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With automation, we can do more with less. Using automation definitely relieves our pressure from being a small team and going into overtime over the holidays or at any given time we have a sale.


After migrating to Gorgias, we saw a 40% increase in agent productivity. It's an amazing tooI. I'd recommend Gorgias to anyone that is highly focused on the overall customer experience.

princess polly

Before Gorgias, we had huge issues with keeping on top of all the platforms not associated with email or chat — constantly switching between different tabs and apps. Having all customer support and social media channels funneled to one spot makes it infinitely easier for your customer support team to focus, and do their jobs professionally and with less frustration.


I just wish the program [Help Scout] did all the things. Our company switched to Gorgias since we have employees working from home. Now phone, chat and email is all integrated together in one place.

Angie B

Our old system was complex and we couldn’t get ahold of anyone. Gorgias's integration was easy to set up. We saw a 72% increase in revenue by focusing on growth.

Head of Ecommerce

Very helpful for staying organized and consistent

Gorgias is more modern by allowing us to fully analyze customer issues, returns, questions, and doubts while allowing us to speed up response and resolution time.

Customer Service Manager

Did not deliver what we were expecting

I absolutely hated the lack of insight [from Kustomer] when it came to reporting. It was so hard to get a clear idea how many contacts we received and under what category these fell in. Kustomer fell short in delivering a solution that did not involve exporting raw data to build out a report.


In Gorgias, you can see what kind of ticket actually generated each piece of revenue. You can see what conversation you had with the customer that made them want to purchase.


Customer service shouldn't just be reactive, putting out fires. We want to be proactive. And that’s what Gorgias helps you do. You go talk to customers, make sure they're having a great experience. You don't use it just to solve problems, but to create new relationships and sales.


Being able to filter and sort tickets in Gorgias to highlight urgent requests, or segment VIP customers with high lifetime value, is really important to us. It enables our customer service agents to quickly identify who to help first.


Automating low-stakes, high-volume tickets lets my team focus on meaningful, personalized conversations and boosted our CSAT to 4.77


Gorgias helps us satisfy our customers. It has become like a storefront for us. It's where we centralize all customer conversation, greet our customers, answer their questions, fix problems, and get insights to inform our future. We would recommend Gorgias to other ecommerce businesses, as it makes your life easier, and it's an absolute breeze to set up!


Given the different channels we use, our laptops would have 10 different tabs open. It was difficult to get a cohesive view of the customer. But with Gorgias + Recharge, we see all information in one window and have better visibility into the customer to manage their subscription, saving us a ton of time.


The support team is phenomenal. Any question you have, any issue that needs addressing, they get on it and give you a resolution as quickly as possible. And every person I have dealt with from demos of the product to training and support has been amazing to work with.

Comfort One Shoes (shopify)

Gorgias is the best support platform for businesses running on Shopify. The deep Shopify integrations are an invaluable part of our support process and save us countless hours a month.

Fun and easy interface

I like how easy it is to switch between social media, chats, and phone calls, along with easy access to apps like Shopify and Recharge from the customer's interaction window. I also enjoy how clear and crisp the phone connection continues to be.

Miranda S.
Customer Service Representative
Gorgias is such an asset for any Shopify Store

Gorgias has helped automate and streamline all customer touch points across e-mail and socials. This has allowed our small team to deal with thousands of e-mails and messages in the most efficient manner. The Shopify integration allows all information to be displayed right in the portal, and the majority of issues can be resolved without having to leave the Gorgias portal. We utilize a subscription service, and Gorgias integration allows us to manage subscriptions from the portal.

Irvin M.
Ecommerce Manager
The best helpdesk!

The best thing about Gorgias is that it saves time from opening too many apps. It allows you to access all information in one helpdesk. Like Shopify is connected, your website is connected, you can connect FB & IG, and so many more! They could integrate up to 150 accounts. Mindblowing!

Mary Kaye D.
Customer Service Manager
Easiest CRM tool for Shopify users cutting down support time and effort

Super easy installation within the Shopify ecosystem and a wide array of integrations to provide a holistic picture of the customer and provide easy support and customer relationship management solution. Review collected by and hosted on

Thomas G.
Head of Roasting and Quality
Great Support Desk for our e-commerce business

I love the integrations it has with Shopify and the ability to create custom macro messages for repeat customer issues. Everything is right there on the screen, don't have to click around to different screens.

