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Absolute Collagen increased their CSAT to 4.9 by always putting customers at the heart of their business

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Challenge: Before Gorgias, the Absolute Collagen team didn't have a holistic view of customer inquiries, making it difficult for the team to respond quickly and provide customers with the best experiences.

Solution: Since using Gorgias, the team increased their CSAT (customer satisfaction score) to 4.9 and reduced response time on average across all channels to less than 5 minutes.

Absolute Collagen is the original collagen specialist, marketing directly to consumers their marine collagen drink, containing a splash of Vitamin C, and natural flavoring. It's suitable for everyone and can be taken at any time of the day or night.

Since operating in the market, the Absolute Collagen team has sold over 10 million doses and has achieved over 2000 five-star reviews. The team currently works with some of the UK's top experts in skin and hair care to empower customers with more information, offer advice, and help them make the right decisions.

In a recent interview with the Gorgias team, Absolute Collagen's founder Maxine Laceby and head of retention Emma Vipond shared how the team has built excellent customer service experiences. According to Maxine, the team always puts customers at the heart of their business and does their utmost to ensure all customers are heard and treated with respect.

Let's dive into this conversation and discover the tactics you can apply to improve your customer service.

Previously, customer inquiries weren't organized

In the beginning, the Absolute Collagen customer service team managed to handle customer inquiries effectively. But as the team received many messages from the same customer via email and social media channels, they faced a huge challenge: gathering all those inquiries and linking them together. "This process took a lot of time and effort, which was "really painful," Maxine said.

"With the other provider, if a customer chose to contact us through different channels, we couldn't see that. So we might only have maybe half of the story, or we had to look at those channels individually, ultimately we would respond a bit slower. That doesn't give the customer the best impression of our brand," Maxine explained.

The Absolute Collagen team quickly realized that they needed a platform that allows centralizing all customer inquiries in one place with better access to customer data and analytics and scales with their business. They picked Gorgias as their ultimate solution.

Moving to Gorgias to understand customers better

According to Emma, switching to Gorgias has transformed how the team manages customer service. "Integrating with all of our key systems means we get to look at the whole customer, not just that particular inquiry. And having all the channels in one place makes it so much easier for our team to manage customer service," she said.

Emma also emphasized Gorgias' tight integration with Shopify, Recharge, and AirCall. The team can now see a customer's previous order, their last interactions, which channel they used to contact, what they're asking for, and more — all inside Gorgias. Thanks to this, the team can understand the customer, know how to answer, and provide quick answers.

"We hear all the time in a Facebook group or on the phone how much customers trust us because they know we'll get back to them and resolve the issue quickly. It's a real point of difference for us that our customer service team can do that. And the reason they can do that is that all of our channels are in one place within Gorgias."

Maxine Laceby, Founder

Since using Gorgias, Absolute Collagen's customer service team feels more confident when communicating with customers because they know exactly what they're talking to. They also increased their CSAT (customer satisfaction score) to 4.9 and reduced response time on average across all channels to less than 5 minutes.

Using Gorgias Live Chat to target potential customers

New customers often have many questions about products, from ingredients to usage. Understanding this, the Absolute Collagen team takes advantage of Gorgias' Live Chat to educate these customers.

The team sets up a chat box on their product pages. Whenever a customer has a question, they can click the chat box, type their problem and get a quick answer. In doing so, the team can build trust with new visitors, keep them stay longer on their site, eventually convert them into actual customers. Emma also added that the way Gorgias' live chat is displayed separately means that the team can see as soon as somebody has sent them a message and respond within seconds.

Maxine highlighted that for them, customers come first. The team believes that when they put customers at the core of their business, revenue will increase.

"That just happens automatically when customers know they can trust your brand. And so that's why I think Gorgias is just absolutely invaluable for us. I'll give Gorgias a 10."

Maxine Laceby, Founder

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