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How Everyday Dose Uses Gorgias and Siena AI to Delight Customers Across Channels

Faster responses
Faster resolutions by 45%
more tickets converted

Challenge: Staying on top of social DMs and comments to collect customer feedback and ensure efficient service.

Solution: Combining Siena AI and Gorgias to automate customer interactions, gather and manage feedback, and effectively moderate social media content.

Results: 60% faster responses, 45% faster resolutions, and over 30% more tickets converted into sales.

Challenge: Providing efficient support across channels

Everyday Dose's challenge was to keep up with social comments and DM's from a growing customer base — without sacrificing quality. They had an influx of questions, about everything from the benefits of their product to their returns policy, as well as product feedback and testimonials.

The main goals were to lower first-response and resolution times while maintaining high CSAT scores.

Solution: Siena AI + Gorgias for instant, empathetic answers

Siena AI is an innovative customer service platform that harnesses generative AI technology to replicate human-like conversations and actions.

Let's take a look at this example:

The customer asks two distinct questions: first about samples, second about a brand ambassador program. Siena understands both questions and provides one seamless answer to the customer. Most generation AI platforms are not capable of answering multi-part questions, which is why Siena stands apart. That, plus the fact that it uses GPT-4 to learn the brand's unique tone of voice.

Everyday Dose used the Siena integration with Gorgias to automate responses across all of their inquiry types, from pre-sales questions to policy inquiries, on all their channels:

  • Email
  • Live chat
  • Instagram and Facebook DMs
  • Social media comments moderation

The combination of these two platforms provides accurate, context-aware responses to customers, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Siena is our intelligent AI agent in our Gorgias helpdesk. It’s the perfect combo for customer service teams that want to double productivity and scale CX.  

— Everyday Dose

Results: Faster responses and more revenue

After just 30-days of implementing Siena AI and Gorgias, Everyday Dose achieved remarkable results:

  • First-response time reduced by 60%
  • Resolution time reduced by 45%
  • 30% more tickets converted into sales

And while some companies might be wary of adopting AI for customer support, Everyday Dose customers love the quality of support from Siena's emphatic AI:

The company now plans to further enhance its customer experience automation by implementing Siena's Subscription Management and Order Management Modules via integrations with Shopify Plus and Stay AI Subscriptions.

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