Brittany B.
Shipping Operations Manager
Gorgias is Great!

It has many useful features such as snooze, automation of macros, assigning tickets to a team or agent, merging tickets and contacts, and many features. It has business sites/platform integrations like Shopify. It helps us automate some basic actions that normally needed to be performed on a different site using different tools.

Allan James C.
Marketing Coordinator
Great out-of-the-box, with an awesome range of functionality for business small and large

Out-of-the-box functionality is awesome including algorithms that process email subject/body and provide scoring. Training material is competitive with leaders in online training, and implementation/configuration was easy with Shopify, Facebook/Instagram, Klaviyo, Aircall, and multiple mailboxes.

Jason L.
Customer Experience
Efficient workflow!

Gorgias makes my job so easy. It is so nice to have everything in one place! I love the integration with Shopify and seeing all customer orders within the Gorgias interface. It saves me time from having to jump around from site to site.

Allison D.
Senior Customer Experience Manager
Great Customer Service Platform

The platform has helped make our customer service team more efficient. Being linked to Shopify & Narvar allows our client support team to view all previous communications, order history, and any return transactions on one screen. We're responding quickly and can resolve tickets with fewer conversations. It's been like adding an extra CS agent.

Bob L.
Director of Customer Experience
Love the support and phone features of Gorgias

I like how the team can all answer the emails and leave internal notes. Also same with the phone calls. I appreciate how the whole team can listen to the voicemails and write notes for customer phone team. The system is extremely easy for a few of our tech challenged employees. The support from our rep at Gorgias has been great. Tony has gone above and beyond to answer all my questions and help me set up the phone line!

Verified User in Cosmetics
Pleasant Onboarding

It's been very simple. Easy to learn. Our customer support team knows that they are doing and are able to navigate the website very well. It was good to get away from Gmail for us.

Verified User in Apparel & Fashion
Great all round system with great support

I like the ability to separate the views for different incoming enquiries and the ability to auto-close some tickets. The technical support is exceptional; the ability to chat to someone instantly from the team is beyond helpful and appreciated!

Sarah H.
Community Manager

How easy it is to grab data, manage many integrations in one place, and how user-friendly it is. And at the same time, the Gorgias support team is always there to answer questions/find resolutions when things are not working or when we need more insight on something.

Verified User in Apparel & Fashion
Central hub for all customer communications, automate, analyse and level up your customer service!

Ability to pull all customer communication channels into one platform. Very useful for teams managing multiple channels/stores across a number of agents. Further enables cross-working and shared views so that all members of the Customer Service team have insight into on-going customer situations. Constantly improving product offering and regular new features launched. Active community and weekly calls with Gorgias team for various learning opportunities and business updates. Well built out FAQs and responsive & helpful Support staff.

Verified User in Retail
Agent-Friendly CRM!

We switched to Gorgias for the deep Shopify integration, easy-to-use interface, and interactive support from the Gorgias team. The Self Service portal and statistics are amazing, and our stats have only improved since the switch! We compared what we were using previously (Zendesk) to the features that Gorgias had and where we wanted our support team to be in a few years. If you're looking to be treated like a real person by a team that cares about your success, and the features make sense for your business - Gorgias is the one for you!

Mika H.
Customer Engagement Manager
Gorgias is the most user friendly CS Platform I've come across

Gorgias has the most user-friendly interface of all CS platforms I have used. The support team is also very responsive when you have questions. I would recommend it to everyone needing a CS Platform for their business needs.

Van Jazril D.
Onboarding Specialist
Great support software, helps to streamline efficiency!

I've used Gorgias in two different support centers. In both instances, the onboarding was seamless and getting up and running with the platform was easy! The Shopify integration is amazing and saves a lot of time. Highly recommend Gorgias!! The Gorgias support team is very responsive and helpful.

Verified User in Biotechnology
Gorgias Customer Service is fast, efficient, and informative

Moving over to Gorgias from Zendesk was an interesting transition. From the very beginning, we had a support team that helped us make that transition. The Help docs were essential and kept up to date. We appreciated the roadmaps and consistent chat features we could reach out to for assistance and guidance. We also liked the peer-to-peer component of the community FB group. The fast pace of upgrades and developments through Gorgias fit our growing company.

