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Gorgias empowers merchants to provide efficient and exceptional support for their shoppers. Build an app and join our App Store to support thousands of shop owners and grow your app. 

Join the momentum

We've seen an incredible 200% growth YoY with over 6,000 customers.
We've launched over 50 apps with top ecommerce platforms. (Yours can be next!) 
Revenue Commission
We believe in giving back to our partners, with $1M paid out in 2020 alone.

Empower your customers with data

By integrating your app with Gorgias, you'll give your customers all the context they need to create exceptional experiences for their shoppers. They'll be able to:

  • See and synchronize customer data in widgets right next to Gorgias tickets
  • Create Gorgias tickets based on third-party events
  • Perform actions in your product directly from Gorgias for a seamless experience

Easily manage your app & see its success

Our Developer Portal has everything you need to manage and track your app with Gorgias. Create and submit updates to your app, access support and documentation, and get insights into how many people are activating your app from our platform.

Reach new customers

There's a spot in the Gorgias App Store with your name on it! Get exposure to new customers and unlock partnership benefits as we continue to grow together.

Here's what some of our partners have to say: 

“Choosing Gorgias was a natural fit, as we’re both aimed at making customers as absolutely successful as possible. Their team gave us everything we needed to see the most success out of our collaboration.”
Alexis Fogel, Co-Founder & CEO, Stonly
“We were able to develop our integration in record time thanks to the well-written documentation and easy-to-use APIs, as well as the Gorgias team who were able to support us with any question we had.”
Livne Kestin, Full Stack Engineer, Tolstoy
"Gorgias’ API is super well documented and contains a multitude of amazing functionality that allows developers to build a very customized integration to serve the specific needs of our clients."
Quinn Fahey, Software Developer, Konnektive

How to join our App Store

1. Join the Portal

Sign up for our Developer Portal to start our partnership!

2. Build your app

Read our API documentation to find all the information you need.

3. Submit your app

We'll review it within two weeks and let you know if it's approved.

4. Get listed!

We'll include your app in our public App Store and in the Gorgias helpdesk.

Our team is here to help grow your app

molly o'connell
Technology Partner Manager
Felipe Gonçavales
Product Marketing Manager
Nikola Grujeski
API Integration Specialist

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