How JAXXON Centralized & Optimized Their CX with TalentPop + Gorgias

Challenge: JAXXON needed to manage significant growth, maintain established standards of customer service, and optimize the customer experience while remaining a lean, agile ecommerce brand.

Solution: Work with the team at TalentPop and Gorgias to centralize all customer communications and continually test and scale their CX strategy.

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increase in CS sales
decrease in resolution times
decrease in first response times


Founded on a belief that next-level style and quality shouldn't have to break the bank, JAXXON is an ecommerce jeweler built for the 21st Century.

JAXXON’s Los Angeles-based team leverages their close relationships with the finest Italian jewelry manufacturers to eliminate the middleman and offer stunning gold and silver chains, bracelets and rings directly to the consumer. The JAXXON ethos is best exemplified by its community - an ambitious group of go-getters who strive to develop and showcase the best versions of both themselves and others.


JAXXON’s success in less than four years of existence has provided it with the classic dilemma - how to manage significant growth, maintain established standards of customer service, and optimize the customer experience while remaining a lean, agile ecommerce operation. To that end, centralizing all channels into one helpdesk was mission critical.

JAXXON’s Director of Customer Experience (CX), Jarett Castillo, had formerly used Freshdesk and Richpanel but needed a more comprehensive and flexible solution - one that would work with their full tech stack while also allowing for future integrations. 

In addition, outsourcing certain elements of customer service was needed but any dropoff in quality as a result was a non-starter. To achieve these varied goals, the partnership between Gorgias and TalentPop sounded like a very promising solution.

"We had already outsourced a couple of our virtual agents through other companies, but I really liked how Arman and the TalentPop team did business - very organized and streamlined the entire process. With that in mind, we jumped into Gorgias and haven’t looked back. There's been a lot of’s been a really great few months." - Jarett Castillo, Director of Customer Experience, JAXXON


JAXXON’s team now works closely with Gorgias and to manage its broad array of customer service channels and deliver a superior customer experience

“If you have a brand and you’re looking to change the DNA of your Customer Experience, if you’re looking to grow a team, we will integrate directly with your brand, learn your processes and help put you in a position to both thrive and scale.” - Arman Taheri, Head of Customer Success, TalentPop

JAXXON provided TalentPop with extremely organized & detailed customer and product information so questions could get answered quickly. The payoff? Customers have a great experience. Some come back often enough, they know JAXXON’s agents by name.

Extensive, frequent communication between Gorgias, TalentPop and JAXXON has also proven to be mutually beneficial. Members of all teams report significant advantages to their close collaboration.

“We’re constantly bouncing ideas off each other. A 20 minute check-in call on a Friday turns into an hour, there are so many good ideas. The level of communication between TalentPop and us is unseen among other companies like this.” - Jarett Castillo, Director of Customer Experience, JAXXON


The Gorgias platform’s functionality allows for all manner of creativity, with proactive opportunities to engage with customers before they come to you. JAXXON’s ever-evolving strategies, from chat campaigns to identifying VIP customers, are amplified by the platform’s integration with their brand’s already highly-organized information and well-defined processes.

“The ability to edit and modify the LiveChat bubble, as it pertains to our customers, that’s been the biggest part for us. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve...It’s definitely staggering to see how far we’ve come since we adopted Gorgias.” - Jarett Castillo, Director of Customer Experience, JAXXON

TalentPop has provided JAXXON with the resources to expand live chat and phone coverage to a 24/7 reality. With the addition of just a few virtual assistants, JAXXON can now efficiently and confidently service customers with quite literally zero downtime.

“Since adopting Gorgias and TalentPop, we have been able to successfully launch phone support while also managing live chat, email, SMS, socials, and Trustpilot reviews all in the Gorgias platform. As a result, we have been able to handle more customers and convert at a higher percentage.” - Jarett Castillo, Director of Customer Experience, JAXXON


In less than 6 months, JAXXON has seen remarkable returns from working with Gorgias and TalentPop. The numbers speak for themselves.

Their first response times have reduced by almost 50% (from 3 minutes and 4 seconds to 1 minute and 34 seconds). And their resolution times have reduced by over half, from 15 minutes and 1 second to 6 minutes and 52 seconds.

And it doesn't stop there.

Their sales from support in June 2021 totalled $246.4K - which is a 68% increase since March 2021. Their conversion rate has also almost doubled, from 2.04% to 4.3%.

“It's a no-brainer for me. Gorgias is the ultimate CRM and TalentPop is perfect if you’re trying to expand your CS team, especially if you’re looking for 24/7 support.” - Jarett Castillo, Director of Customer Experience, JAXXON
“Gorgias is the most robust ecommerce platform for CX that exists. The ability for brands to get integrated is very seamless. The support that the Gorgias team is able to provide through the live chat functionality is excellent.” - Arman Taheri, Head of Customer Success, TalentPop