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How LTVplus Helps Brands Offer World-Class Experiences With Gorgias

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Challenge: Customer service outsourcing agency LTVplus helps brands build support teams and processes that boost sales and retention. Its clients need streamlined, affordable ways to provide high-quality, omnichannel customer support.

Solution: LTVplus recommends Gorgias to all clients wanting omnichannel customer support that’s cost-effective and easy to set up and use. Gorgias’s Shopify integration enables more personalized and effective communications, while automation and proactive messaging minimize lost sales opportunities and increase conversions.

LTVplus (Lifetime Value Plus) is a leading customer service outsourcing company for ecommerce brands and other online businesses. LTVplus provides top-tier yet affordable CX services including supplying customer service agents, setting up and managing omnichannel customer support, and recovering failed payments and abandoned carts.


Challenge: Setting brands up with efficient, revenue-generating customer support — fast

Ecommerce brands and other online businesses approach LTVplus because they want to provide high-quality customer experiences that increase sales and customer loyalty, across all channels. Of course, they want solutions to be straightforward, cost-effective, and easy to adopt — and usually aren’t sure where to begin.

LTVplus fully manages the process of building and training customer service teams, including adopting new tools and processes. A dedicated customer service agent (or more than one, depending on the client’s needs) teams up with a customer service manager, trainer, quality analyst, and onboarding manager for each client.

“Most of our clients have no time to figure out building great customer support because they’re so busy dealing with other aspects of the business. So they reach out to us for help setting up their customer service team. And they also need to know what platform they should use to integrate customer messages and data across different channels and with their order platform.” 

— Melissa Huertas, Head of Customer Success at LTVplus

Some of LTVplus’s clients have no customer support platform in place. Others have one already but are frustrated by its limited integrations and functionality. LTVplus recommends and helps implement tools that help clients offer customer support that gets results. 

Crucially, the tools LTVplus recommends need to be user-friendly and affordable, as well as efficient and flexible. Busy ecommerce brands who are already juggling a million things can’t buy, learn, and use multiple platforms, or deal with complicated user interfaces and third-party integrations. 

Solution: Gorgias + LTVplus’s expertise 

LTVplus recommends Gorgias to clients who want to offer support that centralizes conversations from every channel, while still being user-friendly, cost-effective, and fully integrated with Shopify.

“When one of our clients is looking for omnichannel customer support, we recommend Gorgias as the number one choice. It has everything: Email, phone, SMS, chat, and social media integrations. So Gorgias allows our clients to be everywhere without needing multiple subscriptions to other platforms. It’s cost-effective and easy to set up.”

— June Matira, Client Onboarding Manager at LTVplus

By implementing Gorgias for  clients and building teams that already know the software, LTVplus has been able to expand its service to include:

  • Top-tier customer service
  • Shopify back-office tasks
  • Gorgias set up assistance
  • KPI reporting and analytics

Armed with Gorgias, LTVplus teams can do much more than offer simple, reactive support.

“Setting up Gorgias automation and self-service capabilities for our clients makes it possible for us to drive efficiency and reduce repetitive customer inquiries, which allows our team to focus more on critical concerns of our client’s customers.”

— Melissa Huertas, Head of Customer Success at LTVplus

Send proactive chat messages to unblock sales

The LTVplus team loves Gorgias’s proactive chat campaigns. Firstly, these messages spark more pre-sales customer interactions, creating additional opportunities for LTVplus to unblock sales and generate more revenue for clients. 

“We’re able to reduce abandoned searches on the client’s website, because of the proactive messaging enabled through automation in Gorgias. So if someone has been browsing their website and then becomes inactive, a chat message will pop up after a few minutes, asking if they have any questions. This encourages people to continue their search and complete a purchase, rather than abandoning it.”

— June Matira, Client Onboarding Manager at LTVplus

Personalizing communications to boost response rate

Gorgias’s deep Shopify integration enables LTVplus’s clients to provide more personalized and effective marketing messages to customers.

“We were able to streamline our marketing approach because we can see each customer’s Shopify history within Gorgias. So our communication has become very customized, very personalized, which garners more responses as opposed to the very templated messages that usually happen with SMS marketing efforts.”

— June Matira, Client Onboarding Manager at LTVplus

Using Gorgias automation to help recover abandoned carts

LTVplus uses Gorgias to create tailored solutions to specific problems for its clients, such as improving recovery of abandoned shopping carts to minimize lost sales opportunities.

“Gorgias’s ability to integrate with a lot of Shopify apps made it easier for us to create a robust, easy-to-use process for recovering abandoned carts. We created a customized solution for one client, where we automated sending notifications of abandoned carts from AirScout to Gorgias. When a notification arrives, we use Gorgias to initiate a conversation with the customer.”

— June Matira, Client Onboarding Manager at LTVplus
“In terms of ROI, Gorgias is one of the best choices if you have a huge team because you don't pay for users, you pay for the number of tickets that come in.”

— June Matira, Client Onboarding Manager at LTVplus

Results: Revenue-generating CX that’s measurable and ever-improving

With Gorgias in its toolbox, the LTVplus team can help its clients deliver the kind of personalized, efficient, omnichannel customer support that increases revenue and recurring customers. Even better? These results are quick to achieve and proven by detailed analytics.

“Because of how easy Gorgias is to set up and optimize, we’re able to provide excellent service to our clients. Gorgias also allows us to get real-time data so we can derive KPI statistics and suggest process improvements and action plans to our clients for a more consultative type of partnership.”

— Melissa Huertas, Head of Customer Success at LTVplus

As well as Gorgias’s technical capabilities, the LTVplus team also values the level of communication and support received from Gorgias. This has helped the relationship flourish.

“It’s really easy to get in touch with Gorgias, for customer support or to set up a demo call for a client. They’re easy to talk to and always give us answers that resolve our queries about the technicalities of using the platform. We attend the partner town halls which share news and updates, and they are a lot of fun.”

— Melissa Huertas, Head of Customer Success at LTVplus

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