25+ Customer Service Scripts Inspired by Top Ecommerce Brands

25+ Customer Service Scripts Inspired by Top Ecommerce Brands

When customers reach out to your support team, they expect their problems addressed promptly and accurately. Providing an effortless experience for your customers is one of the best ways to nail customer support — it may be the difference between keeping that customer for years and never seeing them again. 

The best customer service agents can solve issues quickly and provide high-quality, personalized customer support without delay. But since many issues crop up repeatedly, written and call center scripts are a smart way to empower agents when they're dealing with frustrated or angry customers.

Not all customer service interactions can (or should be) scripted. But by developing scripts for your most repetitive questions you can give more time and attention to complex and high-impact tickets that need a human touch. 

Below, we put together customer service scripts for 29 common scenarios, inspired by top ecommerce brands that use Gorgias, like Steve Madden, Timbuk2, and Vinter’s Daughter.

Our customer service scripts come from brands like Steve Madden, Vinter's Daughter, and Timbuk2.

What are customer service scripts? 

Customer service scripts are pre-written answers to questions that customers commonly ask. By proactively writing out answers, or creating scripts, companies prepare team members with thorough, correct answers, thereby helping them build strong problem-solving skills. This creates a more helpful, supportive experience than expecting customer service reps to think of good answers on the fly, especially if they’re dealing with frustrated customers. 

When are customer service scripts useful?

Scripts can be useful at any point in the customer interaction, however, they’re particularly useful during situations that recur often: calming angry customers, directing customers to resources like your returns policy, and answering frequently asked questions just to name a few. These are responses that will change very little from one customer to the next, so using a script can save time and provide a consistent customer service experience.

Customer service scripts can live in an internal knowledge base or standalone document library. However, scripts are most helpful when they’re integrated into your helpdesk or customer service platform. This way, your customer service agents can pull up, populate, and modify scripts without any copy/pasting or tab switching — no matter which customer support channel they’re using, from social media and email to live chat and SMS.

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On Gorgias, scripts are called Macros and include variables that automatically populate with customer information, like the customer’s name, order number, and more:

Gorgias's customer support scripts include variables like customer name to personalize each message.

29 customer service scripts categorized by topic

Customer service scripts are a highly effective way of keeping your team members on the same page and providing quick resolutions for customer issues. However, you do need to take some time upfront to create different scripts that specifically address common issues and questions. Otherwise, they won't be valuable or hit the mark.

Below, we’ve categorized several common potential customer service issues and provided several sample scripts for each one. Feel free to use them as inspiration as you create your own templates, but remember to adjust the language to fit your branding — no two companies have the exact same style.

Shipping issues 

These scripts deal with lost or slow shipments, questions about shipping costs, and needing to change the shipping date after an order has been placed. 

1) Tracking shipment 

Hello! Thanks for reaching out! Here is the link that you can use to track your shipment: [support agent pastes tracking number for last order]. Alternatively, we have also sent a follow-up email with your tracking information. Look for the subject line, “Your order has shipped!”

We are here if you need more information!

Enrich your responses with real-time data from Shopify

Using a customer helpdesk connected to your ecommerce platform, you could insert customer variables like the last order ID and tracking URL dynamically into your answer. Here is what could look like the previous template:

Hello! We are happy to help! Your tracking number is {{Tracking number of last order}}, and I have also included a link to track your package below for your convenience: {{Tracking URL of last order}} For further questions regarding your shipment or anything else, please feel free to contact us!  

2) Late shipment

We are terribly sorry about the delay in the shipment! Sometimes, the delivery is out of our hands and unfortunately we cannot speed things up. We do appreciate you and we are always transparent about any shortcomings from our side. For your convenience, we are sharing the tracking link {{Tracking URL of last order}}. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you! 

To thank you for your patience, here’s a $10 coupon off your next order.

3) Lost shipment 

Thank you for reaching out! Our team is so sorry to hear that you were unable to locate the missing package. Rest assured we will remedy this situation for you. 

We can offer two options: we can ship a replacement to you or a full refund for the order instead. In case you prefer a replacement order, we kindly ask that you please confirm the shipping address of where you would like the replacement order sent. We are looking forward to receiving your reply.

