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JOONE uses Gorgias Macros and Rules to provide proactive support and decrease FRT by 52%

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Challenge: The JOONE team was constantly fielding low-value customer questions and requests, which decreased the time they had to send proactive updates and help the customers with more complex issues. They previously used Zendesk, but were not able to program automation with as much detail as they wanted, which limited their efficiency.

Solution: In October 2019, they moved from Zendesk to Gorgias. With Gorgias Macros and Rules, the team leverages automation to answer low-stakes tickets so they can prioritize proactive communication and focus on providing a wonderful customer experience.

French ecommerce company, JOONE, was created in response to a real need in the parenting community, who had many questions about the quality of the products they were using on a daily basis. JOONE has brought much more transparency to the child care industry by creating products that are healthy, practical and easy to understand. Founder Carole Juge-Llewellyn created JOONE around core values: be transparent, always go further, celebrate joy, love and love yourself. With a strong commitment to quality, the brand sells goods through a subscription model.

Our team sat down with Clara Zaoui, Head of CRM and Customer Care for JOONE, to chat about how using automation with Gorgias transformed their customer experience to be more personalized, proactive, and profitable.

The challenge: Too many low-value tickets left little time for proactive support

"The main challenge when I arrived at JOONE was to automate a lot of the low-value tickets, so that the team could focus on the problems with the tickets with higher-values that also take more time to solve."

— Clara Zaoui, Head of CRM and Customer Care at JOONE

The JOONE team prioritizes customer satisfaction over closing tickets quickly. However, the frequent number of common questions left support agents without enough time to focus on more important conversations. For JOONE, these important conversations that were getting neglected included:

  • Proactively reaching out to subscribers to let them know if a shipment is late
  • Following up on open, ongoing requests
  • Handling complex situations that required more than a standard response

The challenge for the JOONE team was balancing speed and quality. They wanted to get through simple tickets (like "Where is my order?" and "Can I get a refund?") using automation to get valuable time back, but without sacrificing the quality of the customer experience.

A big aspect of this was personalization: How could the JOONE team automatically respond to these common questions while still giving the most relevant information to each customer? That's what the JOONE team turned to Gorgias to solve.

"I think that a personalized experience generates more revenue."

— Clara Zaoui, Head of CRM and Customer Care at JOONE

Solution: Automation-supported conversation that are still personalized and helpful

JOONE preferred Gorgias because of its ability to pull unique customer information — like subscription status, current order numbers, and tracking information — from Shopify directly into customer conversations.

This way, even in automated conversations, the customer gets the personalized information they needed — no agent (or wait time) required.

"What's great about Gorgias is that we have all of the customer information and data from previous orders in one place."

— Clara Zaoui, Head of CRM and Customer Care at JOONE

This time saved from this kind of automation freed JOONE to also pursue more proactive customer service strategies. For example, like many ecommerce businesses, JOONE experience shipping and delivery issues. But the team gets notifications from their shipping partner when a customer's package is running way behind schedule. Rather than leaving customers out of the loop and potentially harming that relationship, JOONE agents reach out to let them know.

"If we're more proactive, the customer can be only happy to be informed and to know that customer service is following their package. It's a more personalized experience."

— Clara Zaoui, Head of CRM and Customer Care at JOONE

Below, read about how Gorgias Rules and Macros helps the Joone support team save time, meet customer expectations, build better relationships, and increase revenue.

Rules and Macros: Send personalized, automatic responses to customer questions

The JOONE team uses automated Rules and templated Macros to automatically respond to common customer questions, using personalized information from Shopify and other apps:

However, one response — even with personalized information — isn't enough for all the types of customers. For example, the team at JOONE may want to send slightly different messages to subscribers and first-time shoppers who request to edit an order after it's been shipped. So, JOONE needs to be able to automatically identify the customer and send the correct response.

Here's what a Rule looks like to send an automatic response to active subscribers who want to edit an order that's already been shipped:

As you can see, JOONE also uses the auto-tag feature to create views that show specific ticket types. This way, specialized agents don't have to pick out each individual ticket from the main view that includes everything if additional follow-up is required.

"One of my customers agents is in charge of returns, and for example it's much more convenient for her to use a View that shows only the returns she has to manage, versus having to use the big view with all of the tickets. It's more efficient thanks to the organization Gorgias allows us to set up."

— Clara Zaoui, Head of CRM and Customer Care at JOONE

Macros: Respond to simple requests and snooze tickets that require a follow up

JOONE now uses Macros to reply to 50% of tickets — you can see two examples of these templates above. The snooze function in particular helps the team stay proactive.

For example, when someone asks for a refund, the team might say, "Sorry, no, the refund has not yet been made, but it will be done in three days." Without a snooze function, this conversation might get forgotten (and the customer might get upset).

Instead, the JOONE team snoozes the ticket and it pops back up into their queue in three days so that they can check in on it.

If there's no refund yet, agents can provide a better experience because they can proactively tell the customer why. This applies to many use cases for the team.

Results: Decreased first response time by 52%, lowered resolution time by 44%, and increased conversion rate by 15%

Gorgias automation has helped JOONE get its first response time to under five hours: A 52% decrease from the previous benchmark. That's also helped lower the team's resolution time by 44%. Because Gorgias Rules, Macros and Tags provide personalization and unlocked more time for the JOONE team, customer satisfaction has gone up as well — the overall CSAT rating is now 4.77.

Automation has also allowed the support team at JOONE to generate more revenue for the business. Tickets converted increased by 12%, and total sales from support increased by 10%.

These solutions have allowed the team to spend more time building relationships with customers by staying proactive, getting them the answers they need quickly, and overall providing more personalized support at scale.

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