offset of 2020

The Avoidance & Novel Removal Technologies Portfolio available through Patch.io offers a 50/50 blend of avoidance and removal projects. In addition to supporting conservation, reforestation and revegetation projects, this portfolio supports novel technologies including biochar and ocean-based carbon removal.

This portfolio contains projects that not only contribute toward the fight against climate change, but also positively impact the ecology and/or community of the project location.

Key number:

Contribution by Gorgias for 2021: 

8,000 euros equivalent to 234 tons of CO2 (the equivalent of: ~34.2euros/ton).

Applying for B-corp certification

As a Certified B Corporation, Gorgias is proud to be a leader in sustainable workplace practices. The B Corporation Certification confirms that Gorgias meets the highest social and environmental standards set by B Lab, a nonprofit organization making the global economy more equitable for all.

As of 2023, B Lab has recognized Gorgias for receiving exceptional worker wellness scores, ranking us as one of the highest in our industry. This accolade inspires us to maximize our efforts in fostering a healthy environment for our team and the greater well-being of our planet.

Together with our employees, partners, and customers, we aim to build a brighter future for all through meaningful, everyday actions and constant accountability.

Reviewing our traveling policy

As a distributed team we travel to meet each other on a regular basis. Remote team members had the opportunity to travel once a quarter to meet their colleagues. In 2022, we’ve updated this policy to twice a year to limit our carbon emissions.

Emissions per category


We are Gorgias. We love challenges and that’s how we learn every day. We are from all over the world and we inspire each other to grow together. Together, we’re building a product that delivers exceptional customer experience.
Fair and transparent compensation

We believe compensation should be transparent for everyone. We disregard schools or diplomas for job offers. To reach that goal, we’ve implemented in 2021 a public salary calculator that we use to hire but also to promote our employees. Promotions are always publicly documented. Learn more here.

Employee resource group for women

In 2022 we’ve launched our first Employee Resource Group [ERG] for women. Its purpose is to facilitate interactions among the women through a variety of planned internal/external social events designed to get to know each other and develop stronger relationships with each other as the team continues to grow.The intended result is to improve team member camaraderie, fellowship, and sense of community. In 2023 we hosted Bernadette Thompson, Associate Director of Inclusion for the Barts Health NHS Trust & Former Senior SCS HR Business Partner for the Ministry of Justice.

Coaching: learning stipend and coaching

We intend to be one of the tech companies where people grow as fast as possible!To support this vision, we have partnered with Coachello since 2021, making coaching accessible to everyone. Through this partnership, every Gorgias employee has the opportunity to book sessions with expert coaches to address various areas such as organization, self-confidence, burn-out, management, and more, empowering them to thrive in their careers and beyond.

Furthermore, team members can invest in their development through a generous annual learning stipend on books, conferences, or courses.

Mental health awareness health celebration

In May 2023, we have been raising awareness to maintain wellbeing and mental health.

We invited guest speaker Jesse Lane Lee to speak to us about choosing foods to reduce Stress and improve your mood.

We implemented several challenges and good participation‍

Key numbers:

The 100-minute challenge: meditate for at least 5 minutes a day for 20 days

The 100-Mile challenge: run, walk or hike regularly

Peer mentoring program with other start-ups

For the third consecutive year, Gorgias has taken the lead in organizing a peer mentoring program with other startups.

From April 2023 to October 2023,  our program attracted an impressive cohort of 200 registered participants from 36 different companies.

Main goal was to learn together:

  • Share your experience, successful projects, projects in the making and innovations with specialists in your field
  • Develop new skills in your profession and be inspired!
  • Have a buddy to keep you accountable
  • Extend your network. Gain a new perspective!
Gorgias supports equal rights for all

In December 2023, we have opted to change healthcare coverage providers in the US to Kaiser Permanente.

Which will offer additional dependent coverage supporting parents at Gorgias.

We now offer a travel reimbursement program to help employees access care who are located in states where abortions are banned or restricted.

Gorgias supports equal rights for all.


We think it's important to engage and invest in the communities where we live and work.
Pride Month Celebration

June is traditionally Pride month and is celebrated in numerous ways in many different places around the world. In 2023 at Gorgias we have commemorated this month in a few simple ways.

  • Visiting a LGBTQ historic landmark/ site near you, taking some photos and sharing on Slack in the #people-events channel thread
  • Sharing great resources: short videos, movies, books, and podcasts with everyone to grow our awareness.
Our women-in-tech community:
Worry Less Voice More

Since 2021, we have built a ‘Women in tech’ community in Romania called “Worry Less Voice More”. We have organized 3 events both in Iasi and Bucharest with great speakers. Our goal: empowering women to grow their careers in tech.


We're proud of how far we have come in reducing our environmental impact, but we know there is more to be done. We're always looking for better ways to have an impact.
Feel free to reach out and share your ideas with sustainability@gorgias.com.

Here are some examples of our other small wins, that help us reduce our impact every day.
We're a paperless company

Since the beginning! We don’t have printers in our hubs. And we don’t use paper except when we have no choice for administrative purposes.

Better offices

To address the carbon emissions and waste we produce in our 6 hubs, we have implemented the following to reduce our carbon footprint and divert waste from our local landfill:

  • Implement temperature limitations for the offices: each office has a minimum and maximum setup.
  • Sparkling water fountains: we don’t want cans and plastic bottles
Refurbished IT devices

We avoid as much as we can to buy new devices. We provide only refurbished laptops to our new hires. We’ve also built recommendations for devices at home to encourage people buy what has the lowest carbon impact.