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Montezuma's resolves tickets 15% faster and saves 5 hours a week with Gorgias & Magento

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Challenge: Before Gorgias, Montezuma's lost hours each week to tedious administrative tasks. They wanted to focus on providing a great customer experience, but their small support team also had to budget time to manually organize their customer support inbox.

Solution: The team integrated Gorgias with Magento to automate administrative tasks and spend more time delivering excellent customer service. After integrating the tools, they save 5 hours/week and can resolve incoming tickets 15% faster.

Montezuma's brick-and-mortar stores feel like home. The atmosphere is warm, the staff is friendly, and the aroma of gourmet chocolate fills the room. Their goal is to make every customer leave with a smile. They turned to Gorgias to translate that delightful experience into their online customer experience, too.

Recently, the Gorgias team sat down with Marketing Manager Kate Jones and Online Manager Charlotte Conn about how they integrated Gorgias with Magento to automate administrative tasks, improve productivity for the team, and deliver smile-worthy customer experiences.

The challenge: The support team spent too much time organizing tickets in Outlook

Previously, Montezuma's small customer support team used Outlook inbox to handle customer inquiries. According to Kate, Outlook was a decent solution to send and receive emails, but it took a lot of time to organize. Customer support agents didn't have a clear system to join open conversation and they had to manually archive tickets once resolved.

On their own, these administrative tasks don't take a large degree of effort or time. But small lapses in productivity added up to about 5 hours per week — 5 hours the team couldn't spend delivering fast, high-quality customer care.

The team knew automation could help so they searched for a tool that could integrate with their ecommerce platform, Magento.

The solution: Streamlining customer service with Gorgias & Magento

The Montezuma team researched many customer service platforms, including Zendesk, but ultimately chose Gorgias because of its superior time-saving automations. In May 2021, the team switched to Gorgias to manage all customer inquiries from email, as well as tickets form on-site contact forms, Facebook, and Instagram.

The Montezuma's team found the following features of the Gorgias & Magento integration really helpful to them:

  • The smart pick up of an order's details next to a customer's email address
  • Gorgias tags
  • Gorgias automation

When Gorgias integrates with an ecommerce platform like Magento, customer information — like recent orders — shows up in Gorgias right next to each customer's ticket. Rather than switching tabs and copy/pasting, the Montezuma's team automatically sees order numbers and other important context right next to each customer's ticket, which helps them deliver "a much quicker and more efficient customer experience."

Given the amount of time the team spent on organizing inboxes, Gorgias' Tags were also very appealing to Montezuma's. With Tags, the team can automatically assign tickets and even tag tickets about specific products to improve the quality of their service: "Tags help us track popular products within a particular time frame and pick out flavor suggestions from our wonderful customers," said Kate.

Gorgias also offered several other automations to improve productivity. For example, they use templated Macros and automated Rules to automatically respond to certain inquiries without any agent interaction. For example, they give personalized, automatic responses to customers letting them know the team received the email. This "ensures we're transparent and can manage expectations while retaining our tone of voice across all aspects of automation."

To cap it all off, Kate and Charlotte said, "We've found Gorgias' customer service exceptional" to resolve issues and help set up automations.

"Customer care is at the forefront of everything we do, and as we grow and move into one of the biggest seasons to date, we know we can rely on Gorgias and all its features to support us."

- Kate Jones, Marketing Manager, Montezuma's

The result: They save 5 hours/week and provide faster, high-quality support

Overall, the team decreased resolution time by 15% and saves 5 hours per week thanks to Gorgias' automation features. Now, they spend less time organizing inboxes and more time making shopper happier.

"We're a small but perfectly formed team, and automation enables us to respond to customers even when we're not "in the office," like evenings and weekends! It has been hugely beneficial for us, both a time and brands perspective," Kate said.

Gorgias doesn't just make the team more organized, it helps them resolve tickets faster. With the help of the Customer sidebar, Macros and Rules, the Montezuma's team can skip asking customers for information or drafting repetitive emails from scratch.

One example during the last holiday season (BFCM, Christmas, New Year), they saw a 102% increase in ticket volumes, with 2,089 tickets replied to—104% higher than any regular season. During that period 11,056 tickets were closed in total and 19% of those tickets were closed in one touch, meaning the issue was completely resolved after just one response.

"It's great for efficiency and it saves us time from adding extra headcount. Our agents can listen to customers and give them the time they need without rushing through the tickets or the phone calls. That really makes people feel valued and that's what we want for our customer experience."

- Kate Jones, Marketing Manager, Montezuma's

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