4) Need to change shipping options after ordering 

I understand that you want to change your shipping option so you can receive this order as quickly as possible. If this is correct, not a problem :) We just cancelled the order and can re-order the item with your desired shipping option. Please note that the additional cost is [$]. Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you!

Order issues 

Few things get under a customer's skin quicker than having trouble placing an order. Dealing with these customer interactions quickly and helpfully can be the difference between creating a loyal customer, or losing a first-time customer. 

5) Can’t place an order 

Thank you for reporting this! I will make sure this is addressed with our team. Would you mind letting me know which product you are purchasing so that we can help right away? Thank you :)

6) System placed order incorrectly (system error) 

We are terribly sorry for this inconvenience. I can fix this right now for you. Would you mind sending us your order number so that we can change and remove incorrectly added items?

7) Customer wants to change their order within the allowable time limit 

Hey there! I have just checked your order information, and since it was purchased within an allowable timeframe, we would be happy to make the requested changes. If you would like to fully cancel the order instead, just let us know and we can do that for you as well. 

8) Customer wants to change their order outside of the allowable time limit  

Thank you for your request! We are sorry to say that we are not able to process the change, since your order is currently on the way. If you are interested in returning your order, please follow the instructions from our page here, you will find all the needed details! We are sorry that we are not able to help more and we thank you for your understanding!

 9) No order confirmation email 

I understand that you didn’t receive an order confirmation. How long ago was the order placed? 

Did you see a thank-you page screen after ordering? Thank you for the details provided, this will help us fix the issue fast!

Product issues

Being able to use customer service scripts to address issues customers experience with your product mitigates the issue quickly and increases the chances you can keep customer satisfaction intact. 

10) Product listing issues (not as described, pictured) 

Thank you for reaching out and for the details you have provided! To process your return, would you mind clicking on “Get a return label” link here? Once this is done, we will continue processing your refund. If you have any other feedback regarding the product, we would be happy to hear it!

11) Negative product reviews 

I understand you have concerns about some of the reviews you’ve seen. Our product isn’t a fit for everyone, but we have 2,000 positive reviews from customers who love it and we are always transparent and upfront! There are no risks, as we offer a full refund if you ship the unused portion back to us within 30 days.

12) Product questions  

I see you’ve got some questions about your product! We would be happy to help. Ask away.

13) Damaged products 

We are terribly sorry for this inconvenience. We aim to provide the most excellent service and carry our business to high standards  We try our best to make sure items reach you in perfect condition, but sometimes mistakes happen that are out of our reach. Please send the item back to us using a prepaid label, which you can print here: (link). We’ll ship you a replacement right away.

Thank you for understanding!


Requests for returns are one of the most common queries to come through customer service tickets. Customers often looking to bend the rules during the phone call or live chat session can pose a unique challenge to representatives who need to provide good service, but also follow company policies. Here are three must-have scripts for addressing tricky returns issues. 

14) Request to return the product 

Thanks for contacting us! We allow returns up to 30 days from the purchase date for all items except clearance items. You can initiate your return and print a shipping label with our easy return portal here: (link)

15) Request to return a product outside of policy 

Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, your order is outside the window of return. However, because it is only outside the window by a couple of days, I can allow you to return the item. Please confirm you’d still like to return it and I will email the prepaid shipping label. If we don’t receive the product within 10 days, we will not be able to accept your return. 


Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, your order is unable to be returned because it is well outside of the time window (30 days) outlined in our return policy. 

16) Tracking the status of a return 

Thank you for reaching out! Let us provide a timeline here. We typically refund orders within 3 to 5 business days from receiving them. I can see that your package is expected to arrive tomorrow, so you should expect to receive your refund within 2 weeks.

Integrate customer service and returns software for a better CX

Leveraging product integrations that work seamlessly with your customer service platforms can put the power of returns primarily into the customer’s hands. Gorgias’ Loop integration does exactly that, letting customers take control of their returns on their own time and giving them a better customer experience in the process. 

The integration is valuable to your support team, too: Instead of spending time on return tickets, they can focus on new customers, shipping issues, etc.


Billing and payment 

Staying friendly and accommodating during a customer service call can be difficult, depending on the customer's attitude. Customer service scripts keep your team members — especially new customer service agents — on track and focused on resolving the problem at hand. 

