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Princess Polly Improves Their CX Team Efficiency by Benefiting From Gorgias-Shopify Integration

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Challenge: Princess Polly wanted to build an exceptional, personalized shopping experience for their customers and increase employee satisfaction. But their original helpdesk didn't support their goal.

Solution: Since using Gorgias, Princess Polly increased their efficiency by 40%, decreased resolution time by 80%, decreased first response time by 95%, and improved one-touch tickets by 15%.

Princess Polly is one of the fastest growing online women's fashion brands in the U.S. and Australia. Their products are inspired by the latest trends in fashion, street style, and pop culture. The brand targets Gen Zers and strongly focuses on providing the best customer experience (CX).

Alexandria Collis is the Director of Operations at Princess Polly. She oversees strategy and innovation within operations and CX departments. A part of her role is taking advantage of technological systems and platforms to enhance Princess Polly's internal ecosystem.

In a recent interview with the Gorgias team, Alex shared her approach to choosing the right CS platform for Princess Polly and how Gorgias is really winning for the brand.

Looking for Partnership, Not Just a Tech Solution

Finding the right CX platform isn't easy because there are so many platforms out there — each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

"What matters for us isn't only the customer experience, but also the agent experience, our relationship as partners, and Gorgias responds to all of that."

Alexandria Collis, Director of Operations

For Alex, her ideal solution for Princess Polly has to meet the following criteria:

  • Helping her teams become as efficient and as productive as possible
  • Creating a human touch experience for customers
  • Creating a partnership where the platform takes the brand's dreams into their product roadmap
"In August of 2020, we migrated from a popular ticketing system to Gorgias, which is highly integrated with the Shopify ecosystem. It really helps our CX teams to be efficient and accurate. When we're looking at first response time, CSAT, and NPS, we get the full scope of the experience instead of relying in silos." - Alexandria Collis, Director of Operations

How Gorgias Has Become a Game Changer for Princess Polly

1. Automating Support Workflow

Princess Polly has teams in the U.S. and Australia. They take advantage of Gorgias' rules and macros to segment data out between these two regions and streamline their ticketing system.

"Gorgias allows us to automate our support workflow seamlessly, and we were able to migrate everything over all the historic at no cost. That was also really wonderful." - Alexandria Collis, Director of Customer Experience

2. Boosting Customer Experience

Within months of implementing Gorgias, Princess Polly increased their efficiency by 40%, decreased their resolution time by 80%, decreased first response time by 95%, and improved one-touch tickets by 15%. This allows the brand to quickly connect with customers on a personal level and strengthen customer loyalty.

Princess Polly uses Gorgias to empower their support team with more insights into customers' needs and customer journey.

"Gorgias knows the best ways to address customer issues and build the right tool to help meet those needs. This directly impacts our top metrics and drives change into our business." - Alexandria Collis, Director of Customer Experience

Alex also mentioned that Gorgias plays a crucial role in helping Princess Polly solve detractors that touch on customer service within their Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys.

"Gorgias allows us to see the history of any customer's concerns or things that have happened to them along their journey. So, we're can take those detractors and turn them into promoters." - Alexandria Collis, Director if Customer Experience

3. Increasing Agent Productivity and Satisfaction

Princess Polly receives 50,000 tickets across channels, including phone, email, chat, and social media per month between their U.S. and Australian teams.

Alex realized that having to switch between platform just adds time to the work process and so reduce agents' productivity. That's why her core focus is to find a solution that helps her manage everything in one place.

When moving into Gorgias, Alex is delighted as the platform integrates all the data into one location. Her teams don't have to navigate different tools to gather data anymore.

"After migrating to Gorgias, we saw a 40% increase in agent productivity.  It's an amazing tooI. I was able to see an opportunity, grab it by the reins and take control of our ticketing system without working through some of those silos which we experienced with our old helpdesk." - Alexandria Collis, Princess Polly

For Alex, the agent experience sheds light on their customer experience. When agents get support to work faster and more effectively, they'll be satisfied, and pleased employees lead to pleased customers.

"We want to make sure our people are happy. It's critically important and Gorgias helps us do that. I'd recommend Gorgias to anyone that is highly focused on the overall customer experience. Really the experience from the start to finish, and then beyond." - Alexandria Collis, Princess Polly

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