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How high-end retailer Oger provides personalized service with 69% faster resolution time

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Challenge: Luxury menswear retailer Oger wanter to deliver more personalized and efficient customer service to maintain their high-end reputation and drive more sales. But they were hamstrung by constant platforms switching, limited personalization, and poor analytics in their old helpdesk.

Solution: Gorgias centralizes all customer support and customer data, so the Oger team can manage all conversations in one place and provide more efficient service. Gorgias's deep Shopify integration makes personalizing conversations faster and easier, while Self-service Chat leaves more time for complex customer conversations.

A household name in the Netherlands for over 30 years, leading menswear retailer Oger is synonymous with high-end Italian style. Oger's five stores are where dapper customers go for impeccably cut, made-to-measure suits and shirts in luxurious Italian fabrics.

"Customer service is one of our core values. Our clients spend thousands of Euros, sometimes tens of thousands, when buying from us. So it's very important that we provide them with exceptional customer service in a proper manner."

— Ian Kouwen, Ecommerce Manager at Oger

The challenge: Delivering exceptional customer service across multiple channels, with limited data

Dedicated to first-class customer service and always looking for ways to improve, Oger wanted to upgrade its online customer service to the level of its renowned in-store customer experience. But its existing helpdesk,, was less capable of centralizing customer data and had no native integration with Shopify, limiting personalization and efficiency.

A decentralized system meant constant, time-consuming switching between different platforms to view and respond to customer messages. Oger's customer service advisers couldn't quickly pull up a customer's previous order details or make personalized recommendations when serving them, because customer information — like reviews and shipping status - wasn't available in the helpdesk.

Behind the scenes,'s limited analytics made it hard for Ian to understand how well the customer service team performed, or identify areas to improve.

Oger needed a more advanced, flexible customer support platform to improve its online customer service, increasing efficiency without compromising quality. As well as meeting customer needs and expectations, this would also lay a foundation to increase sales in future.

"The most important KPI for the ecommerce customer service team is making response time as fast as possible with the best possible answer. For now, we're focusing on improving first-response time and the number of one-touch tickets."
— Ian Kouwen, Ecommerce Manager at Oger

The solution: Personalized, streamlined customer support via a centralized platform fully integrated with Shopify

Flatline Agency, which helps Oger with the comprehensive implementation of omnichannel marketing and development partners, introduced Oger to Gorgias.
After migrating from Magento to Shopify earlier in 2022, Oger decided to upgrade its customer support platform to Gorgias. Gorgias centralizes all Oger's support channels in one place, so customer service advisers no longer have to hop between channels to resolve and manage customer queries.

Deep Shopify integration to personalize and accelerate support

User-friendly and fully integrated with Shopify, Gorgias puts all customer information at the Oger team's fingertips. This enables the highly personalized, efficient service Oger wants to deliver, with far fewer clicks and tab-shuffling.

When one of their customers asks a question, for example about the status of the order, the agent no longer has to leave the helpdesk to copy/paste an order number, tracking number, or estimated delivery date.

Instead, they can use a Macro template that auto-fills the information, thanks to Gorgias's uniquely deep integration with Shopify:

Personalization goes a step further, too. Since Oger can see data from past Shopify interactions and helpdesk conversations, as well as data from integration with other ecommerce tools, they can provide personalized recommendations and guidance — fit for Oger's high-touch brand.

Data and analytics to better manage workflows and monitor performance

Gorgias's built-in data and analytics features give the Oger team the information and insights they need to work more efficiently and effectively.

Using Gorgias's advanced analytics, Ian can also continually measure the team's performance — individually and collectively — and learn where to improve. These analytics include:

  • First response time
  • Resolution time
  • One-touch tickets
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Revenue generated from support conversations
  • And much, much more

Plus, Gorgias offers features like Tags to help them filter and prioritize customer tickets more effectively, ensuring they're being strategic instead of answering all tickets on a first-come-first-serve basis.

"Being able to filter and sort tickets in Gorgias to highlight urgent requests, or segment VIP customers with high lifetime value, is really important to us. It enables our customer service agents to quickly identify who to help first."

— Ian Kouwen, Ecommerce Manager at Oger

Self-service and Quick Response Flows in Chat offer convenient options for customers

Oger came to Gorgias for its Shopify integration, efficiency, and personalization. But they've also leveraged Gorgias's Automation Add-on to provide an even more convenient experience for shoppers and deflect basic, repetitive tickets from the queue so agents can spend time on more important conversations.

Oger started to implement Gorgias Self-service Order Management and Quick Response Flows to provide immediate, automated responses to commonly asked questions. This is especially important given the needs of Oger's older customers, who often require extra assistance in navigating online to find the information or items they're looking for.

Oger's staffs create custom Quick Response Flows to respond to high-volume queries such as:

  • How should I take care of Oger's products?
  • How do I know which size to take?
  • How do shipping and returns work?
  • When are Oger's stores open?

Here are the Quick Response Flows translated from Dutch to English:

Often, the automated answers tell the customers everything they wanted to know, so they go away happy and the ticket is closed. Or if a customer still has unresolved questions, an Oger customer service adviser will pick up the conversation thread to responds directly.

These Quick Response Flows are so effective at deflecting these common questions that Oger achieves between 84-100% automation rate on the basic FAQs.

The results: A more efficient, personalized customer experience, with resolution time reduced by 69% and first response time by 61%

By centralizing their customer support and integrating Gorgias with their Shopify store, the Oger team can now provide a more efficient, personalized, and seamless experience for their shoppers. Gorgias's data and analytics allow them to monitor and verify customer service performance, and adjust their focus as needed.

After just a few months of using Gorgias, Oger is already seeing improvements in its customer support. They have successfully:

  • Reduced their first response time by 61%
  • Reduced overall resolution time by 69%
  • Solve 16% of customer tickets in one touch

Plus, by no longer having to copy/paste information for repetitive questions, Oger's customer service advisers can now devote more time and energy to more complex, higher-impact customer conversations — leading to happier customers all round.

"The performance insights we get from Gorgias analytics are a key benefit. Being able to better filter tickets using Macros, to see in real time what the most common queries are. And being able to see the feedback customers give our service agents after their conversations. With Gorgias, it's much easier to see how our advisers are performing."

— Ian Kouwen, Ecommerce Manager at Oger

Next steps: Increasing proactive customer support with Gorgias

Following the success of the initial migration to Gorgias, Oger is now preparing to add in management of its Instagram and Facebook customer conversations. This will further streamline the Oger team's customer support efficiency.

Ian and his colleagues are keen to explore how Gorgias can help them become more proactive in customer support, such as chat campaigns to reach out to live shoppers.

"Currently, we are mostly responding when customers reach out to us, instead of the other way around. Next we will start to focus on proactively looking for opportunities to talk to customers, which may result in better conversion ratios and even better customer service skills. And as we shift to a more proactive approach we should start to generate increased revenue — so this will become a new sales channel for us.

"We're also particularly focused on integrating Klaviyo and using the upcoming WhatsApp integration [slotted for early 2023]. We'll definitely explore in the upcoming weeks how Gorgias can help us with all of that."

— Ian Kouwen, Ecommerce Manager at Oger

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