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How Glamnetic Achieved an 18.39% On-Ticket Conversion Rate with Exit Intent Campaigns

on-ticket conversion rate
more sales for some promoted products
AOV with on-site campaigns vs not using them

Challenge: Glamnetic struggled to understand how to convert more chat tickets to sales. Although they could track revenue as a key performance indicator through chat, they wanted more in-depth reporting, and to run more proactive and targeted campaigns.

Solution: Glamnetic harnessed the power of Gorgias Convert to drive revenue through precisely targeted, proactive on-site campaigns. Offering new customers a discount triggered by exit intent proved highly effective, as did promoting selected new products. Convert helps Glamnetic provide a low-effort customer experience and boost revenue.

Glamnetic shot to fame — and multimillion-dollar success — in 2019 after launching easy-to-apply magnetic eyelashes. Prioritizing innovation, quality, and accessible beauty for all, Glamnetic makes it quick and easy to achieve glamorous eye looks without messy glue or fiddly tweezers. Glamnetic has since added press-on nails to its product range and enjoys regular collaborations with high-profile brands, including Harry Potter, Hello Kitty, and Bratz.  

The challenge: Understanding on-site campaign impact to drive more revenue

Glamnetic had been using Gorgias to successfully manage its customer conversations, and the Glamnetic customer support team knew it was driving sales through chat tickets. Yet they found it challenging to understand exactly how campaigns were contributing to revenue. 

Glamnetic wanted more nuanced insights into the performance of individual campaigns. They were also keen to use chat more proactively to increase revenue and improve customer experience.

“Before using Gorgias Convert, we saw some great results using trigger chats — for example, a campaign that said to a customer, ‘Type in the word SURPRISE to get a surprise discount.’ But we weren’t officially tracking these conversations. So we were trying to generate revenue from on-site campaigns without having the tools to quantify that revenue or measure the campaign's performance against other approaches we used."

— Mia, Head of Customer Experience at Glamnetic

Moreover, Glamnetic's previous approach only tracked overall chat and email conversion rates. The goal was to consistently generate at least 5% of revenue through any interactions via Gorgias. However, to remain competitive, Glamnetic's leadership was determined to find additional ways to engage customers and boost conversions.

Glamnetic needed a user-friendly solution to run more proactive campaigns and gain detailed insights into the impact of its chat on revenue. Mia and her team wanted to understand which campaigns resonated most with their customers and played a significant role in generating sales — and use these insights to optimize future campaigns. 

The solution: Leverage proactive, targeted on-site campaigns with Gorgias Convert

Glamnetic implemented Gorgias Convert to optimize and analyze its on-site campaigns. Offering more advanced triggers, campaign types, and dedicated reporting, Convert makes it easy to create proactive and highly targeted on-site campaigns that help increase sales, upsells, and retention. 

Glamnetic has had particular success with an exit intent campaign offering a discount for new customers, new product promotions, and educational campaigns. Because Gorgias Convert offers nuanced, detailed trigger options, Glamnetic can target customers throughout their buying journey.

Exit intent campaign with 15% discount

Glamnetic’s most successful campaign offers a 15% discount to new customers who are on the verge of leaving the website or need an extra nudge to click on the buy button. If Gorgias detects mouse movement at the top of a browser window, this is translated as signifying exit intent from that person.

Gorgias Convert’s advanced segmentation options meant Mia and her team could target the discount code to reach the right audience — in this case, new website visitors — at the right time. 

“With Gorgias Convert, we now have the option of segmenting our on-site campaigns and specifically targeting those customers who are thinking about leaving the site, or who like a product but just need that extra push to buy.”

— Mia, Head of Customer Experience at Glamnetic

In this on-site campaign, Glamnetic offers new web page visitors the same 15% discount they can get from signing up for its newsletter or for text messages. Not everyone wants to do those things, but Glamnetic finds people respond very positively to receiving the offer via chat instead — leading directly to more sales.