Elaine A.
CX Systems Manager
Agent-Friendly CRM!

We switched to Gorgias for the deep Shopify integration, easy-to-use interface, and interactive support from the Gorgias team. The Self Service portal and statistics are amazing, and our stats have only improved since the switch! We compared what we were using previously (Zendesk) to the features that Gorgias had and where we wanted our support team to be in a few years. If you're looking to be treated like a real person by a team that cares about your success, and the features make sense for your business - Gorgias is the one for you!

Mika H.
Customer Engagement Manager
Increased efficiency and agent productivity after switching to Gorgias!

A seamless integration with Shopify and its ecosystem provides our teams with ample info and insights!

Alex C.
Director of Customer Experience
Fantastic platform with excellent customer success support!

Gorgias has fantastic Shopify integrations. We moved from Zendesk a little over 6 months ago, and we are thrilled with the switch. Providing epic Customer Service is all about the build, tracking industry trends, adjusting processes as needed, and building out systems for success. It only makes sense that a phenomenal Help Desk Platform provides some of the best B2B customer success support! Shout out to Patrick & Mustafa for the continued help building out our Help Desk since the very start! The fact that you can get on a screen-sharing call at almost a moment's notice and have a skilled industry professional assisting in solving any question, issue, or idea in real time is a great tool. It is very cool to see the changes and features added and to see how Gorgias has grown since making the switch during the summer of 2020 and always appreciated to see this company's CEO Romaintaking real-time questions and feedback once a month on the highly helpful monthly Product Webinar. Gorgias + Gorgias users are also very involved in a social/professional Facebook group where you can learn about new updates, industry standards, and helpful tips. Can't wait to see what this company does within the next few years.

Jake K.
Customer Service and Operations Manager
I switched from Zendesk to Gorgias and it has been extremely helpful. The extensions with social media are so easy to add in and you never have to leave the Gorgias platform. It is so easy to use and the support is great!

Great System

Christina B.
Client Success Manager
Helpful Team and Amazing Platform

I love how responsive the team at Gorgias is. Whenever I have a question about the features or don't understand something about the tickets, I reach out to Help, and they are there with an answer right away. We previously used Zendesk for our customer support needs, and the experience with Gorgias has been top-notch. I can pull more information about our customers from all channels and not just email. It has made understanding our customers and what they want so much easier.

Briea C.
Customer and Community Manager
Better than Zendesk

Gorgias is a very user-friendly, easy platform to do customer service. Our team is able to manage all our channels through Gorgias, which makes it so much easier to keep track of all our interactions with our customers. I highly recommend Gorgias. We are very satisfied with the switch we made from Zendesk as Gorgias is much easier to use, it's easier to create macros and use them, and the customer information is right there next to the customer's email.

Monica K.
Concise and Informative

Having all of my tickets in one place makes for a concise workflow that is easily integrated into the day-to-day operations of the service shop. It seems more versatile than Zendesk and, of course, paper tickets.

Tanner D.
Rental and Services Manager
Elevating Our Customer Experience

It was a flawless transition from ZenDesk to Gorgias. As a luxury e-commerce brand, it was very important to be able to provide the best customer experience on all of our social media channels, so being able to integrate all of our channels into one platform as well as integrate it with all the other software we use like Klaviyo,, and AfterShip has made our cross-collaboration and an improved customer journey amongst all of our team's efforts.

Bella Symoné J.
Senior Customer Experience

Gorgias Customer Service is fast, efficient, and informative.

Moving over to Gorgias from Zendesk was an interesting transition. From the very beginning, we had a support team that helped us make that transition. The Help docs were essential and kept up to date. We appreciated the roadmaps and consistent chat features we could reach out to for assistance and guidance. We also liked the peer-to-peer component of the community FB group. The fast pace of upgrades and developments through Gorgias fit our growing company.

Elaine A.
CX Systems Manager

Gorgias' team provides great support. They answer the questions on chat within minutes and if that is not enough they jump on Google calls to help. Zoran was of great help on the call.


Great app and great customer service! Vanja nailed it in a moment of crisis :) I recommend using this very helpful app!

Heel Tread

Gorgias has been great. It is SO nice having all of my tickets in one place. And their team always respond to my chat inquiries promptly. We will be sticking around for a while!

