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How AI Agent Became #1 in Ticket Replies & Resolution Speed for Psycho Bunny’s CX Team

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Challenge: Psycho Bunny faces the challenge of growing into a multi million dollar company while continuing to deliver superior customer service and manage costs effectively. They're turning to Gorgias's AI Agent to help them enhance customer support operations without dropping the ball on quality.

Solution: Psycho Bunny implemented Gorgias's AI Agent, which they named Lisa, to automate 26% of customer tickets, particularly simple FAQs, boosting efficiency and maintaining high CSAT scores. Lisa's ultra-swift responses and empathetic messages have enhanced customer service and reduced workload pressure on human agents during busy sales periods.

Born from play in 2005 and calling Montréal home, Psycho Bunny is the real deal when it comes to premium men’s apparel. The brand's mission is to craft the best quality, most comfortable and stylish polos, made right in Peru and using the finest Pima cotton.


The challenge: Maintaining high-quality CX and a low overhead rate while scaling up

Psycho Bunny is facing the challenge that many similar ecommerce brands encounter: growing to a $10 million company without rocketing up their overhead rate or degrading the current high-quality customer experience.

“As we grow to a multi million dollar company, the most important thing is maintaining or improving our current KPIs and CSAT, but without raising our customer support overhead. And being able to maintain this for the next 5-10 years.”

— Tosha Moyer, Senior Customer Experience Manager at Psycho Bunny 

Psycho Bunny is excited about AI’s potential to support its ambitious growth plans — and recognizes that CX teams will get left in the dust if they don’t adapt.By automating selected processes — such as straightforward FAQs on order status and returns — Psycho Bunny can increase operational and cost efficiencies. But this cannot happen at the expense of CX quality.

“Our customer support KPIs are already fantastic: we're already leading in the industry. To improve on that, we need AI — it’s not physically or financially possible with human agents alone.”

— Tosha Moyer, Senior Customer Experience Manager at Psycho Bunny 

Psycho Bunny’s Senior Customer Experience Manager Tosha Moyer and her team already know and trust Gorgias after using it for two years. So when she was searching for an AI tool to complement the existing customer support team, Gorgias’s AI Agent was a natural fit.

“I already love Gorgias because its email and chat capabilities are ahead of the competition, so I trust Gorgias to also build the best AI agent. And having all our CX tools within the same system is important — I don’t want yet another dashboard to check.”

— Tosha Moyer, Senior Customer Experience Manager at Psycho Bunny 

The solution: Automating a significant portion of customer tickets with AI Agent

Gorgias’s AI Agent is a conversational AI tool that autonomously answers customer emails by applying your brand knowledge and voice. It does so by drawing on information from your Help Center, Macros, and Shopify order data, plus your guidance on responding to specific, common scenarios — just like a human customer support agent. Any tickets AI Agent can’t resolve are escalated to a human agent.

After a straightforward setup process, the Psycho Bunny team began trialing the alpha version of AI Agent, which they named Lisa.

Ease pressure on the CS team during busy periods by resolving simple tickets with automation

AI Agent is currently resolving 26% of customer tickets, providing a significant lift for the Psycho Bunny team during a busy sales period and following a recent team downsizing. It is helping maintain high CSAT scores while resolving tickets at lightning speed — 99.4% faster than the team average. 

Psycho Bunny is using AI Agent to handle simple, repetitive questions such as order status, FAQ on returns, exchanges, and shipping. This frees up human agents to focus on more complicated tickets and higher-value customer conversations.

“AI Agent does a great job of efficiently handling returns and exchanges, and split shipment tracking info. The overall tone is good and some of its responses are really excellent: I saw a fantastic WISMO response recently.”

— Tosha Moyer, Senior Customer Experience Manager at Psycho Bunny 

AI Agent’s tagging accuracy and consistent approach also help improve customer support efficiency and data quality.

“AI Agent helps immensely with data reporting and reducing human error, because it tags tickets accurately and follows processes consistently.”

— Mary Mundy, Technical Support Specialist at Psycho Bunny

Boost customer satisfaction with empathetic responses rather than generic auto-replies

Tosha and her team are especially impressed with AI Agent’s capacity to respond to customer emails with empathy and personalization, reflecting back specific information the customer has given. This helps provide the kind of tailored, personalized experience today’s customers increasingly expect.

“We love the empathy in AI Agent’s responses. Replacing a generic automated reply with a response that identifies the issues and has empathy, while communicating the key information the customer needs, is awesome.”

— Mary Mundy, Technical Support Specialist at Psycho Bunny

Troubleshoot backend issues effectively

Sometimes, Psycho Bunny’s customer support agents need to refer to internal, non-public information to resolve backend issues flagged up in customer messages. Understandably, Psycho Bunny doesn’t want to include this information — such as confusion around promo codes or addressing fake Psycho Bunny impersonators attempting to scam customers — in its public Help Center. 

Because AI Agent can leverage internal guidance as well as publicly displayed information, it can resolve or escalate these issues as needed.

“The internal guidance feature is so important because we have a lot of internal processes that we do not need to be described in a customer-facing article, but we want AI Agent to be able to access that information and manage tickets accordingly.”

— Tosha Moyer, Senior Customer Experience Manager at Psycho Bunny 

The results: AI Agent answers and resolves 26% of tickets 99% faster than the team average, with a higher CSAT

Within just the first 2 months, AI Agent has shot to the top of Psycho Bunny’s customer support leaderboard for first response and resolution times — all while generating higher CSAT scores (4.67) than the team average (4.6). 

AI Agent answers queries 10x faster than the team average, and typically resolves tickets in under 2 minutes, rather than 4+ hours.

By resolving 26% of tickets, AI Agent is reducing the workload for Psycho Bunny’s human customer support agents, enabling them to spend more time on higher-value tasks rather than processing simple FAQs. Even better, AI Agent’s capacity for empathetic messaging improves even standardized communications with shoppers and enhances the customer experience.

AI Agent is now a vital player in Psycho Bunny’s customer support team — not just another tool.

“We absolutely consider our AI Agent Lisa as a part of our team. We call her Lisa and refer to her as ‘she’ — it’s easier to refer to AI Agent as a person.”  

— Tosha Moyer, Senior Customer Experience Manager at Psycho Bunny 

Looking ahead: Excited by AI Agent’s amazing potential 

After a positive alpha testing experience, the Psycho Bunny team is excited about the huge potential of AI Agent to further enhance customer experience while enabling the team to work more efficiently. 

Most immediately, they are looking forward to AI Agent being able to perform external actions — such as interacting with other applications to automatically start the return process after receiving a customer’s return request — which will hopefully become available in summer 2024.

“I believe that AI combined with human agents is the future — that’s where we're going to see close to perfect customer service.”

— Tosha Moyer, Senior Customer Experience Manager at Psycho Bunny 

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