How Switching to Gorgias Helped Shinesty Increase Their Social Media Engagement

CHALLENGE: Shinesty's customer base was asking questions outside their website - on Instagram and Facebook. Ignoring them was like using dollar bills for kindling.
SOLUTION: Answer customer questions on Instagram and Facebook posts and see the sales rolling in.

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Company Overview

Bold clothing company Shinesty are on a mission to dress out-there fashionistas in the most outlandish clothing the world has ever seen. Retro ski suits from the 80s? Shinesty have a style in every color. Funny socks and denim swimwear? They have you covered. It’s the online store for those who want a little more excitement in their closet, whether that’s a garishly patterned suit, a fancy dress hat, or a novelty pair of briefs. Shinesty have built a loyal community of customers centered around a love of frivolous fashion finds.

“We’ve been using Gorgias for two months now, and our marketing department has noticed a large spike in our engagement already.”
- Cody Szymanski, Customer Experience Manager

Turning social interactions into profit

The ability to sell via Instagram and Facebook instantly ramped up the number of eyeballs on Shinesty’s bright and eclectic clothing lines. But the brand couldn’t find a simple way to interact with users on these platforms — not in a time-efficient manner, anyway. And their previous helpdesk didn’t have the social connectivity they needed. 

As impressions soared, more and more people reached out with inquiries about Shinesty’s latest boxer hammocks, Hawaiian shirts, and vintage-style sunglasses. The brand quickly realized it was seriously missing out. 

Shinesty’s shoppers were all over social media with questions about their orders and queries about the size, shape, and style of the products. They were hungry for information, and Shinesty knew that if they could just tap into this well of eager buyers, they’d be golden. 

Through Gorgias’ social integrations, Shinesty are now able to respond to social ad comments and interact with their buyers in a way they’ve never done before. Engagement is through the roof, and the ability to communicate with customers in real-time has dramatically increased the number of sales.

“The Facebook ad commenting has been very, very interesting. People have been converting right there thanks to a simple social interaction.”

Auto responses free up agent time elsewhere

While Shinesty were keen to engage with their customers in a meaningful way on social media, they were also looking to cut down the amount of time their support agents spent responding to common questions. 

Gorgias allowed them to set auto-responses for frequently asked questions that would otherwise utilize an agent’s time. With extra time on their hands, agents are now able to concentrate on pre-sale actions and chat to convert on-the-fence buyers. 

They’re saving time elsewhere too. In the past, duplicating an order or creating a new one took a series of long-winded steps. Now, it takes Shinesty just a few clicks to do the same task through Gorgias. 

“It's really cool that Gorgias has so much integration between Shopify, Facebook, and Instagram.”

Creating a conversation generation machine

Shinesty’s bold personality is one of the brand’s key selling points. Customers aren’t just buying a product — they’re buying into a movement. But the restricted ability to easily interact with customers on social media ads in the past meant Shinesty struggled to build connections with buyers. 

Now, with simple social media integrations and the ability to respond to social comments from a central hub, Shinesty have turned their ads into a conversation generation machine. 

Gorgias has given Shinesty the ability to level-up their ad game. They’re able to let their personality shine through in the comments, without losing any time. Now, as well as creating instant connections with potential customers in the places where they’re hanging out the most, the brand also has the tools it needs to turn browsers into buyers in just a couple of clicks. 


In just a month or two of switching to Gorgias, Shinesty has seen incredible results. The marketing team has noticed a significant increase in engagement on social media ads and posts, while the auto-responses and macros features have freed up precious time so customer support agents can focus on conversion tactics elsewhere.