Customer Sidebar

Rich customer data right next to tickets

Customize your helpdesk to show the most relevant information from over 65+ leading ecommerce applications.

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Customer Sidebar

Give your agents the context they need to provide exceptional support

View order information without opening extra tabs

Gorgias displays your customers’ shopping history right next to tickets (on any channel!) so your agents can customize their response and resolve issues from a single workspace.

Customer Sidebar
Customer Sidebar

Create orders, issue refunds and perform third-party actions, right in Gorgias

Streamline the process from answering questions to actually resolving requests. Our widgets powered by third-party apps give you the power to perform actions right in the helpdesk, so your agents never have to navigate multiple tools.

Customize the sidebar with drag-and-drop widgets

Show the information your team needs without cluttering your workspace. Our drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to customize the customer sidebar, including which widgets are displayed and what data they provide.

Customer Sidebar
Customer Sidebar

Customer Sidebar
“Having quick access to the side bar is super convenient and helps us turn our support agents into sales people. If a potential customer asks a question about sizing, the agent can quickly have a look at their previous order info.”

Ian Anderson, Operations Manager, MNML

More examples of Help Centers built with Gorgias

One sidebar, everything you need

Pull in data from 65+ third-party apps

We’ve partnered with leading ecommerce applications to connect the tools you use everyday for a better agent experience. View our App Store to see all available applications. (Or request one – it’s growing every day!)

View a centralized customer profile

See a shopper’s contact information, location and timezone, and leave internal notes like “Super fan of our brand!” that show up regardless of what channel they use to contact support.

Create custom widgets

Don’t see the app you need to pull data from? Develop your own HTTP integration or use Zapier for a no-code way to further customize your helpdesk.

Choose the data you want to see

Every widget is fully customizable, so you can choose which data fields are displayed in your sidebar in order to keep it clean while showing what you need.

Use widget data in Macros

Widgets give your agents instant context, but they can also be used to create rich Macros with third-party variables, like Shopify order numbers or Recharge subscription info.

24/7 support for your support team

Need help customizing your sidebar or working with a widget? Our own team is here to support your success, so you’re never stuck waiting to support your own customers.

Start seeing the impact from the first week

Deflect tickets
30% of all inquiries are about order status, returns and cancellations. You can automate these inquiries using self-service and managed rules.
24/7 support
Customers shop online 24/7. With self-service, your customers can get the help they need outside business hours, without the overhead cost.
Generate revenue
Customers are more likely to make a purchase if their product questions are answered. FAQ in chat helps educating customers and promote your brand.

Join 10,607+ merchants offering exceptional ecommerce support

Start delivering exceptional customer support today with Gorgias

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