Unveiling the AI magic in Gorgias
Discover a suite of lightspeed AI features that help your team get more done in a fraction of the time.
Respond Faster
Skip Busy work
Improve cx
Empower agents

Respond faster


AI scans every incoming to understand the contact reason (like return requests or order status). When it knows the answer, AI instantly sends a personalized response.

Close Spam Tickets

AI automatically detects and closes spam tickets like notifications, newsletters, and promotional emails.

Article Recommendations

AI monitors incoming chat and email messages, and automatically sends relevant articles from your Help Center.

“AI-powered Article Recommendations save our team hours each week, and they offer a great experience for customers. We spend less time answering repetitive questions, and 70% of customers who receive article recommendations don’t have any follow-ups.”

Toby Moors
Customer Happiness Specialist

Manage tickets faster

Prioritize tickets

Bump urgent tickets to the top of your queue, based on the AI-detected contact reason or tone of the message.

Assign tickets

Assign tickets to specialized agents or teams based on the AI-detected contact reason or tone of the message.

Suggest Macros

Get AI-powered recommendations for relevant Macros when responding to queries.

"Being able to filter and sort tickets in Gorgias to highlight urgent requests, or segment VIP customers with high lifetime value, is really important to us. It enables our customer service agents to quickly identify who to help first."

Ian Kouwen
Ecommerce Manager

Measure and improve faster

Automatic tagging

Automatically tag tickets based on AI-detected contact reason (like product feedback, return request, shipping issue, and much more).

Track AI feature usage

Understand which AI and automation features your customers are using to generate reports and refine your strategy.

"Gorgias includes all kinds of AI features to help us focus on meaningful conversations with customers to scale our brand, because we’re not constantly barraged by the same tickets. Plus, with tagging, we get the insights to fix issues rather than put bandaids on them (or even worse, ignore them)!”

Zoe Kahn
Manager of Retention & CX

Coming soon...

Our dedicated Machine Learning squad is currently building new AI features like:
Agent co-pilot

Support agents by translating, summarizing, or adjusting the tone of a reply.

AI training center

Take control of your AI and train it on how to respond to requests.

AI query management

Identify and answer incoming emails based on the ticket contents.

AI FAQ insights

Extract your most repetitive questions to keep your automation up-to-date.

See our roadmap

Frequently asked questions

Are AI features free in Gorgias?
How often do you ship new AI features?
How is the Gorgias AI feature set different from other AI support solutions on the market?
Are AI features included in the Automation Add-on?

Our AI manifesto

The problem

Most AI never shuts up, even when it’s wrong.

Most customer service AI tools generate responses to every incoming question, even if it doesn’t have a good answer.

Some tools promise AI can automate 50%+ of questions. But research shows at least 30% of AI-generated responses are off-brand, confusing, or flat-out incorrect.

Nobody wants to deal with a inaccurate AI hallucinations, especially when it’s hard to get in touch with a human. We’re committed to shipping AI that puts you in control and always provides an easy experience for your customers.

Our approach

Gorgias uses AI to truly listen and provide the best solution.

Gorgias trains AI to identify the contact reason and tone of every message you receive. These can trigger a variety of human-approved actions, instead of generating unvetted responses from scratch.

With AI, respond to basic questions, close spam messages, bump the ticket to the top of your queue, suggest a Macro, tag the ticket, and so much more.

Our goal is to give you AI tools that are predictable, consistent, and effortless. You’ll always have control over what your customers see. And no matter what new tools we build, we’ll always make it easy for your customers to talk to a real human.

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