17) Accepted payment options 

Hi, thank you for contacting us. Regarding payment, we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, and gift cards. Anything else we can help you with?

18) Paypal acceptance

Yes, we do offer PayPal! Just select PayPal and you’ll be prompted to log in and choose your payment method through PayPal.

19) PayPal issues 

Thank you for reporting that. Like all platforms, unfortunately, PayPal has issues sometimes. Since this is a third-party app, we don’t have access to troubleshoot your account. Please ensure that your login information is correct and contact PayPal support with any issues. Alternatively, you can complete your order using a credit card or debit card. Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with!

Gift card questions or problems

Many ecommerce companies receive lots of questions about using gift cards. From checking its balance to troubleshooting why it’s not working, answering gift card questions is crucial to maintaining customer satisfaction and building brand loyalty. 

20) Gift card balance

Thanks for contacting us about your gift card balance. You can find that information by entering the gift card number here: (link)

Let me know if I can help you with anything else!

21) Gift card policy 

Gift card balances expire after 6 years and can be used for any purchase, including clearance items. For our full gift card policy, please visit this link: (link)

22) Gift card not working

We will look right into that, thank you for reporting it. Would you kindly provide us with the gift card number? 

Coupon code questions or problems 

Issues with using coupons can enrage even the calmest customer. You can avoid this problem by having friendly, helpful customer service scripts on hand to solve the most common problems that come up with coupon codes. 

23) Coupon code not working 

Not to worry, we will look into that immediately! It seems that the coupon doesn’t apply to your order. However, here’s a coupon for free shipping that you can use for orders over $50. 

24) Stacking coupon codes 

Unfortunately, coupon codes can’t be used together. Would you mind choosing one coupon code to use per order? If there is anything else needed please let us know!

User account issues 

There can be a lot of user account issues that can frustrate customers who are trying to log in, check order status, or initiate a return. Make sure that your customer service team is trained in requesting the additional information needed, such as their account number or order number, to troubleshoot the issue. The following three scripts can help address common customer requests regarding user accounts.

25) Can’t log in

Not a problem, we can definitely help with that. Can you please use the “forgot username” or “forgot password” buttons here? (login link)

26) User account not showing order 

I understand that the order isn’t showing up in your account. Please note that it can take up to 30 minutes for the order to show on your account. Would you mind confirming that this timeframe has passed since you placed the order? Thank you.

27) Other user account issues 

We are terribly sorry for this inconvenience. Would you mind sharing a bit more details about the issue you have experienced so that we can fix that for you? 

Website QA 

When customers discover issues on your site, use the right words to show your appreciation. Check out these quick scripts to use when a customer discovers a bug or issue on your website or ecommerce store.

28) Error discovery 

Great catch! Thank you for reporting it. Our development team will fix it ASAP. Can I help you with anything else?

29) Confusing pages or elements 

I’m sorry about that! I can see what you mean — that is confusing and could be improved. We appreciate you taking the time to let us know about this issue. Our development team will fix it ASAP. Can I help you with anything else?

The benefits of customer service scripts in ecommerce 

As touched on above, customer service script templates help support agents address customer needs with consistent, uniform responses. They also help with customer service training and strengthen customer relationships. Beyond being an excellent way to mitigate customer issues with ease and consistency, customer service scripts offer the following benefits:

Unlocks cost savings by reducing manual work 

Make it easy for your customer service representatives to instantly access scripted responses inside of your ecommerce helpdesk. This reduces the time it takes to either craft a response from scratch or hunt for the template in a wiki. 

You can further cut back on manual time by automating ecommerce customer service, which we’ll cover in more detail towards the end of this guide.

Minimizes customer service team stress 

Providing great customer service can be stressful, even for senior support reps. They need tools like customer scripts to help them be prepared and stay on top of issues — fast. Instead of expecting your team members to formulate and articulate answers as they're dealing with impatient, frustrated, and difficult customers, scripts help them keep a cool head. Positive scripting reduces customer frustration and relieves stress on both sides as your team members work toward a resolution.

Standardizes support quality 

You don’t want one customer to have a great customer service experience and another customer to have a bad one. This inconsistency can reflect poorly on your brand: Customers won’t know what to expect when contacting you, and you’ll end up with some negative online reviews and social media comments.