“Because the discount offer is coming from what looks like a chat, we see that customers definitely like that. It captures that audience, and they are converting. It's the most successful of all our campaigns."

— Mia, Head of Customer Experience at Glamnetic

Glamnetic set up the campaign to run 24/7, and to fire when exit intent is detected among people who have visited the web page three times or fewer and spent more than 15 seconds there. 

Here’s the campaign set-up:

New product launch campaigns boost sales up to 49%

Glamnetic also uses Convert to boost the success of new product launches, grabbing web visitors’ attention with on-site campaigns, including enticing product images. 

A campaign promoting Glamnetic’s new Rainbow collection in May 2023 boosted sales by 28% in the first week. Putting new products in front of customers’ eyes with an easily clickable “add to cart” button removes friction from the buying process, encouraging sales.

Moreover, Convert gives brands — especially those with large inventories, like Glamnetic — the power to promote their products in very precise, modulated ways. The first product displayed in the Rainbow campaign’s product carousel (the Vibin nail) enjoyed a whopping 49% increase in sales. 

“The idea was to inform customers of new product releases without them having to spend time looking for that information. Instead, the on-site campaign automatically shows them. Including images in the message also encourages customers to purchase because it helps make it easy for them to do so.”

— Mia, Head of Customer Experience at Glamnetic

Educational campaigns

Glamnetic runs targeted educational campaigns to proactively give customers useful product information and tutorials, such as how to apply lash extensions. These campaigns simplify the shopping experience and address customers' specific interests and questions, empowering them to make more informed buying decisions.

"We're very specific about who we're targeting with these messages. I believe it's information that, as a customer, I would want to know if, say, I was looking at a specific product and feeling unsure about how to use it. The campaigns link to videos and include photos, which is very helpful."

— Mia, Head of Customer Experience at Glamnetic

The results: On-site campaigns drive +12% AOV, with 18.39% conversion from exit intent campaigns and up to 49% more sales for promoted products

Glamnetic’s strategic use of on-site campaigns is yielding remarkable results, including an outstanding on-ticket conversion rate of 18.39% for its most successful exit intent campaign. Campaigns promoting new products have generated up to 49% more sales.

Meanwhile, website visits that include a on-site campaign display have a +27% higher conversation rate and +12% AOV compared to those where visitors aren’t exposed to campaigns. Using Gorgias Convert to implement, track, and optimize on-site campaigns is helping Glamnetic capture users' attention, close more sales, and enhance customer experience.

“Gorgias Convert provides a low-effort experience for our customers. If a customer is looking for a discount or information about a new product, we're proactively providing that information. It’s also easier for customers to follow up if they have further questions, and get connected to an agent.”

— Mia, Head of Customer Experience at Glamnetic

With Convert, Glamnetic is not only meeting but exceeding its goal of maintaining a 5% conversion rate through chat and email interactions. It confirms the value of customer support as not just a cost center but also a revenue-generating center.

"We’re capturing and converting customers we might otherwise have missed. I think about revenue attribution as a multi-touch statistic. But by working with Gorgias, we've ensured accurate tracking and attribution of our on-site campaigns, confirming their impact on sales."

— Mia, Head of Customer Experience at Glamnetic

Mia recommends Gorgias Convert for other brands using Gorgias who want to increase revenue from support while improving customer experience.

"Not only are we helping our brand get more revenue, but we're also giving our customers that additional information, targeting those customers that might not reach out to us but do respond to proactive messaging. On-site campaigns make it easy for them to contact us, learn about what we offer, and buy."

— Mia, Head of Customer Experience at Glamnetic

Next steps for the partnership

Mia is eager to continue leveraging Gorgias Convert to further strengthen Glamnetic’s customer engagement and revenue generation efforts. First up: setting up campaigns for customers who have abandoned carts. She is also excited to dig deeper into Convert’s segmentation possibilities, to run even more precisely targeted and optimized campaigns.

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