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How TalentPop Expanded its Customer Base by Partnering With Gorgias

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Challenge: Customer service management agency TalentPop aimed to grow its business by enhancing service offerings through superior customer support tools.  Clients struggled with inefficient, outdated help desks, hindering support effectiveness and revenue from customer support.

Solution: Partnering with Gorgias enabled TalentPop to streamline operations and increase customer satisfaction for its clients using intuitive tools and powerful automation. This collaboration led to 410 mutual clients and significant business growth, helping TalentPop become a leading customer service outsourcing solution for ecommerce brands.

Leading customer service management agency TalentPop helps over 700 top ecommerce brands deliver a world-class customer experience and increase revenue from customer support. By recruiting, training, and managing support agents, TalentPop enables its clients to focus on other business priorities.

With a team of over 1,000 members worldwide, TalentPop provides multi-channel support using clients’ existing tech stacks. Dedicated agents for each brand ensure consistent service and quick onboarding.

The challenge: Elevating service offering by recommending best-in-class customer support tools

As part of TalentPop’s mission to provide an exceptional customer service function to its clients — which in turn helps drive its own growth — the agency always seeks to recommend the best customer support tools available. Clients using traditional help desks like Zendesk faced several challenges that reduced customer support efficiency.

One major issue was the clunky interfaces of these older help desks. TalentPop’s clients often found them difficult to use and lacking crucial integrations with other business systems and apps. This forced agents to juggle multiple tabs and manually copy-paste data, leading to inefficiencies. These limitations slowed down routine query resolutions and reduced the time agents could spend on more complex issues or proactive support.

Another significant pain point was the lack of robust data analysis and reporting features. Clients couldn't easily track and analyze ticket trends, making it hard to identify recurring issues and improve service quality. This lack of insight created gaps in customer support and missed opportunities for enhancing and personalizing the customer experience. 

These challenges highlighted the need for a more integrated, user-friendly, and advanced customer support solution that TalentPop could confidently recommend to its clients. To strengthen its service offering, TalentPop entered into a strategic partnership with a top-tier customer support platform it was already a fan of using — Gorgias.

“Before partnering with Gorgias, our offering was missing a key ingredient. TalentPop excels at working within any tech stack, but we wanted to provide our clients with best-in-class solutions while building out their customer service operations.”

— Olivia Parker, Senior Partnerships Manager at TalentPop

The solution: A strategic partnership with Gorgias leverages mutual values and objectives

TalentPop found a powerful solution for its clients in Gorgias, a user-friendly, unified customer experience platform with advanced automation features and a wide range of integrations. The partnership between TalentPop and Gorgias was a natural fit, given their shared ideal customer personas and commitment to enhancing customer support.

“We always recommend Gorgias because of its easy-to-use features, quick installation, and native integrations with Shopify and multiple communication channels. Plus, they consistently add new features and products.” 

— David Noller, Customer Success Manager at TalentPop

The partnership onboarding process was seamless, thanks to TalentPop’s existing familiarity with the Gorgias platform. They focused on how best to collaborate over key business objectives, prospective clients, and leveraging the strengths of both partners. 

“Having a dedicated Partner Success Manager from Gorgias has allowed us to focus on supporting our mutual objectives and has truly strengthened our partnership together.”

— Olivia Parker, Senior Partnerships Manager at TalentPop

TalentPop has helped hundreds of clients use and optimize Gorgias as part of its key service offering to deliver exceptional, seamless customer experiences and drive revenue from customer support.

Enhancing efficiency with intuitive layout and functionality

Gorgias’s intuitive interface and functionality are standout benefits for TalentPop’s clients. Clients transitioning from other help desks immediately appreciate the simplified navigation and enhanced efficiency.

Gone are the days of constant tab-shuffling and manual copy-pasting. Gorgias’s integrations with Shopify and social media platforms, Macros, and ticket insights provide centralized, joined-up data, streamlined processes, and data-driven insights. 

“Our clients are excited when we show them Gorgias’s integrations and features, especially the ability to dive into the data. They appreciate valuable tools like ticket insights which enable prioritization and tracking.”

— David Noller, Customer Success Manager at TalentPop

Automating simple tickets to boost agent productivity

Gorgias Automate is particularly impactful for TalentPop’s clients. By automating responses to common, straightforward queries, agents can focus on more complex issues and higher-value customer conversations. Meanwhile, Automate’s instant answers improve response times and overall satisfaction. 

For instance, the order tracking and management portal addresses a significant portion of customer inquiries. Quick Responses, multi-step Flows, and Article Recommendations further streamline customer interactions, providing immediate, helpful answers and valuable insights into customer needs.

Real-world success example: Silky Gem

After TalentPop persuaded Silky Gem to switch from using Zoho Mail and no help desk to Gorgias, they were able to automate 40% of the 5,000 monthly tickets Silky Gem receives. Michelle from Silky Gem praised TalentPop's exceptional team and Gorgias' transformative impact on their customer service.

Boosting sales with Gorgias Convert

Gorgias Convert has been another game-changer for TalentPop’s clients, increasing revenue generation. Strategic campaigns for abandoned carts and personalized shopper experiences have helped both small and large brands boost their sales. 

Convert contributes up to 20% of daily revenue for small-to-medium brands, while larger brands benefit from personalized campaigns that increase average order value (AOV) through targeted product suggestions.

“Clients are constantly surprised and delighted by how effective Gorgias Convert is for revenue generation. They especially appreciate that Convert can be used to target a diverse range of customers across the entire purchasing journey.”

— David Noller, Customer Success Manager at TalentPop

The results: Significant growth, 410 mutual customers, and a forward-looking approach

Partnering with Gorgias has allowed TalentPop to offer a best-in-class customer support solution, significantly improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction for its clients. This has enabled TalentPop to enjoy considerable growth, with effective co-selling motions leading to 410 mutual customers. Precise alignment between TalentPop's and Gorgias' go-to-market teams has been pivotal in winning key accounts and expanding their customer base.

“Gorgias has been instrumental in TalentPop’s growth from the start of our partnership. They have provided key prospect opportunities, supported us in winning accounts, and invested in TalentPop by bringing on best-in-class customer service agents to support their teams.”

— Olivia Parker, Senior Partnerships Manager at TalentPop

Throughout their collaboration, Gorgias has provided TalentPop with essential resources to better serve its clients by streamlining operations and boosting revenue from customer support.

“The Gorgias team has been fantastic to work with, and instrumental in our continued growth and success. They’ve always been attentive to our needs and equipped us with the resources necessary to best serve our Gorgias platform clients.”

— David Noller, Customer Success Manager at TalentPop

Gorgias has always challenged the TalentPop team to think strategically about the future, encouraging them to plan 1–2 years ahead while remaining committed to serving their current client base. This forward-thinking approach has been crucial in expanding TalentPop’s success in the customer service management industry.

“Partnering with Gorgias, a trusted brand, was paramount in our initial success. It has allowed us to better understand our clients’ needs and stay up-to-date with industry trends.”

— David Noller, Customer Success Manager at TalentPop

Next steps for the partnership

TalentPop and Gorgias will continue supporting key prospects and exploring further opportunities to evolve their partnership, especially as the rise of AI is transforming customer experience for ecommerce brands.

“We are embracing our partnership with Gorgias as we look towards the future of CX together. We are excited about Gorgias’s future and will continue to refer and recommend Gorgias to emerging and fast-growing DTC brands.”

— David Noller, Customer Success Manager at TalentPop

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