Goodwell Co.

This app is amazing! Very user friendly, with so much capabilities..all in one window. Made our customer service a breeze and gave us the opportunity to provide even better quality of service to our customers. Highly recommended. The install was super easy, and the staff...

Zero Foxtrot

Love this app!!!! So good as it pulls all customer care into the one place instead of using different apps, programs, sites!!


By far, the best customer support I have ever experienced. The app and the back team is top-notch quality.

Lil Chubbs

I am working with Gorgias app since one year now and love every moment of it. The integration with Shopify, and all of our social media is saving us tons of time. On each ticket you can see the all customer information and loves the...


This is one of (if not THE) most valuable Shopify apps we use. Having in one screen a snapshot of every bit of historical communication with a customer from pre-purchase, thru purchase and after (whether from Facebook comments, Messenger, email OR ALL 3) and having...

Pump Hair Products

This is an awesome helpdesk app. Has really helped us streamline our customer support services. We've eliminated any customers contacting us for help from falling through the cracks, and it is so easy having all our different channels ending up in the one space.


Great app - love it so far! Seems super powerful... we're just scratching the surface of what it can do but we're feeling pretty confident we've made the right choice to scale our business with. And the customer service is awesome ;)


amazing support!amazing support!amazing support!amazing support!amazing support!amazing support!amazing support!amazing support!

Hi Mechanics

Macroses and simple cancel and refund buttons gave us opportunity take many outsource support managers without giving them full access to Shopify and related risks.

Couple Jewelry

support team is awesome! always helpful, Gorgias makes everything easier! highly recommend, always get an answer with questions within minutes!

Sweat Shaper

Highly recommended! It is a user-friendly app and the supports are so helpful and help you all the way.

Walkee Paws

We used for the last two years and while it was okay, it was certainly nothing exceptional like Gorgias has been. From being able to access, cancel, refund, etc orders right from your inbox to the excellent support, simple usability, and improved efficiency, I...


Gorgias is an absolutely brilliant app loaded with features and time saving functions. The support team is amazing and always helpful. They will help with just about anything. One of the best apps on shopify!


Amazing customer service! A real person, understanding out of the box questions and extremely fast response time.

Maxtrix Kids

Gorgias is an amazing customer service app, it puts everything at your fingers and saves so much time. The amount of time we'd spend looking up orders when a customer emailed in was crazy. With thier template system most of our tickets can be responded...

This is the most helpful helpdesk that I have seen. We have been looking since around 2010 for something to aggregate all of our information into one spot for customer service, and this is the first thing I have seen that came close to making...


Gorgias is great! We are about to end our trial and cannot wait to continue using them for all our media platforms. Had a hard time syncing our email and the customer support helped us along the way. The onboard call they suggested was super...

Sladics Mb

This app is incredible, It cut my workload by 70% and make our customer service much more efficient. There own customer service is the best yet I have received from Shopify apps!

Planet54 Live

This app is something else man. Seriously try it! Customer service is on point! They even gave me 3 months free due to the current virus, to help out our business!


Aasif and Richard really went the extra 10 miles when onboarding my company with Gorgias. Like, seriously they went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied. They showed me things I never imagined possible, concepts I never understood were “a thing”. These guys...

Gorgias is by far the best customer Support APP for Shopify, but is has still room to become an even better APP. Here are my suggestions: - custom FAQ based on the specific site - multi language support - chatbot support (AI)

stilform GmbH

The best app if you want to give a great experience and support to your customers, the macros are the best thing, no other app can do what this can. They just pull all data from Shopify and it's at a glance.

We switched over to Gorgias at the beginning of the year and haven't looked back! My favorite part is having access to all of the Shopify info while responding to Tickets. It's also such a time saver being able to issue refunds in Shopify from...

Vionic Shoes Canada

We love this application. It not only keeps our team organized and efficient, but keeps all the customers info right there for reference as you work through an service issue. The Gorgias team is super responsive and helpful. When we on-boarded with them, we received...


The response was quick, clear, and supportive. I was given a video, screenshot, and explanation to my question.


Our support team could not be happier with switching to Gorgias. Not only is it a helpdesk but it also incorporated social media, where most of our customers live. The integration with Shopify makes looking at orders seamless. Setting up the rules can take time,...