Scripts help everyone — even new agents — follow company procedures and policies, and even adopt a standardized tone of voice.

Here are the four core ingredients to high-quality support:

Great customer support has fast response and resolution times, uses brand voice, and includes helpful content.

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Streamlines the onboarding process 

Customer support positions are prone to twice the average rate of employee turnover. You can mitigate high employee turnover with faster onboarding. Get new customer service team members up to speed with ready-to-use scripts. Scripts reduce many of the customer problems that crop up during a team member’s first few days or weeks on the job, like “How do I answer this question?” and “What’s the protocol for this type of customer issue?”

However, scripts only help if your team uses them. An internal knowledge base is a great way to house your scripts so that your team members can easily access them when needed, whether they’re a new hire or an established employee. 

Here are a few signals your customer service team may need some additional training and resources like customer service scripts:

Key indicators your customer service team needs training.

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Allows for faster issue resolution 

When your support team uses customer support script templates, they can resolve issues more quickly, leading to increased customer satisfaction and effortless  customer experience

It is always a good practice to incorporate articles from your knowledge base or FAQ into your scripts. For example, your scripts and FAQ page should both address common customer questions, like those about your shipping policy. 

For example, men’s jewelry brand Jaxxon makes their shipping policy available as a Quick Response Flow (or an autoresponse) in their live chat widget and on their FAQ page. This way, shoppers have two methods of understanding the company’s shipping process without having to reach out to customer service:

Jaxxon provides shipping information in their live chat widget and on their FAQ page

If your business doesn’t have an FAQ or knowledge base yet, consider adding one to your ecommerce store as an easy way to address customer questions and improve user experience. These resources can deflect repetitive tickets by giving customers self-service information with minimal (or even zero) direction from an agent. Find out more about how to set one up and take a look at some great FAQ pages in action.

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How to automate customer service responses 

Automation is one of the best ways to build an efficient customer support team, and this includes prewritten live chat scripts. While leaning on technological functionality like automated responses saves time and effort while ensuring consistent quality, it also has the added benefit of providing much more step-by-step information for customers. 

Self-service order management with Gorgias

For example, a scripted response to, “Where is my order?” still requires the agent to manually go look up the order and shipping details. But when utilizing technology like Gorgias’ Macros, that information can be automatically pulled from Shopify or BigCommerce and sent to the customer — in a templated format that’s consistent with your brand’s voice:

Automated customer service scripts with Gorgias

The response is only the beginning. When you pair Macros with automated Rules, you can also trigger actions like assigning tickets to agents, prioritizing tickets, changing shipping addresses, refunding orders, and so much more:

Trigger actions like "cancel order" and "update shipping address" with Gorgias's templated Macros

With a helpdesk for ecommerce like Gorgias, your entire team can access and use your library of templated customer service scripts (Macros) to accelerate and improve their responses.

Gorgias also offers robust, intuitive customer service automation tools that are much more customer-friendly than most other platforms’ chatbots. Through Gorgias’ Automation Add-On, merchants don't even have to dig into Shopify data and send a scripted response — customers can find and change order details right within the chat box, no agent attention required:

Go beyond customer service scripts with dynamic auto-responses and self-service

Customer service scripts are priceless tools for your customer service agents. Using them effectively reduces response times, and helps with resolution time since your agents will have everything prepared for them upfront. This workflow keeps everyone satisfied: customers for getting fast resolution and agents for not having to type in the same response over and over again.

Gorgias’ deep integration with Shopify and other ecommerce platforms makes it easier than ever to set up Rules and Macros that empower your agents to work through repetitive tickets faster so they can focus on the most important customer conversations.

Check out our Loop Earplugs customer story to see how Gorgias helped Loop decrease WISMO (“where is my order”) tickets from 17% to 5% by providing self-service information, and increase revenue from CX by 43% using our Automation Add-On.

“We’ve seen 43% increase in revenue from customer support since we launched pre-sales flows. Quick response flows give us the ability to build trust with our customers and that’s priceless. When customers get a quick and honest answer, they often end up buying more than one product in a short span of time. Seeing customers live the life we’re aiming to create for them in Loop Earplugs is extremely rewarding for us.”

— Milan Vanmarcke, Customer Service Manager


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