Announcement: New Features and Changes to Our Pricing and Plans

Announcement: New Features and Changes to Our Pricing and Plans

Today, we’re announcing pricing updates for our Pro, Advanced, and Enterprise customers, along with customers using our Automation Add-On. We’re also introducing a voice & SMS add-on that will allow you to communicate with customers on even more channels, enabling brands to continue providing the best customer support for their loyal customers.

This follows our recent announcement of a $10 monthly starter plan (50 tickets), which makes our platform more accessible to all merchants.

Over the past few years, we’ve proudly shipped many new features to serve our mission: empowering all merchants to deliver an exceptional customer experience that drives revenue.

Now, with Gorgias, you can:

  • Interact with customers on more channels, including DMs and comments on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook — plus voice, SMS, and native help centers
  • Sell more products with chat improvements (including native Shopify product links) and revenue statistics
  • Work more efficiently with ticket auto-assign, improved Shopify actions, and live statistics that keep your team on track
  • Integrate with your favorite tools, including the most advanced Klaviyo integration on the market and 80+ other integrations since mid-2019

Here’s a snapshot of the new pricing, which will go into effect in the next few months and empower further innovation on our product:

What is changing with our prices and plans

Here's an outline of everything that's changing:

Pricing increases for Pro, Advanced, and Enterprise plans:

Pricing is changing for Merchants on the Pro, Advanced, and Enterprise plans.

Updated pricing

  • Pro: $360/month or $3,600/year
  • Advanced: $900/month or $9,000/year
  • Enterprise: Contact us

Billable ticket limit decreases

We’re also updating the billable ticket limit for Basic and Advanced plans to better reflect the number of tickets merchants of this size typically see each month:

Updated billable ticket limit:

  • Basic: 300 tickets/month
  • Advanced: 5,000 tickets/month

Doubling down on the Automation Add-On

The Automation Add-On includes several valuable features that allow you to automate up to 25% of total customer interactions. This means you’ll spend more time driving revenue through high-quality support and less time handling repetitive tickets, such as where is my order (WISMO) interactions.

Some of the features only available in the Automation Add-On include:

We initially launched the Automation Add-On with introductory pricing in late 2021. We had great feedback from early adopters, especially after improving features like updated Quick Response Flows and Self-Service Flows. Now that the Automation Add-On is delivering on its promise, we're ending our introductory pricing for the add-on and the full price will be reflected for all add-on subscribers.

Here is the updated Automation Add-On pricing:

Updated pricing

  • Basic: $30/month or $300/year
  • Pro: $180/month or $1,800/year
  • Advanced: $450/month or $4,500/year
  • Enterprise: Contact us

Legacy Self-Service features added to Automation Add-On

Furthermore, some of our legacy customers currently have access to a smaller set of automation features, separate from the Automation Add-On. We will discontinue support for those legacy automation features for monthly users by December 31st, 2022. For users on annual plans, we will honor their legacy features until their renewal date. We encourage all customers to explore the Automation Add-On, which provides a superior automation experience.

Automation Add-on overages increasing

As part of this pricing update, overages for accounts with Automation Add-on will be increased to account for the cost increase for the account. This will help us avoid pricing anomalies and keep things fair for customers across the board.

New features for some of our earliest customers

Currently, some of our oldest customers are on plans that we no longer support. We will migrate customers to the plan that most closely matches their current billable ticket count. This migration will also grant access to a suite of new features that were unavailable on those legacy plans:

We’re introducing a $10 plan for merchants that are getting started

We’ve heard from merchants who just launched their stores that they need a way to chat with customers on their website and host help center articles that proactively answer common customer questions. So we introduced a $10 plan with up to 50 tickets, that includes most of the features available to other Gorgias users. We’re excited to serve more small businesses with this new plan.

When are these changes happening?

For our customers paying monthly, these changes will come into effect two billing cycles from today (September 21, 2022). Your plan and price will change by November or December 2022, depending on when you first signed up for Gorgias.

For our annual customers, we will update your plan and prices in 2023 on your billing renewal date. Any annual customers renewing before the end of 2022 will keep their existing prices and features for another year, until 2023.

Why are we updating pricing?

Our product has grown and evolved significantly in the past three years since we last updated pricing in mid-2019. In order to continue on this trajectory, we plan to heavily invest in our product to bring even more value to our ecommerce merchants, growing their businesses.

Here are the biggest recent areas of growth for Gorgias:

Interact with customers on more channels

As a merchant, you understand the importance of showing up where your customers are. We have made great strides in this arena to bring you to all of the places your customers are expecting you to be, all in your single Gorgias feed.

Our social media channels have evolved to best-in-class status, allowing you to interact with customers in all of the different ways they might reach out. Whether you’re responding to comments on your ads to increase return on ad spend or handling angry customers that slide into your DMs, we have you covered on major social networks.

And when you want to help customers help themselves, we now have a robust help center to answer all of their top questions without human attention. You can even upgrade your help center with self-service features like order tracking.

Sell more products

Your customer experience should drive revenue —  happy customers are the best fuel for growth.

This belief is at the center of Gorgias’ philosophy and guides our product development. As a result, the Gorgias platform has gotten much better at driving revenue for our customers, resulting in $1.1 billion in support-driven revenue in 2021 alone.

Want to learn more? Read our CX growth playbook to drive 44% more revenue through customer experience.

Our chat improvements and native Shopify product links turn your agents into sales reps, and our revenue statistics show just how much impact your team has had.

And this is going to be one of our biggest areas of focus going forward, so expect lots of new features like refined chat campaigns, one-time discount codes, and advanced sales analytics.

We’re even building a full-featured Revenue Add-on to help you increase your revenue impact. More on that in our Series C announcement.

Work more efficiently

Gorgias is built around the unique needs of ecommerce merchants, and we’ve designed the tool to be the fastest platform for ecommerce customer service teams right out of the box.

Agent and team efficiency have been areas where our platform has seen some of the most improvement over the past few years.

We have Macro suggestions and a Rule library, now, to get you started fast and make sure you’re never at a loss for words. And you can make all the necessary edits to a given Shopify order without leaving the Gorgias platform.

Plus, our advanced dashboards keep your whole team on track and show the impact of your process improvements in real time.

When you spend less time on repetitive tasks and tickets, you can spend more time with the tickets that matter to your business — the ones that actually require human attention.

Integrate your favorite tools

In 2019, we had just started to connect with your favorite ecommerce apps.

Now, Gorgias is your command hub for the entire customer experience, integrating data from all of your favorite apps to make it all more actionable. That’s a major way we help you make better decisions and provide a world-class experience for your customers.

Our Klaviyo integration has been upgraded to enable even more advanced functionality, and we have also added 80 other integrations that upgrade your support process.

And we’re not done yet — with a host of new integrations coming soon, we’re going to keep bringing more insight to your first-party customer data — across all of the different platforms you use.

Questions? Reach out to our team

We understand you may have further questions about which changes will impact you. For further clarity, please check the emails associated with your account for a more detailed breakdown of the specific changes that apply to your account. You may also reach out to our support team or connect with your Customer Success Manager for additional details.

Our mission continues to be helping merchants deliver an exceptional customer experience. We believe this is how you’ll build long-lasting relationships with your customers to maximize retention and grow your business.

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