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Uqora Uses Gorgias and Recharge to Delight Subscribers and Drive 8 Purchases Per Customer

Average repeat purchase rate
Second first-response time

Challenge: Uqora’s team had to switch between 10 tabs to answer subscriber questions, a major detriment to team efficiency and customer experience. 

Solution: Uqora integrated Gorgias and Recharge so all customer information appears next to the customer conversation, no tab-switching necessary.

In 2017, Jenna Ryan and Spencer Gordon founded Uqora to revolutionize the way we manage our urinary health, with a focus on proactive care. Backed by science and technology, Uqora’s proactive supplements and UTI-relief products deter chronic pain so you can spend less time worrying about urinary health. 

At Uqora, we build a tight-knit relationship with our customers because they deal with something personal.

— Zoe Rotberg, Customer Success Manager, Uqora

Uqora’s subscription plans help customers stay on top of their health without having to run to the pharmacy whenever they experience pain or empty the bottle. The team knew the subscription program’s success hinged on a seamless experience for agents and customers, so they turned to the Gorgias + Uqora integration. 

Continue reading to learn how Uqora uses the integration to improve the subscriber experience and boost team efficiency.

Source: Uqora

Challenge: Tab-shuffling slowed the team and customer experience 

Managing subscriptions can be challenging. Customers frequently request recommendations, clarification about products, and adjustments to their plans. A fast, personalized response from the support team is often the difference between a loyal renewal or a frustrated churn.

Before using the Gorgias + Recharge integration, the Uqora team had to shuffle between tabs to get Shopify order info, Recharge subscription status, and the conversation with the customer. This disjointed process held the Uqora team back from providing the fast, personal interactions the team prides itself on.

Given the different channels we use, our laptops would have 10 different tabs open. It was difficult to get a cohesive view of the customer. But with Gorgias + Recharge, we see all information in one window and have better visibility into the customer to manage their subscription, saving us a ton of time.

— Zoe Rotberg, Customer Success Manager, Uqora

Solution: Centralized customer data means lightning-fast responses

The Gorgias + Recharge integration pulls subscriber information from Recharge into Gorgias, along with the customer’s Shopify information (such as recent orders).

Now, when a customer reaches out to update their subscription plan, the Uqora team immediately sees the customer data in Gorgias, right next to the ticket. This helps them provide a personalized, up-to-date response without leaving the helpdesk.

This information helps Uqora’s Customer Success team members provide faster, more personalized consultative care. Without leaving Gorgias, the team can: 

  • Recommend products based on the subscriber’s current plan, previous purchasing behavior, and reason for reaching out
  • Update the subscription (adding or removing products)
  • Educate customers about products without asking which products the customer purchased (or leaving the helpdesk to check in Shopify or Recharge)
  • Skip a monthly delivery if the customer has too much product rather than canceling the subscription entirely

Result: Renewals make up the majority of revenue

Gorgias is a key component in helping Uqora customers find success, it enables the Customer Success team to build genuine relationships with their customers and add value far beyond the products. Running this strategy across all key moments in the subscriber lifecycle allows the Uqora team to provide a personal high-touch experience for their most valued customers. 

The positive interactions that customers have with the Customer Success team members are part of why on average, subscribers purchase Uqora products more than 8 times over the course of their lifetime with the brand.

I will say that switching over to Gorgias was hands down the best decision that we made in our tech stack build-out because it provided us the perfect integration to have with another absolutely crucial part of our tech stack, which is Recharge. And so having those two things together was a no-brainer for us. 

— Zoe Rotberg, Customer Success Manager, Uqora

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