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Emuaid Provides Excellent Customer Experience and Maintains a Support Performance Score of 5/5 Using Gorgias Automation

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Challenges: Previously, Emuaid managed support tickets from different places, making everything segmented and time-consuming to manage. This created some challenges for the team to achieve customer service excellence.

Solution: Since using Gorgias, Emuaid can centralize all tickets into one place, streamline their customer support process, and boost agents' productivity.

Emuaid is the first and only medical-grade natural treatment line engineered for versatility and safety. It contains natural ingredients to help soothe irritation, calm inflammation, and provide symptomatic relief for over 100 skin conditions.

The Emuaid team prides themselves on contributing to their customers' health and well-being by curating premium scientifically backed ingredients. They're always looking for new, more efficient ways to deliver a world-class ingredient blend with innovative proprietary formulations that help others.

Emuaid doesn't just stop at producing the best ingredients and formulations. They're ambitiously building customer service (CS) excellence as well. In a recent interview with the Gorgias team, Amberly Vogelsang, Emuaid National Sales Manager and Cashmere Clark, Emuaid Customer Service Supervisor, shared a lot about the brand's CS implementation. Here's the story.

From a Decentralized Customer Service...

The Emuaid team wants to give their customers the products that help solve their health-related concerns. They want their customers to actually understand the benefits and how-tos of the products. That's why they take a lot of time to listen to customers. The problem is that the process wasn't streamlined.

In the past, Emuaid didn't have a customer service department. They also didn't use a helpdesk or any ticket system. They did all emails through email services and chatted through a different platform. Social media conversations were made directly on Facebook and Instagram. Everything was very segmented, which took a lot of time and made it hard to track of.

"There was a huge lack of accountability — doing it that way, you didn't know who was working on what. So you couldn't really gauge what was being completed by whom." - Amberly Vogelsang, National Sales Manager

When Emuaid experienced explosive growth, they decided to adopt a helpdesk ticket system. They tested out a few option and eventually went with Gorgias, which absolutely ticked all the boxes for everything they were looking for. Streamlined, Centralized Customer Service Experiences

Amberly shared that transitioning to Gorgias was quick and easy. Its functionality and user experience are similar to how they want to optimize their website. Not only Emuaid highly appreciates the support provided by Gorgias Customer Success, Gorgias also allows Emuaid to consolidate everything into one platform and have accountability for reps.

Cashmere also added that thanks to the detailed statistics Gorgias provides, their management team can now easily track support agents' performance and daily activities.

"It's not saying, "Hey Agent X, you're not doing what you're supposed to do.", but it's "Hey, I have the statistic for Agent X, and I can tell you what you're doing." Every feedback is now backed up with data."

- Cashmere Clark, Customer Service Supervisor

Here are some of Gorgias' features that Emuaid found incredibly helpful:

  • The team can keep track of voicemail status and ensure every customer gets called back
  • By using the internal notes functionality, their reps, managers, and relevant stakeholders can communicate on one central ticket
  • Unifying all different touch points into one makes the platform more cohesive and seamless. Everyone can see all of the tasks that need to be completed
  • Macros like auto assigning and auto-tagging allow the team to pinpoint specific conditions, understand how customers have contacted them, and ensure the right tickets are transferred to the right to agents
  • Gorgias' tight integration with Shopify allows the team to view each customer's information and their profile as well as handle tickets without leaving their helpdesk
  • The ability to prioritize tickets helps the team prioritize customer interactions to know what issues are most urgent and solve them right away
"As soon as something high priority comes in, the agents are on it, and it's visible to them. They don't have to go run and check three systems to find out that customers need something." - Cashmere Clark, Customer Service Supervisor

Gorgias Helped Accelerate Emuaid's Growth

Since using Gorgias, the Emuaid digital customer service team is delighted as they have a central place to handle all tickets and answer customers faster. The agents performance skyrocketed, they provide the first response time in 48 seconds and the resolution time in 2 minutes 5 seconds.

"Because we have automation set up with auto-tagging, we can detect and monitor issues from certain tickets with those tags." - Amberly Vogelsang, National Sales Manager

Amberly also emphasized that Gorgias allows the team to be more proactive with issues in the department. By proactively detecting and monitoring issues, which are made possible by using Gorgias automation with auto-tagging, the customers know that the team is constantly working to remove roadblocks from their user experience.

Proactive customer service isn't just used for customer delight, but this can also be an effective sales pitch deck because customers feel like the service rep truly understands their issue after troubleshooting their problem. No wonder the Emuaid team has managed to maintain a support performance score of 5 out of 5.

The team considers Gorgias a crucial building block and stepping stone for growing their business.

"It is an essential tool, it will give you high visibility, and it will help you help your customers." - Cashmere Clark, Customer Service Supervisor

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