ALOHAS sees 55% faster response time and 250% more sales with Gorgias Self-Service and Automation

Challenge: ALOHAS' innovative shopping model is their brand's differentiator, but it also prompts many pre-sales questions from customers. The team of 13 agents struggled to keep up with incoming tickets while using Zendesk and missed out on sales as a result.

Solution: ALOHAS used Gorgias to set up self-service resources, automation, and efficient ticket handling for customer education. Easy answers for customers. Fewer tickets for agents. More sales for ALOHAS.

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ALOHAS is a Barcelona-based brand on the cutting edge of sustainable fashion. Their mission is to bring the latest trends to shoppers without harming the planet. With their weekly on-demand collections, they only produce what customers pre-order which prevents overproduction and steers customers away from wasteful impulse buys.

This unique program is one reason ALOHAS experiences a high volume of customer support tickets. Last year, the ALOHAS team switched to Gorgias to help the global team of 13 support agents manage about 11,500 tickets per month.

In a recent interview, Annalisa Micalizzi, ALOHAS' Manager of the Global Customer Service department, shared how the team has used Gorgias automation to save time and money, drive more revenue, and deliver excellent customer experience.

The challenge: Zendesk's inefficiencies harmed customer experience, education and sales

Before Gorgias, ALOHAS used Zendesk to manage customer support. While the software offered basic ticket handling features, it fell short in terms of automation and customer self-service. This is especially problematic for a cutting-edge brand like ALOHAS because their shoppers need to understand the brand's sustainability practices and unique shopping model before making a purchase. In other words, inefficient support got in the way of sales.

"The biggest struggle is our most powerful weapon: the on-demand model. It's all about educating customers on how we do business and why the should start supporting it."

- Annalisa Micalizzi, Global Customer Service Manager, ALOHAS

With Zendesk, ALOHAS experienced:

  • 18.4 hour average first-response time
  • 24 hours resolution time
  • 0% of tickets handled with automation

Swamped with tickets, ALOHAS set out to find a more efficient way to educate their customers, handle incoming questions, and enable sales.

The solution: Gorgias' self-service and automation accelerated customer education and unblocked sales

In June 2021, the ALOHAS team switched to Gorgias because of its tight integration with Shopify, self-service and automation features, reporting capabilities, and emphasis on revenue generation. Below, we'll discuss how ALOHAS leveraged Gorgias features like:

  • Help Center to educate customers without any agent interaction
  • Chat campaigns to proactively speak to shoppers and drive more sales
  • Automated responses to instantly answer repetitive questions
  • Tags to better assign and prioritize tickets, reducing wait times

One of the most immediate benefits of switching to Gorgias was building the ALOHAS Help Center. ALOHAS sets up FAQ pages and articles that educate customers about their unique on-demand business model (on top of standard information like shipping and refund policies).

This way, customers could learn more about the program and decide to make a purchase without needing to contact an agent or wait for a response. "It has become a very popular channel for our customers visiting the website," said Annalisa.

When customers ask questions in live chat, ALOHAS uses Quick Response Flows to give automated answers and direct them to the Help Center when appropriate. This automation means customers don't have to wait for an agent to get answers to pre-sales questions about sizing, shipping, and return policies, and reduces the number of tickets that make it to agents.

"Quick Response Flows really helped channel live chat traffic into self-service and convert it to revenue. Since we started to fully leverage the Automation Add-On, we've seen days where 78% of chat volume would be handled by quick response flows. We now have 56% of chat tickets handled by self-service and have nearly tripled revenue with a 3% increase in overall conversion rate."

- Annalisa Micalizzi, Global Customer Service Manager, ALOHAS

To drive more sales, ALOHAS also sets up chat campaigns to proactively reach out to shoppers on best selling pages. These automated chats prompt customers to ask questions about the product or express any doubts, giving the customer support team an opportunity to proved information to drive a purchase. After activating these campaigns, ALOHAS sees 250% more revenue from chat conversations.

On top of self-service, Gorgias makes ticket handling much more efficient for the ALOHAS team. Thanks to the centralized platform and customer sidebar, "Agents can see if, when and why a customer has contacted us previously and have more context in every single interaction. We also avoid work duplication, as we can merge multiple requests of the same customer." The team also uses Tags to quickly identify whether a customer is asking a pre-sales question to prioritize the ticket and assign it to the appropriate agent.

The result: Easy answers for customers, fewer tickets for agents, and more sales for ALOHAS

Since implementing Gorgias, ALOHAS increased revenue brought in by support by educating customers with self-service resources and automation, launching pre-sales chat campaigns, and handling tickets more efficiently.

Here are some of the results ALOHAS has with Gorgias:

  • 55% faster first-response time
  • 250% more revenue from chat
  • 20% higher CSAT score
  • 50% fewer live chat tickets

On top of all these great features, ALOHAS is thrilled by constant improvement. As Annalisa puts it, "Gorgias is company that grows as you grow, welcomes feedback, shares news, and takes into account customers' requests to improve services. That's what sets Gorgias apart from others."

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