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How Create CX and Gorgias Partner to Accelerate Growth With Flawless Customer Experiences

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Challenge: Create CX’s clients need effective conversion and loyalty strategies with the support of efficient, user-friendly software.

Solution: By implementing Gorgias’ software, Create CX is able to help merchants provide smooth customer experiences that unblock sales and deliver lightning-fast, personalized service that leads to repeat business.

“Being able to build out self-service rules and order management flows in one hour, without a huge tech lift, is a unique advantage Gorgias has brought to the marketplace.”

— Leeor Cohen, Founder and CEO at Create CX

Create CX works with startups and emerging brands to define their end-to-end customer journey and execute customer experiences that boost conversion, retention, and overall customer happiness. 

In addition to providing cutting-edge cross-functional operating strategies with handpicked technology recommendations, Create CX also delivers on the human component of CX by actually staffing the representatives, via their boutique agency, Scale Your Team, to execute against the playbooks they’ve built for Gorgias’s clients.  

Source: Create CX

Challenge: Create CX’s clients need help building and refining great customer experiences

Startups and emerging businesses come to Create CX to build the foundations for world-class customer experiences. Whether new or established businesses, many of Create CX’s clients are starting with zero customer service associates. They want to raise their CX game but aren’t sure where to start or what to prioritize — or what tools they need to execute the strategy.

“When we do a CX audit for brands, we identify areas of opportunity and put them in place for you. And we explain that tools like Gorgias Quick Response Flows are pieces of the larger puzzle — they’re inputs into your CX playbook. So we say, let's rebuild your entire CX playbook from the ground up, using what you already have and remapping it inside of Gorgias.”

— Leeor Cohen, Founder and CEO at Create CX

Create CX audits a brand’s current CX and identifies opportunities to build a more holistic operating playbook, across all departments. Whether it be from an agent output POV or by looking deeper into your Macros and FAQs, Create CX evaluates each part of your customer experience, leaving you with a custom playbook mapping out the best path forward to delight customers and boost sales. 

This playbook often doubles as an internal operations manual that is used to onboard new employees, educate the full team and serve as a strategic blueprint for CX success. Knowing your business intimately and helping you improve your CX across every customer touchpoint is what Create CX does. Those are the details we love. 

“If you're working in a business every day, it's very easy to have blinders about this piece of copy or that process. So I always tell people, think about it as if you don't know anything about your company. Start fresh. Put yourself in your customer's shoes and be honest about what they'll think of the customer experience you're putting together. Be very critical. And it works.”

— Leeor Cohen, Founder and CEO at Create CX

But a dazzling strategy alone isn’t enough to improve customer experience. To bring a successful strategy to life, Create CX recommends and helps implement the right systems, processes, and staff. A team of specialists supports everything from growth marketing and website optimization to support staffing.

Crucially, Create CX’s clients want user-friendly, efficient tools and software integrations they can quickly pick up and use — ideally starting yesterday. An integral part of Create CX’s success is suggesting and implementing the best tech solutions for its clients.

Solution: Partnering with Gorgias helps Create CX’s customers solve many common CX pain points

Create CX recommends Gorgias to many of its clients to help with common CX challenges and make a meaningful impact in areas like:

  • Automatically answering basic queries about order status, shipping, returns, and more
  • Developing a more proactive and personalized approach to customer service, to increase customer satisfaction and drive more sales
  • Establishing clear CX processes (like ticket prioritization and helpdesk organization) to maximize the team’s impact 

Gorgias’s deep Shopify integration is a huge advantage for ecommerce stores, boosting efficiency and personalization through centralized ticket management and integrated customer data. 

And crucially, by using Gorgias, businesses can implement these powerful CX tools even without in-house engineers or investing in extra tech.

Macros deliver a consistent, high-quality customer experience

Create CX recommends its clients use Gorgias Macros and automation to provide consistent, efficient customer service. Macros provide customized, templated answers to common customer questions. 

Adding on self-service automation, Create CX helps brands greatly reduce team time spent on answering tickets. This helps customer service agents respond faster, while still allowing for a personalized approach. 

“I like to think of Macros as guidelines. When you open up a Macro, it's not 100% the right thing to say, because you have to match the customer’s tone and specific query. And it's up to the agent to understand that and adjust along the way — but Gorgias gives you the tools to do that.” 

— Leeor Cohen, Founder and CEO at Create CX

Create CX provides expert agents to help brands make the most of CX tools 

Create CX’s clients also often need help with growing or upskilling their customer support team. Unlike most  business process outsourcing (BPO) agencies, Create CX’s flexible boutique staffing has no minimum hire — something its clients love. This allows brands to bring in additional customer service agents for just short periods (starting at just 10 hours) who can hit the ground running. Scale Your Team is a great resource that we continue to recommend to clients on the regular.

Having efficient tools and processes in place makes it easier for temporary staff — as well as full-time staff — to quickly adopt best practices and deliver consistent, quality customer service. 

And, on the flip side of the same coin, Create CX’s pre-trained agents can help optimize tools like Gorgias and share best practices with the client’s full-time team. 

Self-service order management and Quick Response Flows

Create CX also implements and optimizes Self-service order management and Quick Response Flows for its clients, available in the Gorgias Automation Add-on

Together, these provide instant answers to common customer questions on order status, discount codes, shipping, sizing, returns and exchanges, and more. Customers appreciate the fast response, and customer service agents can focus on dealing with more complex customer queries.

“Being able to build out self-service rules and order management flows without requiring a huge tech lift and an engineering team, and in a matter of one thoughtful hour? That's a unique advantage that Gorgias has brought to the marketplace for emerging brands, especially brands using Shopify.”

— Leeor Cohen, Founder and CEO at Create CX

Results: Flexible, user-friendly CX processes help Create CX’s clients strengthen customer service to drive business growth

To date, Create CX has helped over 60 businesses improve their customer experience through implementing stronger, smarter systems, processes, and teams.

Using the tools and processes Create CX set up for them years earlier provides the long-term sustainability and success of Create CX’s approach; Building flawless customer experience for modern brands.

“What people often don't understand about customer service is that you can build it gradually. Solve a few problems at a time. And Gorgias allows you to do that. First, with the Shopify integration and the Quick Response Flows. Then you can add some self-service order management chat options. After that, you can build out your really beefy Help and FAQ pages. You don't have to do it all at once.

Create CX and Scale Your team are founded and operate with the same exact mentality. We work alongside your team with a focused eye towards unlocking your own unique, perfectly executed, customer experience.”

— Leeor Cohen, Founder and CEO at Create CX

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