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How Jetson Centralizes Incoming Messages and Maintains an NPS of 4.85/5

Decrease in first response time
Decrease in resolution time
NPS score

Challenges: Jetson needed a solution to aggregate tickets from social media platforms and provide deep analytics to keep up with support operations.

Solution: Centralizing incoming messages in one place has allowed them to maintain an NPS of 4.85/5

Jetson is an Ecommerce company on a mission to elevate human health through the power of the gut. 

The company improves gut health with their Seasonal Probiotic Program - with one subscription, they send customers a fresh bottle of probiotics every month and change up the formulation every season to expose your gut to diverse strains. Customers get 18 probiotic strains, Vitamins A thru E, packed into one pill with just one subscription. All of Jetson's products are tailored to the human body's distinct needs for each season of the year.

Stefan Weitz founded Jetson after enduring a strict regimen of painkillers and various medications, following his multiple sclerosis diagnosis more than a decade ago. He thought there had to be a better way, despite assurances from the medical staff treating him at the time. Following his intuition, he sought his own solutions, embarking on an intensive quest for the most up-to-date and practical solutions to his health problems.

Stefan was inspired to share what he'd learned about different health concerns that many people confront, such as food, stress, and sleep habits. And as a result of these discussions, Jetson was born.

Increasing Volume of Customer Inquiries

The global probiotics market is valued at around USD 61.1 billion in 2021. And it's estimated to reach about USD 91.1 billion by 2026, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.3 percent during this period (2021-2026). Thanks to the growing demand, and increase in online purchases due to the pandemic, Jetson receives around 1700 tickets per month.

In addition to traditional email inquiries, these 1700 tickets also come from SMS responses and the combined 30,000 people following Jetson on Instagram and Facebook. Jetson's customer service or social media agent manages all these customer inquiries and comments received. 

Jetson had used HelpScout previously as their solution platform. Although, HelpScout allowed Jetson to streamline customer support tickets through email, unfortunately, HelpScout didn't allow aggregating tickets from other social media platforms. It was tough for Jetson to keep up with tickets in the present, and planning for the future was challenging due to a lack of deep analytics. 

When these aspects of Helpscout's solution were combined, they left the Jetson team feeling chronically behind in their support operation, and they thought it was time to look for a solution that was more suited to their needs.

Shifting to Gorgias and Centralizing Everything in One Place

George Chao, CEO of Jetson, had come across Gorgias through their Customer Service Manager, who was familiar with its solutions through his prior work. He was sold on the strength of Gorgias, based on:

  • Integrations with social media (Facebook and Instagram) and other platforms
  • Monitoring incoming messages
  • Improving Net Promoter Score (NPS), which was essential for Jetson
"Our Customer Service Manager was familiar with Gorgias, and the integrations with social media and other platforms were crucial in our decision to switch over." - George Chao, CEO

Gorgias has made it a lot easier for Jetson to keep track of incoming messages and validate monthly changes to predict recruiting needs. The straightforward automation benefits the team by enabling Jetson to track recurring issues easily and adapt faster.

Lowering Response Time and Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Today, Jetson uses Gorgias as their primary support tool to quickly monitor and respond to all incoming messages, including product queries, delivery tracking, and cancellation requests. Gorgias even integrates with their other tools, like Attentive, streamlining the support process further.

"Gorgias is used to respond to all inquiries - text, email, chat, SMS. Gorgias' tracking and reporting make it very easy to stay dynamic as our customers' needs change." - Matt Fayfer, Customer Service Manager

With the easy-to-use and straightforward Gorgias dashboard, which displays comments and all incoming queries in a central location, managing everything in one place, including social media chat, email, and SMS, has made tracking and reporting easier for Jetson.

Jetson can create exceptional client experiences while minimizing costs by condensing queries into a single contact. 

Gorgias has made KPIs recording and categorization cleaner, meaning now Jetson can increase their efficiency with quick separation. 

The team has also reduced the time spent tracking use cases by implementing Gorgias tagging automation. This change has helped Jetson improve its Net Promoter Score (NPS) and reduce the time to onboard new employees. 

"Setting up automation for and using Tags day-to-day is a very easily understood way to track use cases. That, in turn, means that when we expand our CS team, onboarding new employees will be so much easier." - Matt Fayfer, Customer Service Manager

Boasting a Net Promoter Score While Fielding an Increase of Tickets

Implementing the Gorgias platform has enabled Jetson to:

  • Lower their first response time by 60%, from 5 hours previously down to 2 hours
  • Reduce their resolution time by 30%, from 20 hours previously down to 14 hours, saving their team a great deal of time

As a result of an increase in the quick response time, Jetson currently boasts a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 4.8/5. They have even maintained it while fielding an increase of around 100 tickets every month since the integration with Gorgias. 

Gorgias has also enabled an increase in the use of the chat function, which was previously underutilized. 

Today, Jetson's team can promptly reply to all incoming inquiries across all channels.

With more time on their hands, Jetson is on their way with Gorgias' solution to achieve their goals of doubling their expansion every year over the next two years and efficiently onboarding new customer service members to their team.

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