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Freshdesk alternative

Need a Freshdesk alternative? See why Shopify stores are switching to Gorgias.

Reduce first response times dramatically when you switch from Freshdesk to Gorgias.
Collect customer conversations from email, chat, social media, and more, into a single view.
Integrate deeply with Shopify to use variables in responses, or edit orders from inside Gorgias.
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Used daily by 12,000+ support agents

Turn your customer support
into a profit center

All your channels in one app, not one app per channel

With Freshdesk, if a customer contacts you on multiple channels, it creates 2 completely different tickets. As a result, customers usually need to repeat themselves.

Manage all your support in one app with Gorgias, and get a complete history of the conversation with the customer across all channels.

Maximize your productivity


20% of e-commerce support tickets are order status questions. Automatically respond to those with Gorgias and save time & money.


Gorgias pulls customer data from any app you're using: Shopify, Shipstation, Recharge, etc. This way, when a customer contacts support, your agents don’t need to dig for context.


Edit gift cards, award points from support conversations, and respond to customers faster.

The best Shopify integration

Gorgias pulls order & customer from Shopify, to display it next to tickets.

Customize the data your display (tags, order notes), and insert Shopify variables in macros, such as the tracking number or the order status. You can connect as many stores as you want.

Unlimited agents

You have part time agents? You want your entire team to be able to checkout tickets?

Don't pay an extra licence for each agent you add! Gorgias' pricing includes unlimited agents.

Designed for ecommerce,
built for your entire stack

“Gorgias gives us a holistic view of our customers. This way, we can provide them with fast and personalized help.”
Nicole Snow,  Founder & CEO @ Darn Good Yarn

Join the 2,500+ ecommerce
brands that use Gorgias
every day

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