How Jaxxon Increased Revenue by 46% in Self-Service

Challenge: Jaxxon staff had to switch between different platforms to view and reply to customer messages via email, online chat, and social media. This hampered the staff's ability to respond quickly and message customers proactively, which meant missed opportunities to increase revenue.

Solution: With Gorgias, the Jaxxon team can see and respond to all customer messages in one place. Automating responses to common pre-sales questions gives customers instant answer around the clock, leading to happier customers, 46% more revenue, and time saved for the team to handle higher-impact conversations.

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Luxury jewelry store Jaxxon was born out of its founders' frustration at the lack of high-quality, stylish chains and bracelets available for men. Launched in 2018, Jaxxon has grown quickly and is now the leading men's jewelry store in the US.

"Quality and customer service are the most important things for us," says Caela Castillo, Jaxxon's Director of Customer Experience. "We want to make sure our customers have a great experience and receive the best chains and bracelets."

The challenge: Slow response times meant lost revenue

Jaxxon's customer experience team understands the link between a great customer experience and revenue from customer retention.

But as Jaxxon grew, the team struggled to quickly respond to customer questions, which chips away at customer experience (and, by extension, sales). While the customer service team was talented, they spent too much time and effort constantly switching between email, social media, and other channels to piece together communication histories and respond to customers.

The team also had limited time for complex, escalated, or VIP conversations because they spent too much time answering repetitive questions like:

  • Where is my order?
  • What's your shipping policy?
  • Do you have any discounts?
  • When's the next restock?

The 2021 holidays were a turning point. The team know they had to keep pace with a tidal wave of messages and give customers helpful information in the moment, before they decide to give up and shop elsewhere:

"During our busiest seasons, it can be stressful for our team when they're dealing with a high volume of customer messages. Sometimes our agents feel like they need to take on multiple tickets at once to meet our target response times."
— Caela Castillo, Director of Customer Experience at Jaxxon

It was clear the company needed an easier, faster way to manage customer conversations — without reducing the quality of their customer service.

The solution: Self-service chat features to save time and drive sales

Jaxxon switched to Gorgias to unite customer support channels and manage conversations from one platform — no more switching between email, Instagram, and Facebook to talk to customers.

Beyond that, Jaxxon used the Automation Add-On features to upgrade their live chat widget, strengthen customer satisfaction, and drive revenue. Combined, these changes reduced live chat volume by 17% while lifting on-site conversion rate by 6%.

"I was very apprehensive about using automation. But we're really liking it! I've tested it out myself, as if I'm a customer, and it's really a smooth process."
— Caela Castillo, Director of Customer Experience at Jaxxon

Quick Response Flows: Instant, customized answers to common questions

Quick Response Flows load the Gorgias live chat widget with buttons that provide answers to common customer questions. Jaxxon provides Quick Response Flows around pre-sales questions around shipping, discounts, and restocking, plus inquiries about order status, reporting an issue, and canceling a recent order.

"We realize the impact of building relationships and trust with our customers. Quick Response Flows help us do that by allowing us to provide a customer experience that meets expectations and drives lifetime value (LTV) up per customer."
— Caela Castillo, Jaxxon's Director of Customer Experience
"Within the first month of launching the quick response flow, we saw 46% increase in revenue."
Caela Castillo, Jaxxon's Director of Customer Experience

Quick Response Flows have a few key benefits:

  • Customers don't have to wait for an agent to respond with basic information, improving the customer experience
  • The customer service team gets fewer repetitive tickets so they can spend more time on higher-impact conversations
  • Important pre-sales information is instantly available, converting more browsers into buyers

Caela credits these instant answers with capturing new customers and keeping customers coming back. Her team has seen customers making a purchase on the day of engaging in chat and then they would come back for another one a month later.

Self-service order management: Track and cancel orders within live chat

With self-service order management, customers can track and modify their orders themselves. Customers love the ability to check and modify orders at any time, without delay. Plus, customer support agents feel relief. 

Here’s what self-service order management looks like (compared to a traditional chatbot, which is a much more frustrating experience for customers):

Chat used to be a support tool for repetitive questions and problem solving, but now self-service takes care of that for us. Within a month of launching self-service, we’ve seen that our live chat (billable chat tickets) went down by 17%.
— Caela Castillo, Jaxxon’s Director of Customer Experience

Chat campaigns: Proactive live chat messages

Caela and her team have run several chat campaigns, which automatically message customers based on their browsing behavior on the website. By proactively striking up conversations, the team can share promotions, resolve pre-sales queries, and nudge them towards buying. 

For example, Jaxxon sends like chat campaigns to customers browsing their premium products (called Solid Gold) to offer personal styling, prompting even more revenue-driving conversations:

“We really believe in having engaging conversations with our customers and building those relationships so they come back and buy again. We see repeat purchases from people who have left us positive reviews. They trust us, and they want to talk to a person who really cares that they have a great experience.”
— Caela Castillo, Director of Customer Experience, Jaxxon

The results: 17% drop in live chat tickets and a 46% revenue boost

“We’ve loved Gorgias since we first tried it. Over the last year, we’ve seen huge improvements in our response and resolution times. We are consistently getting faster and faster, while still giving quality answers to our customers. We don't want our customers to wait around for an answer, but we also don't want to prioritize quickness over quality.”
— Caela Castillo, Director of Customer Experience, Jaxxon

With Gorgias' self-service tools, Jaxxon deflects 17% of live chat tickets, all of which are repetitive questions. Customers prefer instant answers over human-touch answers, because they're usually just looking for basic information.

“Knowing they can reach us 24/7 is a huge thing for our customers, especially international customers. Because they want to get answers no matter what time it is.”
— Caela Castillo, Director of Customer Experience, Jaxxon

With this time saved, Jaxxon has the bandwidth to focus more on high-impact tickets, create chat campaigns that proactively engage shoppers, and build helpful self-service resources for pre-sales questions — all of which boost revenue by a whopping 46%.

Less time spent on low-impact work. More time dedicated to revenue-driving work.

“Customer service shouldn't just be reactive, putting out fires. We want to be proactive. And that’s what Gorgias helps you do. You go talk to customers, make sure they're having a great experience. You don't use it just to solve problems, but to create new relationships and create sales.”
— Caela Castillo, Director of Customer Experience, Jaxxon

Next steps

Caela wants to dig further into analyzing which interactions drive different conversions, using Gorgias’s reporting data. She and her colleagues are keen to further explore how Jaxxon can use Gorgias to improve customer experience and boost revenue.

Specifically, she’s excited about an upcoming product feature that gives customers a dynamic approximation of when an agent will respond on live chat:

“I'm really excited for the introduction of wait times on Live Chat, which is coming up. It will automatically tell customers things like, ‘You're next in line’ or ‘There’s one person ahead of you’. That will be really cool.”
— Caela Castillo, Director of Customer Experience, Jaxxon

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