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How Jaxxon Accomplishes the Work of 5 Agents with 37% Automation

automation rate
18 minute
response time
15 minute
resolution time

Challenge: As a current Gorgias Automate user, Jaxxon wanted to push their 15% automation rate further. In the era of AI, they recognized the need to invest more in new Automate features and AI-first customer support strategies.

Solution: By leveraging data and their Gorgias Customer Success Manager, Jaxxon was able to leverage Quick Responses, Flows, and holiday-specific automations. These strategic enhancements led to a 37% automation rate.

Luxury jewelry store Jaxxon was born out of its founders' frustration at the lack of high-quality, stylish chains and bracelets available for men. Launched in 2018, Jaxxon has grown quickly and is now the leading men's jewelry store in the US.

"Quality and customer service are the most important things for us. We want to make sure our customers have a great experience and receive the best chains and bracelets."

– Caela Castillo, Jaxxon's Director of Customer Experience

The challenge: Surpassing a 15% automation rate without downgrading support quality

Jaxxon started using Gorgias Automate in May 2022. They started with Quick Responses, one-click responses to frequently asked questions, and then activated the self-service Order Management feature. The benefits were evident and, on average, 15% of queries were completely resolved by automation.

By late 2023, Caela realized the CX team could drive automation even further. 

“The more we used Automate, the more I trusted it. After our initial success, the obvious path was to expand our Automate usage.”

– Caela Castillo, Jaxxon's Director of Customer Experience

The holidays were the ideal testing ground for proving what Automate could do. Caela typically brought in five seasonal agents during BFCM to handle their influx of tickets:

"During our busiest seasons, it can be stressful for our team when they're dealing with a high volume of customer messages. Sometimes our agents feel like they need to take on multiple tickets at once to meet our target response times."

— Caela Castillo, Director of Customer Experience at Jaxxon

The solution: Leaning on data and the Gorgias team to maximize automation

With the help of their Gorgias Customer Success Manager, Jaxxon transformed Quick Responses into multi-level interactions called Flows, and activated some holiday-specific automations. These few simple changes led Jaxxon to a 37% automation rate and — more importantly — educated customers about the sale, Jaxxon’s products, and other information that facilitates a satisfying, purchase-worthy customer experience. 

The key to optimizing these automation was looking into data they already had to unlock more automation possibilities:

"It was more about understanding the data behind automation. What are customers really looking for? What questions are they asking about that we really don't need to deep dive into it?"

— Caela Castillo, Director of Customer Experience at Jaxxon

Fortunately, Automate Statistics pointed Caela in the right direction with clear insights about each Quick Response and Flow’s performance:

Quick Responses: Instant, customized answers to common questions

Quick Responses loads Gorgias Chat with buttons that provide answers to common customer questions. Jaxxon provides Quick Responses to pre-sales questions around shipping, discounts, and sizing, plus inquiries about order status, reporting an issue, and canceling a recent order.

"We realize the impact of building relationships and trust with our customers. Quick Responses help us do that by allowing us to provide a customer experience that meets expectations and drives lifetime value (LTV) up per customer."

— Caela Castillo, Jaxxon's Director of Customer Experience

Quick Responses have a few key benefits:

  • Customers don't have to wait for an agent to respond with basic information, improving the customer experience
  • The customer service team gets fewer repetitive tickets so they can spend more time on higher-impact conversations
  • Important pre-sales information is instantly available, converting more browsers into buyers
  • Caela credits these instant answers with capturing new customers and keeping customers coming back

Self-service Order Management: Track and cancel orders within Chat

With self-service Order Management, customers can track and modify their orders themselves. Customers love the ability to check and modify orders at any time, without delay. Plus, customer support agents feel relief from copy-pasting fewer order statuses throughout the day.

Here’s what Order Management looks like, where customers can track orders, return and exchange orders, and report issues with their order:

Chat used to be a support tool for repetitive questions and problem-solving, but now Automate takes care of that for us. Within a month of launching, our manual live chat tickets decreased 17%.

— Caela Castillo, Jaxxon’s Director of Customer Experience

The results: 5 agents' worth of tickets auto-resolved

With Gorgias Automate, 37% of Jaxxon’s tickets are resolved without human intervention. The result is a noticeable reduction in repetitive tickets, allowing agents to solve more particular issues:

“Before, agents had to handle it all. Now they rarely take a regular ticket. They’re only handling escalations, special product-related questions, and things like that.”

— Caela Castillo, Director of Customer Experience, Jaxxon

Since Automate can accomplish the workload of five agents, seasonal hires are no longer necessary. However, Caela notes that automation is not a “total replacement of agents.” Rather, it’s a tool to analyze the sales impact of agent-customer conversations and how they can be improved:

“Automate has a dual function. One, we’re giving shoppers the information they want instantly. Two, our agents focus on more important and interesting tickets.”

— Caela Castillo, Director of Customer Experience, Jaxxon

With this time saved, Jaxxon has the bandwidth to focus more on high-impact tickets, create chat campaigns that proactively engage shoppers, and build helpful self-service resources for pre-sales questions.

Less time spent on low-impact work. More time dedicated to revenue-driving work.

“Customer service shouldn't just be reactive, putting out fires. We want to be proactive. And that’s what Gorgias helps you do. You go talk to customers, make sure they're having a great experience. You don't use it just to solve problems, but to create new relationships and create sales.”

— Caela Castillo, Director of Customer Experience, Jaxxon

Next steps

Caela wants to explore what other interactions can be automated. She and her colleagues are keen to further explore how Jaxxon can use Gorgias to improve customer experience to build stronger customer relationships.

“Automate changes the way we think about customer support. As our Automate strategy and the product continue to evolve, we’ll enhance our CX with automation even more. It will be awesome.”

— Caela Castillo, Director of Customer Experience, Jaxxon

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