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How Birddogs Keeps Their Brand Voice Consistent Across Dispersed Teams by Using Macros in 46% in Responses

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CHALLENGE: Needed to connect many platforms and data sources with seamless integration to maintain authentic brand.
SOLUTION: Gorgias connects their email, Facebook, Instagram, Text, and Livechat into one smooth dashboard.

Company Overview

Birddogs design and manufacture men’s shorts and trousers with in-built underwear, “so you never have to wear underwear again”. Since the company began in 2014, their innovative apparel has proved popular with customers all over the world and in many different age groups. They focus on producing good quality products (known for their silky-smooth touch) and loud and proud marketing methods. 

“We've had a very positive relationship so far. I look forward to making that more complex and nuanced as we continue to grow and lean on their platform for assistance in that growth.” 
- Matt Dogg, Customer Relations Manager

Finding an advanced support tool for a non-techie team 

Birddogs found themselves in that typical startup teenage phase. They had outgrown using old support systems (we’re looking at you, Excel and email) and sought a more advanced operating system that could nurture their anticipated growth. 

Like a lot of other not-overly-tech-savvy brands, Birddogs leaned heavily on email support. But inbox support like this is clunky and basic. 

Their previous provider, Zendesk, didn’t cut the mustard for a team that wasn’t particularly comfortable with coding. However, the intuitive interface of Gorgias and its customizable elements have allowed the Birddogs team to create their own unique support ecosystem. 

With Gorgias, Birddogs can now rapidly respond to higher need customers and tweak their responses accordingly. This has meant they’re no longer wasting time on lower priority concerns or having to wrestle with the limited capabilities of good old-fashioned email. 

And, when the team aren’t able to do something themselves, Gorgias is on speed-dial to help out. 

“We needed to be able to make quick changes and understand them. I have been so much happier, pretty much exclusively because Gorgias’ responsiveness is so great. I knew that we needed that with a company that is so socially based. ”
- Matt Dogg, Customer Relations Manager

Keeping brand personality without losing authenticity

If you know Birddogs, you’ll know that they’re a tongue-in-cheek fun-loving company that enjoys pushing boundaries (and some people’s buttons). Their whole brand is built around a controversial, bro-inspired personality that they wanted to imbue every form of customer communication with — including support. 

The struggle was maintaining a personal feel to their customer support as the business grew. This is where Gorgias’ extensive collection of macros swooped in to save the day. They allowed the Birddogs support team to maintain their casual branded language even while giving people complex answers to complex questions. 

The team is now empowered to continue to do their jobs efficiently while still delivering a personalized experience to customers. 

“Because we’re a lifestyle brand, we've always really strived to maintain a really personal feel to our customer support. This can be really difficult to do as a growing business.”
- Matt Dogg, Customer Relations Manager 

Creating a central hub for customer support 

Birddogs is a social brand that gets a lot of inquiries through Facebook. Before switching to Gorgias, the team had to pull in these requests separately and marry them up with customer information elsewhere. It was laborious, time-intensive work. Now, Birddogs use Gorgias as a condensing and clarifying platform for all customer relations. The Facebook integration lets them sort and organize Facebook requests, email support and live chat features, all from one place. 

This helps the Birddogs team better understand their customers’ needs, provide quick-fix solutions, and quickly assign tasks to other team members. 


Birddogs continue to use Gorgias to bring together customer support requests from their social channels and live chat. The tool has been a lifesaver for creating customized responses based on their loud brand personality. Birddogs have been able to maintain the authentic and very human feel of the brand that their customers love, while making quick and efficient support decisions. 

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