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How ECOM DEPARTMENT Helped Stylest Generate 31x in ROI with Gorgias

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Challenge: Stylest, a rapidly growing swimwear brand, needed to retain visitors and convert them into loyal customers. They wanted to increase visitor engagement even more and drive sales without disrupting the shopping experience.

Solution: ECOM DEPARTMENT implemented Gorgias Convert to enhance Stylest's customer shopping experience and boost conversions. Through strategic campaigns, they achieved a peak revenue influence of 18%, with standout results like a 35.56% conversion rate from the Exit Intent campaign.

Stylest, a newly rising trendy meets comfort swimwear brand founded by Alia x Joyann x Chrissy in New York, is rapidly gaining traction in the fashion industry. Stylest wanted to improve its visitor retention strategy and convert more visitors into loyal customers. To achieve this, Stylest partnered with ECOM DEPARTMENT, a leading full-service ecommerce agency, who recommended integrating Gorgias Convert to optimize their customer shopping experience and boost conversions.

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The challenge: Retaining visitors and optimizing conversions

  1. Enhancing Visitor Engagement: Stylest wanted visitors to stick around, make purchases, and see the value right from the get-go. It wasn't just about lowering the bounce rate; it was about making sure visitors stayed engaged as soon as they landed on the site. 
  2. Conversion Optimization: To increase sales and promote its best-selling style, Stylest needed an effective strategy to engage visitors and encourage them to complete their purchases without disrupting their shopping experience.

The solution: Using Gorgias Convert to drive engagement and conversions

ECOM DEPARTMENT decided to leverage Convert, a powerful onsite marketing tool designed to improve customer engagement and drive conversions. ECOM implemented a multifaceted approach that included launching campaigns to capture Stylest’s shoppers at different points of the buying journey. 

In just 30 days, ECOM DEPARTMENT effectively reduced the bounce rate and optimized conversions.

Launch various Convert campaigns to target all customer segments

Stylest launched a total of 8 targeted Convert campaigns, each designed to achieve a specific objective:

  1. A swimsuit quiz for new and browsing customers 
  2. An add-on campaign to increase average order value (AOV)
  3. A founder-led educational video to raise awareness about the material
  4. A sizing guide to reduce bounce rate
  5. An exit intent campaign to reduce bounce rate
  6. A conversational campaign to offer 1:1 support
  7. A first-purchase discount to capture new customers
  8. A second add-on campaign to upsell

Capture leaving visitors with exit intent campaigns

Leveraging Convert’s exit intent trigger, ECOM DEPARTMENT created compelling exit intent campaigns to capture visitors' attention who were about to leave the website. They tested various messages and found offering a 10% discount to incentivize immediate action was the most effective and reduced cart abandonment.

Engage shoppers with targeted educational campaigns

Understanding the need to inform customers about Stylest's unique value propositions, ECOM DEPARTMENT launched a series of educational campaigns based on their browsing behavior. These campaigns spotlighted the brand's top-selling products and assisted customers in finding their perfect fit.

To promote Stylest's best-selling swimsuit, DreamSculpt, they emphasize its premium quality fabric and universal appeal in one campaign. Another campaign captures the attention of browsing shoppers with a personalized quiz to guide customers toward products that suit their preferences.

The results: Convert campaigns influenced 18% of revenue within 30 days

Collectively, these campaigns contributed to 3% of the brand’s total revenue over a 90-day period.

At its peak, the Convert campaigns alone influenced 18% of Stylest's total revenue, a significant achievement given that pop-ups typically generate only 2-5% of influenced revenue. This highlights the campaign's exceptional performance and effectiveness in driving revenue.

Another standout was the Exit Intent campaign, which boasted an impressive conversion rate of 35.56%. This far exceeded the industry standard of 11% for top pop-up conversion rates, demonstrating ECOM DEPARTMENT’s and Stylest's ability to craft highly effective marketing strategies that outperform typical benchmarks.

Additionally, the campaign created to increase the average order value (AOV) achieved a remarkable conversion rate of 17%. This campaign influenced 20% of the total revenue generated by these efforts, underscoring its impact on both conversion rates and revenue.

With a strategic approach to customer engagement and personalized campaigns tailored to their target audience, Stylest enhanced the shopping experience, drove sales, and solidified their position as an emerging swimwear brand in the competitive fashion market.

“Alia and I wanted to make sure that customers always left the site satisfied. A lot of the time, customers want to buy something but wish it was 10 dollars less. With Convert, we are giving customers that opportunity. No one leaves the site empty-handed.”

—Andreina Caushi, Project Manager at ECOM DEPARTMENT

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