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How CROSSNET creates a better shopping experience and made $450,000 in one sale through Gorgias Live Chat

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Challenge: In the past, CROSSNET used a simple helpdesk app to handle customer tickets. But it wasn't scalable as the company grew. They needed a better solution that is dedicated to ecommerce and offers more advanced features.

Solution: CROSSNET now uses Gorgias to centralize all tickets into one platform and create a better shopping experience for their customers. Gorgias is also a crucial part of their revenue-generating strategy.

CROSSNET is the world's first four-way volleyball game founded by brothers Greg and Chris Meade and their childhood friend Mike Delpapa in 2017. The trio has been in business for five years, achieved over eight figures in revenue, and built a team of 20 full-time employees.

Recently the Gorgias team had an opportunity to sit down with Chris and learn how CROSSNET excels in their customer support.

The Previous Solution Wasn't Scalable Enough

Previously, the CROSSNET team use to handle their support tickets. It worked well as it fitted their business budget and because at that time, everything was still tight.

However, as the business grew, the team realized they needed a more sophisticated tool. They wanted a better solution that acts as a central hub for everyone in their team to work together simultaneously and allows them to respond all Facebook and Instagram comments as well as track revenue generated by customer support.

The CROSSNET team decided to switch to Gorgias and soon saw the platform's values.

Using Gorgias to Empower All Teams to Work More Effectively

Transitioning to Gorgias is not only beneficial to CROSSNET's customer support team and Head of Community, but also to salespeople, marketers, and other staff. Everyone has a clear picture of who customers are, where they come from, and what they need help with.

CROSSNET has a full-time virtual assistant responsible for most of their customer service tasks. They also have other virtual assistants to handle customer tickets outside working hours. Their team deal with 500 to 1000 tickets per week in the offseason. But in the busy season like summer, it could be upwards of 200 to 500 tickets per day. All tickets are handled using Gorgias.

Here's how CROSSNET has used Gorgias to grow their business:

  • Interacting with customers in real-time thanks to Gorgias' tight interaction with Shopify.
  • Implementing Gorgias Live Chat on the website and using canned responses to support visitors with common questions about delivery time or gameplay.
  • Using preset automation to let customers now they'll be back at a specific time and provide another method for customers to reach out outside working hours.
  • Managing tickets, tagging, and assigning tickets to the right sales reps.
  • Centralizing all social media comments into Gorgias to keep track of negative comments and resolve them as quickly as possible.
"The first week we had implemented Gorgias, a sporting good store came in on Gorgias Live Chat. I had the conversation right within the platform and he sent over a purchase over $450,000 through Gorgias Live Chat. Normally, in our old system, there wouldn't have been a good record of communication and those messages would just have got lost."

Chris Meade, Co-Founder

The Helpdesk that Supercharges Revenue Growth

"If people have questions, they better be getting answered. Otherwise, we're all doing a bad job together. Everybody completely understands the power of customers coming to us. So when they're there, we better be taking advantage of them wanting to buy our game."

Chris Meade, Co-Founder

Chris said that Gorgias plays a key role in driving revenue for CROSSNET. He explained that with Gorgias, the team can respond to customer questions timely, no matter if they're online or offline, and can track all those interactions. This helps them create a better shopping experience and never miss any opportunity to sell.

Chris also mentioned that Gorgias is essential for their business and for their customers to communicate and to learn about their product. He also didn't hesitate to give Gorgias a 10 out of 10.

"Gorgias has helped change our entire company. It's brought in over hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue within the last few year."

Chris Meade, Co-Founder

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