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How Baby Gold Went from 0% to 20% Email Automation Rate in Two Weeks with AI Agent

49 seconds
First Response Time
1 min 4 sec
Resolution Time
Tickets Answered

Challenge: With products that are made to order, the team at Baby Gold was looking for a solution that would provide faster response and resolution times, all while freeing up their in-house team to spend more time on the tickets that require higher levels of support and personalization. 

Solution: Enter AI Agent. Within their first few weeks of implementation with a Gorgias Support Manager, Baby Gold saw their automation rate quadruple — ultimately reaching a consistent 20% automation rate.

Baby Gold is a jewelry brand specializing in personalized and fine gold jewelry. It has gained popularity for its modern designs and high-quality craftsmanship, offering a range of products, including necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and custom pieces.

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The challenge: Personalized jewelry requires personalized support 

In today’s world, shoppers expect quick and accurate responses to all of their questions. Baby Gold products are made to order, so the timeline from delivery can be two to three weeks. This means that they often experience high volumes of tickets regularly. 

The team leverages remote agents, but because the products are custom and created in-house, support often requires more personalization than remote agents are able to offer customers.

“I feel that nowadays, people expect quick responses and rapid assistance. AI and tools such as AI Agent are perfect to meet these expectations.”

—Sindi Melgar, Customer Service Manager, Baby Gold 

The solution: Automating tickets with AI Agent 

Gorgias’s new feature as part of the Automate product, AI Agent, is a conversational AI tool that learns a brand's policies, guidance, and brand voice to autonomously answer and resolve customer email support tickets, just like a real human agent would.

As part of the Beta process, Baby Gold implemented AI Agent, which they named Michelle. Baby Gold completed the implementation process with the Gorgias Support team within two weeks. By the third and final implementation call, they had reached their goal of increasing email automation rate and freeing up their in-house team to focus on tickets that required higher levels of support and human assistance. 

Not only has AI Agent helped the team improve overall efficiency, but they’re hearing from customers that Michelle is able to answer their questions quickly and accurately.

“What I like about AI Agent is that the responses are so different, and it makes it sound like it's an actual agent. We've gotten feedback from customers who say, Michelle, has been helping me, Michelle did this for me, Michelle did that for me — so that's awesome. We provide personalized items, so we should provide a personalized experience and journey for our customers.”

—Sindi Melgar, Customer Service Manager, Baby Gold

In addition to the overall improvements that the team saw with AI Agent, Michelle has also been providing such personalized interactions that customers felt they were speaking not only with a human agent, but one that truly embodied the brand of Baby Gold. 

“Sometimes agents forget personal details to call out when communicating with our customers, like birthdays or weddings, but I noticed on a few different occasions where the AI Agent is highlighting these things and is saying, congratulations on your wedding! Just the tone of voice that Michelle is able to adopt is definitely on brand for us.”

—Sindi Melgar, Customer Service Manager, Baby Gold

The results: 20% automation rate, 49-second first response time and 1 min 4 second resolution time

Within two weeks, AI Agent helped the team at Baby Gold increase email automation rate by 20%, and significantly improve both first response and resolution time. 

“With AI Agent, we're able to get back to customers in seconds and they do get a response. So when it comes to us, we're able to actually pull and cherry pick problematic situations or upset customers that need a higher level of support from our in-house team. ”

—Sindi Melgar, Customer Service Manager, Baby Gold.  

AI Agent is not only a tool that the team uses — but a true member of the Baby Gold team. 

Looking forward: Improved metrics and efficiencies 

Their positive experience as part of Beta testing has Baby Gold excited about the future of AI Agent and its impacts on their business. 

Moving forward, Baby Gold is looking forward to further leveraging AI Agent to continue to build efficiencies and improve metrics. With the help of AI Agent, they are looking to alleviate the reliance on remote agents and enhance the responsibilities of their internal CX team. Meaning that their in-house experts will have more time to provide the personalized support that their customers need. 

They are excited about the evolution of AI Agent and how it will help to manage common ticket actions for their team such as changes to orders (address, edits, cancellations, etc.). Ready to see how AI Agent can help your team increase email automation rate, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance operations? 

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