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How Beardbrand's Support Team of One Closes One-Touch Tickets Faster by Switching to Gorgias

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CHALLENGE: Offer support directly to customers that meets the expectations Amazon has set.

SOLUTION: Manage interactions across all channels, and give customers exceptional 1:1 care through Gorgias

Company Overview

Beardbrand celebrates the beard lifestyle, uniting beardsmen from all over the world and building a community around creatively groomed facial hair. From its humble beginnings as a blog, the brand has remained a supporter of all things beard, from highlighting grooming techniques and tips to the best beard care products. Today, Beardbrand serves its loyal bearded community with a subscription-based business model selling premium lifestyle products, without the need to offer regular discounts.

“Gorgias is one of those companies that really does care about their customers and the experiences they have. They care about how they  can help their customers serve their own customers.” - Eric Bandholz, Founder of Beardbrand

The hunt for a customer support tool with similar values

When the community around Beardbrand started to snowball, they found their previous customer support tool no longer cut the mustard. Zendesk’s archaic processes weren’t intuitive enough for a forward-thinking brand that wanted to help its customers as quickly and effectively as possible. 

After witnessing Gorgias getting involved in the customer support community, Beardbrand knew this was a company that could be trusted. For a brand on a mission, it was important for Beardbrand to find tech solutions that aligned with their core values — and Gorgias did just that. And the intuitive interface and user-friendly backend certainly helped, too. 

“Gorgias is a company that is involved in the community, they interact with the community, support the community, and care about their customers. It’s a company you can build trust around. That, for me, was the biggest reason to make a change.” - Eric Bandholz, Founder of Beardbrand 


Unifying tickets in one central place

With a customer support team of just one, Beardbrand had their work cut out answering the influx of tickets they received each week. Before Gorgias, they were constantly logging in and out of different tools to marry up data, cross-reference from one piece of software to another, and check in with each social media platform to keep on top of comments. It was a logistical nightmare, and cost the team a lot of time. 

Gorgias allows Beardbrand to integrate chats, comments and tickets from a variety of different platforms in one central dashboard. From there, the customer support team can tag, respond, and flag tickets from one place. Without the need to manage multiple platforms, customer support has dramatically reduced the amount of time it takes to respond to tickets. 

“We’re a seven-figure business and we have essentially one person on customer support and experience. It’s impossible to do it without tools like Gorgias to help us innovate.” - Eric Brandholz, Founder of Beardbrand

Getting a helping hand from tags and rules

Time is of the essence for a customer support team as small as Beardbrand’s. Through key features like ticket tagging and rules, they have been able to speed up responses, auto-close tickets, and organize ticket history without draining too much valuable bandwidth. 

By just glancing at the home screen, they can now get an overview of open tickets and the queries within them. There’s no need to venture into every single ticket and summarize it, which saves time without sacrificing customer happiness. 

Beardbrand has dived straight into the ample features and integrations that Gorgias offers, leveraging them in a way that makes managing tickets an absolute breeze. They’ve created a mix and match collection of pre-written responses that can be connected together to create fast responses to common questions. And they no longer have to type out individual responses — instead, they can turn to their stash of “puzzle pieces” and customize an answer in a matter of seconds.

The Beardbrand Customer Support Rep, Sylvester who helps Beardbrand compete with Amazon.


Beardbrand wanted to effectively speed up customer support response time without impacting the overall customer experience. And the verdict is in ... they’ve done it. Not only was onboarding a super simple process (the brand transferred more than 60,000 tickets over one weekend when moving from Zendesk to Gorgias), but the features have enabled them to close out one-touch tickets faster than ever, manage queries quickly and accurately with the help of pre-written responses and tagging, and increase the overall efficiency of their customer support.

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