Maverick by Logan Paul

I use this app to assist with customer service for our stores across many countries. It simplifies my tasks and i'm always learning more ways I can utilise it to work for me. Also have always received excellent customer service whenever I reach out -...


Gorgias knows what they are doing. They definitely filled in a gap within the customer service category. Their customer support is awesome, extremely helpful and always updating their layout and adding more features. If you are looking for a customer support command center this is...


Gorgias is the best help desk software we've ever used. It's easy to use, efficient, and has great analytics. The support team is super helpful, and there when we need them. Highly recommend this software for anyone looking to level up their customer experience.


We just started using Gorgias at the beginning of July so this is a new app for the Customer Care Team and Gorgias has helped us out so much with creating new views and made suggestions on how to create a cleaner inbox. I love...


Excellent customer service! They have always good answers and solutions on the problem. Very helpful!

Vincero Watches

Truly amazing! From customer service to all the capabilities of Gorgias, this app has been a game changer for us in less than a week. It also integrates with almost all the apps we use which has been super helpful! We are already saving so...

LUNA Sandals

I've been in the process of setting up Gorgias. Usually, new apps tend to be overwhelming with all new features. Thanks to Arnaud I was able to set Gorgias up and have it running! Arnaud reached out to schedule a video chat with me and...

Erika Peña

Exceptional customer support and a tool that does what it says on the tin. Not the cheapest solution but worth every penny as it saves us hours of monitoring multiple customer support channels.


Works very well. Customer care is super. I love this app. Perfect for manage customer in one plaece.

Helixita - Natura Curativa

Really great experience, Gorgias is helping us be so much more efficient vs. our old system! Amazing customer support. Very helpful also during these strange times. Can only highly recommend.


Has a lot of nice features, but cannot give 5 stars due to it historically having a lot of hickups and performance issues. But right now it generally is better and the integration with Shopify is good. Keep up the good work and I will...


Top support system with great functionality and support, features and refinements constantly being added.


Many brands, despite the customer-facing perception of them, really function as small start-ups. In this respect, customer service amongst the various avenues of digital communication that exist today is often handled by a single person. Gorgias has streamlined this role and stripped it of unnecessary...


We use this app to help organize and automate some customer replies and it is awesome so far. Great support too.

Firefly Chocolate

Friendly, professional and efficient services all the time! Very satisfied with Gorgias and would recommend.

BlackboxMyCar Canada

Great app! Great support! Best value out there so far


I really love this app to communicate with our customers, it makes for everything being connected ,so that I spend less time looking for their orders and more time helping them with the issue at hand. I wish there were some way to have internal...

The Gunbox

Amazing customer support! Thank you so much Ilija Kostic for the quick help. Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not Pot

So far this app is great. my customer service agent is using it and seems to work really well. easy to navigate and also love the features


So far so good! I'm thinking this app will end up paying for itself over and over with the amount of time and hassle saved. In-app chat support is second to none. I'm excited to be on-board with Gorgias!


Great app! Does everything we need! Great support too!


Berfore Gorgias it use to take 5 minutes to research a customers order. The Gorgias app has simplified our process and allowed us to answer customer in a timely manner. The best app has made the busy season easier.


Really great responsive customer service team! I highly recommend using Gorgias to ease and streamline customer service!


Gorgias is the best CS software we have used Their team is amazing as well Thank you so much for all of the help

Succulents Box

Love this app, it reduces so much tab clutter & increases customer care productivity immensely. The integration setup is super easy, and the app is extremely user friendly.

Married To The Mob

Gorgias made Customer Support easy, I particularly appreciate the integration with ReCharge. Also, the support team is very effective and replies within a few minutes.

Little Gustave

I have been using this app for just about a week now. It is quite well made. It allows you to enable a live chat on your site. You can manage all comments and messages from your social media platforms which allows you respond all...

Cubic Mini Wood Stoves

Ilija Kostic was AMAZING. He went above and beyond and we are able to provide a better agent and customer experience thanks to his assistance. Thank you!!

Live Love Polish

We shifted over to using Gorgias from Zendesk. Gorgias has been able to help us reduce our response times by more than half and helps us provide seamless customer service to our customers. The integrations are really what pulled us over to Gorgias and we...


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