Reamaze Pricing: Do You Get What You Pay For?

Reamaze Pricing: Do You Get What You Pay For?

Today we’ll talk about Reamaze pricing plans. Take notes!

“Reamaze? What is it? I haven’t heard of it.”

For those of you who don’t know Reamaze (, it’s a good helpdesk alternative to Freshdesk, Zendesk, and Help Scout

Reamaze offers flexible pricing options for you to choose from. It also provides many features like shared inbox, custom messaging, or knowledge base management. Like any other ticketing systems, Reamaze aims to help you improve customer satisfaction and customer service experience. 

Reamaze’s ease of use helps it gain a lot of attention from people who are looking for a Zendesk or Freshdesk alternative

Sounds interesting? Let’s jump in. 


Reamaze pricing quick summary

Reamaze doesn’t offer a free plan like Freshdesk but provides flexible paid pricing models. Currently, they have three pricing options:

Per agent pricing with 3 plans

Reamaze charges you based on the number of agents (or seats) you add to your subscription. The more agents in your team, the more you pay.

Reamaze currently offers 3 per-agent pricing plans: Basic, Pro, and Plus, as shown in the screenshot below:

For example, if you have 5 support members, and you’ve chosen the Basic plan, your monthly total is 5 x $20 = $100 per month. 

Note that the annual pricing isn’t available. Reamaze offers all pricing plans on a monthly payment basis only. 

Volume-based pricing

If you don’t want to pay per agent, you can choose to pay based on the number of support tickets you may have every month. This option is useful if your business experiences fluctuating staff counts; in other words, you don’t have a fixed number of agents at a particular time. 

For this pricing structure, Reamaze calculates active conversations (a.k.a active tickets), which are any conversation that is open and unresolved with at least one staff reply. It offers you 3 plans: Starter, Pro, and Plus.

  • The Starter plan starts with 500 active conversations per month. You’ll get all the features of the Basic plan above, plus unlimited agents.
  • The Pro or Plus plan has a higher monthly conversation volume cap. You’ll also get unlimited agents and all the features in the Pro or Plus plan, respectively.

Custom plans

If you can afford to have custom features and need priority support, you can contact Reamaze’s customer support team to create a custom plan for you.

In short, a custom plan includes only your expected features. You can mix and match features from the Pro and Plus plans and add them to a Basic plan. Because of that, the price for a custom plan might be higher than a non-custom one. 

Reamaze’s pricing details

Now, let’s go deeper into Reamaze’s 3 pricing plans to see what features it offers for each plan.

Basic plan

Monthly payment: $20/team member/month

Features covered:

  • Unlimited email inboxes
  • Live chat support widgets
  • Social media integrations/SMS channels
  • Public/Internal FAQ
  • Workflow automation (macros)
  • Response templates
  • Website integration (Facebook Messenger, MailChimp, Stripe, Slack, Shopify, BigCommerce, ShipStation, etc.)
  • Third-party integrations for customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Autoresponders for email channel
  • Real time chatbots
  • Customer data attributes via API
  • Cues (proactive messages)
  • Basic reporting like response time
  • Customers intents
  • Android and iOS apps for mobile devices

Pro plan

Monthly payment: $40/team member/month

Features covered:

  • All the features in the Basic plan
  • Manage multi-brand profiles in one account
  • Live view of site visitors
  • Advanced reporting
  • Custom hosted domain
  • Customizable email appearance 
  • Status page 

Plus plan

Monthly payment: $60/team member/month

Features covered:

  • All the features in the Pro plan
  • Live screensharing
  • Staff groups
  • Staff performance reporting
  • Staff shifts and vacation days
  • Customizable staff roles
  • Automated customer satisfaction surveys
  • Optional classic chat mode
  • SAML/SSO integration
  • FAQ article edit history 

Reamaze doesn’t have a forever free plan like Freshdesk, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking it out. You can try it for free in 14 days (no credit card required) and request a demo from their sales reps. 

Awesome, right?

Kind of... 

Reamaze pricing: Is it worth it?

If you take a closer look at Reamaze’s pricing plans, you’ll see it’s not awesome as you might think. 

In fact, it has two problems.

1. A per agent pricing will eventually cost you more  

Okay, here’s the deal:

No matter how efficient or talented you’re, you can’t reply to +50 clients (back and forth) in a day. You need a customer support tool, and you need someone else to help you. 

But almost every SaaS-based helpdesk is charging per agent cost, which will soon eat a significant portion of your business profit. If you have a huge customer base, there will be plenty of support tickets to solve, and hence requiring more agents. 

One thing is sure that pricing is going to be up and up. Switching helpdesk from one to another to lower the cost can be challenging, especially if you’ve been using the wrong software for a while.

“Just use Reamaze’s volume-based pricing. Problem solved, right?”

Not really.


Because you don’t know how much you need to pay for Reamaze’s volume-based pricing plans until you contact them. They aren’t shown on the website. 

2.  Reamaze’s pricing plans aren’t cheap 

From $20 to $60, Reamaze’s per agent pricing plans are a bit higher than Freshdesks’ (which start at 15$). That means Reamaze might not be the right choice for you if you’re running a small business, an online store, or a startup with a tight budget. 

There must be a better tool!


Every help desk software can help you manage tickets effectively but to pick which one fits your business and your pocket, you have to look further. 

I would suggest you check out Gorgias. It’s a ticketing system dedicated to eCommerce, so as long as you’re running an online business, Gorgias is right for you.

Worried about pricing?

Gorgias has a 7-day trial period, and Starter plans start at $10/mo. When you move to a paid plan, you’ll pay significantly less than what you’ll pay if you use Reamaze. 

Note: Ready to switch? Join our buyout program to get full access to Gorgias at no cost and prepare for your most profitable BFCM ever.

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