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How Loop Earplugs uses the Gorgias Automation Add-on to improve CX and generate 43% more revenue from CS

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increase in revenue from CS
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Challenge: Loop Earplugs' response and resolution times were skyrocketing, leaving customers with long wait times. Plus, Loop experienced issues around automation and workflows in the mix with the old helpdesk.

Solution: Gorgias's Automation Add-on and seamless integrations with other platforms allow Loop to create a more streamlined customer experience. Loop has decreased response and resolution times, and decreased WISMO ("where is my order") tickets from 17% to 5%.

Loop Earplugs sells high-quality earplugs that empower you to live life to the fullest and give you control over what you hear. Their products are easy to use, comfortable, stylish, low-profile, and reusable.

On average, the Loop Earplugs team receives 1,500 tickets per week. They previously used Zendesk for handling customer inquiries, but Zendesk didn't help them solve challenges like high response and resolution times. They also had some problems with setting up the tool to work for their business.

"We are really a fast-growing company. Therefore we need a tool that is easy to manage. As customer experience is everything to us, we're always looking for the next best thing to improve it. This way, we stand out in the service we provide," shared Milan Vanmarcke, Loop Earplugs' Customer Service Manager.

Moving to Gorgias

After scouring the Shopify app store and asking for recommendations from the industry, the Loop Earplugs team decided to move to Gorgias to handle all their interactions from email, chat, and SMS.

Here are some reasons why the team made a switch:

  • Gorgias is easy to work with: it's "plug and play"
  • Gorgias focuses on generating revenue through the platform, which is important to the Loop Earplugs team
  • The Loop Earplugs team uses different platforms, and Gorgias can seamlessly integrate with these tools to streamline customer experience: "We really want our customers to get the best service, so when we heard there was an integration that would provide and even better customer experience, it was a no-brainer for us"
  • With Gorgias, the Loop Earplugs team pays for the number of tickets, not for every user they add

Milan also emphasized that Gorgias allows the team to prioritize tickets or channels using tags and increase revenue using chat campaigns on the website. Gorgias also gives the team quick insights into important metrics like first response time, resolution time, customer satisfaction, and revenue. "We didn't have the same insights with the previous platform," Milan said.

Using theAutomation Add-on to offer Self-Service

“We’ve seen extraordinary impact since we activated self-service flows, decreasing WISMO inquiries from 17% to 5%. Self-service allows them to check shipping status anytime they want, while freeing us to leverage features like pre-sales flows and add revenue.”

- Milan Vanmarcke, Customer Service Manager

Gorgias's automation add-on is essential for the Loop Earplugs team as it allows the team to "offer customers a choice to find information fast" thanks to self-service.

"Self-service allows our customers to solve their own issues at the click of a button, and if they still want to speak to one of our customer champions, they can do so. Having the most frequent customer service questions in one menu helps not only the customer but also our champions. It means these frequent simple questions are solved instantly by self-service, allowing our champions to invest even more time in other customers that need it and provide even more qualitative solutions," he explained.

With Gorgias's Automation Add-on, the Loop Earplugs team creates an excellent self-service experience and makes it easier for their champions to work without affecting service equality. The team also takes advantage of insights on reporting levels to track the usage of the add-on and its impact on live chat tickets.

“Using the Track order flow, we deflected 5% of chat tickets on the first week we activated the automation add-on. Customers want to track their order without having to ask for it directly.”

- Milan Vanmarcke, Customer Service Manager

Below is how the Loop Earplugs team leverages Gorgias's automation add-on and what they've achieved:

  • Using Google Analytics on their current FAQs to determine which questions are asked the most, then integrating these into the quick response flow
  • Using insights tools that come with the automation add-on to monitor flows and identify whether it positively impact customers
  • Deflected 5% on chat tickets using track order flow on the first week of activating the automation add-on. Customers can track their orders without having to ask for them directly
  • Decreased WISMO (Where Is My Order?) inquiries from 17% to 5% since activating self-service flows: Self-service allows customers to check shipping status anytime they want while freeing the Loop Earplugs team's time for pre-sales flows and revenue-generating activities
  • Turning ¼ of all chat interactions into pre-sales flows
  • Achieving customer expectations while eliminating repetitive inquiries using the delivery timeline in tracking flow
  • Reducing response time and increasing reachability, creating a positive impact on CSAT
“We’ve seen 43% increase in revenue from customer support since we launched pre-sales flows. Quick response flows give us the ability to build trust with our customers and that’s priceless. When customers get a quick and honest answer, they often end up buying more than one product in a short span of time. Seeing customers live the life we’re aiming to create for them in Loop Earplugs is extremely rewarding for us.”

- Milan Vanmarcke, Customer Service Manager

Looking into the future

Milan shared that Loop is constantly growing, as is the workload. "We need to add new users every month to Gorgias to answer customer service emails or follow up on company insights. Thanks to unlimited users in Gorgias, this can happen at ease. There isn't a hassle of having to switch plans or having to reach out to an admin to create these users," he added.

On top of everything, Milan also shared some positive notes about the support they have been receiving from their CSM, Yohan Loyer: “Yohan is very helpful and is always open for suggestions. I like that he thinks together with me about how Gorgias can support Loop Earplugs delivering a top CS. He brought me in contact with Gorgias team to share my ideas and improvements. And what I really like about him, is that he’s friendly and understands the tool well. I don’t feel the same love from other companies,” Milan said.

"Gorgias helps us satisfy our customers. It has become like a storefront for us. It's where we centralize all customer conversation, greet our customers, answer their questions, fix problems, and get insights to inform our future. We would recommend Gorgias to other ecommerce businesses, as it makes your life easier, and it's an absolute breeze to set up!"

- Milan Vanmarcke, Customer Support Manager

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