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Dedicate more time to solving complex problems while self-service takes care of the basics

Save your time for better things

Your customers need you where you can make a difference. Let self-service handle “Where is my order?” requests completely without any interruption to your staff. Manage routine requests like returns, cancellations or damaged item through self-service to increase your efficiency while providing the flexibility and convenience your customers seek.


Instant answers

Most customers are looking for a quick answer. Self-service on Gorgias isn’t designed to be a robotic conversation that takes infinite amount of tiresome steps to get a simple answer. When your customers want to track their order, all they need to do is to enter email or phone number for a quick verification. That’s it!

Customize for a great experience

Cancel the white noise from your self-service experience. Show only relevant reasons to each customer by using built-in parameters, like order or shipment status. Allow your customers to initiate return or cancellation only if they meet your policy. Make it efficient for your customers and for your agents.


“We created more than 100 macros to anticipate answers to 40% of our customers request.

Livne Kestin, Full Stack Engineer, Tolstoy

More examples of Help Centers built with Gorgias

Cover the basics with self-service

Automate up to 30% of your tickets

Shipping status requests, which make up to 30% of ticket volume, can be deflected using self-service. Your customers will see the most up-to-date information on shipment and full order details immediately after clicking on Track My Order in self-service on Gorgias chat.

Customize for efficiency

Self-service has safe defaults and customization features so you can only display the most relevant options on each flow. Each customer will see the cases that are applicable to them.

Full control on returns

Self-service will only allow your customers to initiate a return or cancellation. Your agents will be notified of these requests immediately and they will be able to answer directly on Gorgias Chat.

Reflect your exchange policy

You can customize self-service to reflect your exchange policy so your customers can take advantage of self-service without causing you a headache. Our Shopify integration will help you set global parameters so it’s applicable for everyone.

Start seeing the impact from the first week

Deflect tickets
30% of all inquiries are about order status, returns and cancellations. You can automate these inquiries using self-service and managed rules.
24/7 support
Customers shop online 24/7. With self-service, your customers can get the help they need outside business hours, without the overhead cost.
Generate revenue
Customers are more likely to make a purchase if their product questions are answered. FAQ in chat helps educating customers and promote your brand.

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Provide your customers with instant answers

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