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DoggieLawn Boosts Efficiency and Customer Lifetime Value with Gorgias & Recharge

Faster resolution time
More one-touch tickets
CSAT score

Challenge: DoggieLawn spent too much time copy/pasting information from their subscription platform to customer messages. Agents were stretched thin and responses were delayed.  

Solution: With the Gorgias & Recharge integration, DoggieLawn can pull information directly into tickets, reducing tab shuffling and providing an excellent customer experience, fast.

DoggieLawn was created by dog lovers for dog lovers. It is an environmentally friendly indoor dog potty solution for people who want to spend less time cleaning up after their beloved pet. The founders, Zack and Natalie, came up with this subscription-based solution while trying to find an easy hack for an at-home dog bathroom. They wanted their product to be environmentally conscious, practical, and easy to use — a few important qualities other brands weren’t providing.

Source: DoggieLawn
For us, it's critical that we deliver a personalized user experience while being efficient. Adding those minor details regarding a customer's subscription or orders while still maintaining efficiency was challenging in the past. However, we can easily do both now! Our customer care team can now access everything they require from a single interface thanks to the integration of Gorgias and Recharge.

— Brittany, Customer Success Manager at DoggieLawn

The solution: A helpdesk and subscription platform that talk to one another

The customer success team at DoggieLawn focuses on providing the finest service possible, hinging on efficient processes and quick responses. Before partnering with Gorgias, they found it difficult to bounce between dashboards to resolve subscription-related tickets. 

They wanted one thing: having as much customer information available in one central location. And that’s exactly what Gorgias & Recharge provided. Now, they can easily:

  • Cancel subscriptions directly in tickets
  • Reduce ticket volume through automation
  • Avoid browser jumping to find the necessary information

The ability to dynamically insert subscription information from Recharge into their Gorgias tickets provided a more personal experience and saved the team time. Now, they resolve tickets 37% faster and in one touch 70% of the time. 

The results: Efficient agents and happy customers

DoggieLawn's goal is to keep both their customers and their dogs happy. This entails providing outstanding customer service and being open and honest in their communications. 

  • Agents can now view order status, subscription cost, and order history in one spot throughout every customer interaction
  • Agents can immediately offer ideas, add-ons, or upsells based on each customer's interactions with the brand
  • Agents don't have to spend minutes per ticket digging up information, and more significantly, they don't provide incorrect information
Our error rate has reduced drastically since we started working with Gorgias & Recharge.

— Brittany, Customer Success Manager at DoggieLawn

Customers love getting SMS updates about their subscriptions. Plus, if an agent wants to suggest an add-on product, they can do that by SMS without having to leave the Gorgias dashboard or force the customer to move to another channel (like email). The customer can reply to the SMS if they would like to add the agent’s suggestion and viola: The order will be updated automatically. 

Since the integration of Gorgias & Recharge, DoggieLawn has noticed a rise in customer lifetime value. Transparent communication with a quick response time has helped them achieve a customer satisfaction score of 4.9 and retain customers longer than usual.

The integration has also allowed them to continue scaling without increasing overheads. The customer success team is small in size at DoggieLawn but they are able to accomplish incredible amounts with great data and automations.

To all those considering Gorgias for their business, I wouldn’t even think twice about it. I wish we would have done it ages ago. We have experienced nothing but the best service with Gorgias and Recharge. Even if I have an issue, the Gorgias team takes an active initiative to resolve it and create a great synergy between us and them.

— Brittany, Customer Success Manager at DoggieLawn

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