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How Pit Viper Achieved a 4.9 CSAT and Faster FRT With Gorgias and ShipBob

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Challenge: Pit Viper's order data was in Shopify and its shipping data was in ShipBob, so the customer service team had to switch between tabs to answer order status queries. They were spending too much time manually looking up and copy-pasting shipping information, which was inefficient and time consuming.

Solution: Pit Viper implemented a Gorgias + ShipBob integration to show agents customers’ order and shipping information in one place. They also leverage automated self-service to answer “where is my order?” (WISMO) questions, improving customer satisfaction and freeing up time for higher-value customer conversations.

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The challenge: Repeated tab shuffling to find shipping info for common WISMO questions

WISMO queries are among the top three most frequently asked questions Pit Viper receives from its customers. 

Previously, the Pit Viper customer service team had to switch between different platforms to look up shipping information for individual orders. A lack of integration meant customer service agents had to manually type in order numbers to pull up tracking information, and cross-reference it while jumping between different tabs. 

The whole process was inefficient and time-consuming. 

As a result, the Pit Viper team wasn't providing the speedy, efficient customer service they wanted to. The time they spent manually looking up and copy-pasting info reduced their availability to respond to other, more complex customer questions. 

Pit Viper was keen to find a faster, easier way to respond.

“Being efficient in answering customer questions is a main priority for the Pit Viper customer service team. We want to give our customers a quick, in-and-out experience that is on brand, and leaves them excited and wanting more.”

— Lexi Goldberg, Customer Service Manager at Pit Viper

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The solution: A Gorgias + ShipBob integration puts shipping info at the Pit Viper team’s fingertips

Pit Viper now uses Gorgias as a centralized platform to manage all customer queries, including WISMO questions. Gorgias fully integrates with both Shopify and warehouse management system and hybrid fulfillment provider ShipBob, so Pit Viper’s customer service team can see all customer and order information in one place.

Pit Viper customers can get instant answers to WISMO questions by using automated self-service through Gorgias. After a customer clicks on “Track and manage my orders” in the chat box, Gorgias automation pulls their up-to-date shipping data directly from ShipBob and answers immediately. 

Screenshot of the Pit Viper chatbot

Often, customers get all the information they need through automated self-service. That means no delays for the customer and extra time for agents to spend on more complex tickets.

And if they do still have concerns, a customer service agent can quickly pick up the chat — equipped with all the tracking information from ShipBob in Gorgias, alongside the order details from Shopify. 

“Having all the information from both Shopify and ShipBob at our fingertips is a big thing for us. The Gorgias integration makes it so easy to answer customer questions quickly, instead of having to go from one platform to another on this big wild goose chase for information. It makes for a more efficient customer experience.”

— Lexi Goldberg, Customer Service Manager at Pit Viper

Because the Gorgias + ShipBob integration is so reliable, the Pit Viper team always has confidence that they are looking at the most up-to-date and correct shipping information in Gorgias. This includes fulfillment status, tracking links and numbers, products purchased in that order, signature required notations, and delivery status.

“The Gorgias + ShipBob integration has been a huge help when it comes to answering customers’ WISMO questions. All the important shipping information is pulled and displayed right there for you in Gorgias. The integration can even pull links to take you directly to the ShipBob order or to the tracking site. This has been super helpful for our team to get the most up-to-date information about an order, so they can help the customer in the easiest and best way possible.”

— Lexi Goldberg, Customer Service Manager at Pit Viper

The results: Automated self-service helps drive a faster first response time and 4.9/5 CSAT

Pit Viper’s first response time dropped to less than 3 hours in the first three months after implementing the Gorgias + ShipBob integration. Overall resolution times have also gone down, and automated self-service chat helps resolve 41% of tickets in just one touch.

Being able to swiftly resolve WISMO questions has freed up Pit Viper’s customer service reps to focus on higher-value and more complex customer conversations. The combined improvements in customer service have helped Pit Viper hit an impressive 4.89/5 customer satisfaction (CSAT) score.

“We've seen a decrease in first response time and resolution time, especially for those WISMO questions. The integration has really reduced the impact on our team of dealing with WISMO questions. It's just super quick and easy instead of having to do a long, drawn-out customer interaction.”

— Lexi Goldberg, Customer Service Manager at Pit Viper

With results like these, Pit Viper has no hesitation in recommending the Gorgias + ShipBob integration to other ecommerce stores.

“I highly recommend installing the ShipBob and Gorgias integration. In my experience working on support teams, being able to have every single bit of important information in front of you is the best way to help your customers and your support team. 

The more information reps have, the more it helps them create a really quick and efficient interaction for customers. Reps can view and compare Shopify and ShipBob information right from Gorgias, identify issues easier, and then resolve the issue in a personalized way to give an amazing customer experience.”

— Lexi Goldberg, Customer Service Manager at Pit Viper

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