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How Vush Uses Rep and Gorgias to Provide Delicate, On-Demand Answers

More Conversions
Traffic to Educational Resources
Shopper confidence

Challenge: Educate and reassure shoppers new to the self-love game.

Solution: Answering in-the-moment questions and busting self-love myths to guide shoppers throughout the sales.

Results: 10% more conversions, more shopper confidence, and less pressure on the customer support team.

The challenge: Vush couldn’t keep up with the influx of pre-purchase questions from self-love newbies

While there’s no shame in the self-love game, Vush found that people had questions before dropping a hundred bucks on a sex toy. Nervous newcomers were keen to find out more about the brand’s products, like how they worked and what they were good for, which led to an influx of pre-purchase tickets that put a lot of pressure on the support team.

While the team was keen to help, it was impossible to answer every query in real-time. This killed the moment and shoppers lost their nerve, leading to a drop in conversions. What’s more, shoppers didn’t always feel comfortable reaching out to a live agent to discuss the intimate details of their bedroom antics, which left Vush looking for a delicate, on-demand solution.

The solution: On-demand education and support for nervous, first-time buyers

Vush partnered with Rep AI to tackle both pre- and post-purchase questions with the goal of reducing the customer service team’s workload. Discrete education was top of the to-do list, and the brand used Rep to guide shoppers to relevant blog posts and research. With self-select options that include further reading on sexual wellness, customer care, reviews, and a product match quiz, shoppers are given the reassurance and confidence they need to make a purchase.

And, if the query requires a human touch, Rep’s integration with Gorgias seamlessly moves the conversation to a real agent for extra special care and attention. Vush has strategically customized its chatbot to deliver short answers and direct shoppers to relevant blog posts where they can explore more information about Vush’s mission and products. Perhaps the biggest draw is that Rep can identify shoppers who’ve shown an interest but are too shy to take the plunge.

“Implementing Rep has really helped us broach people when it looks like they’re exiting. We can put forward a couple of options and they have the choice to say hey, I’m a beginner, or I need some education, so we can help them embrace their journey and stay on site for longer until they feel comfortable enough to buy.”

— Fiona Scrymgeour, Marketing Director for Vush

Results: Higher conversion rates, fewer tickets, and satisfied customers

By automating common customer questions, Vush managed to reduce the workload of the support team and provide a better in-the-moment experience. Traffic to blog posts has shot up almost four times, and an increasing number of customers are satisfied with the experience, leading to a 10% increase in CVR.

Implementing Rep has revealed a secondary benefit too.

“We obviously use a customer service e-commerce platform, and we get a lot of tickets coming through. It’s actually helped us get down to what it really is that each individual person needs. So there has been a definite drop in customer support tickets."

— Fiona Scrymgeour, Marketing Director for Vush

The solution has not only increased sex toy sales, but it’s also educating new pleasure seekers and giving shoppers the confidence they need to buy extremely personal products—a win-win for Vush, whose ultimate mission is to break down the taboo of self-love talk.

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