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How Luksusbaby achieved 66% faster FRT and 45% ticket automation with Gorgias and D.TAILS

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Challenge: Luksusbaby deals with 3,000+ tickets weekly, across multiple platforms and in multiple languages. Constant tab shuffling and inefficient manual processes led to slow responses and too much time spent on repetitive manual tasks rather than higher-value customer conversations.

Solution: Gorgias gives Luksusbaby centralized customer conversations and automated workflows, optimized by D.TAILS. These streamline ticket assignments and cut response times. Gorgias's features, such as keyword-based ticket routing, automated responses, and templated answers, ensure quick, consistent replies, easy tracking, and more efficient workload management.

Danish-based luxury childrenswear retailer Luksusbaby offers a carefully curated selection of quality clothing, equipment, and toys for children aged 0–16. Established in 2013 by new mum-of-twins Ann-Louise Aasted, today Luksusbaby has a thriving ecommerce arm plus two brick-and-mortar stores. Luksusbaby has a worldwide customer base, with a particular focus on Scandinavia.

The challenge: Manually managing 3,000 tickets across multiple platforms was slow and inefficient

Following explosive growth, Luksusbaby faced a huge upsurge in customer inquiries across various channels. Without a centralized overview or scalable processes, they struggled to ensure timely responses, prioritize effectively, and deliver consistent answers across a multilingual team serving different countries.

Luksusbaby has 15 customer support agents supporting six web stores and two physical stores. They handle around 3,000 tickets weekly across multiple channels: email, phone, chats from six websites (from Denmark to Korea), 12 country-specific Meta accounts (Facebook and Instagram), and Claimlane for customer returns. 

Constantly switching between different platforms was inefficient and led to slower response times. Tracking tickets between departments had to be done manually. They used Intercom for chats that came through the website only, which further exacerbated the need to manually toggle between platforms to get customers the help they needed. 

Prioritization was an issue, as the team dealt with tickets according to date order rather than importance or skills. Managing customer conversations via Meta was a particular time suck.  

“Some of our Instagram posts get up to 3,000 comments, but we only need to act on 10–20 of those. Meta is a cumbersome tool, so it was very difficult to find those comments, then find them again when the customer responded. We were using a lot of time to deal with those few tickets.”

— Tanja Munch, Customer Service Manager at Luksusbaby

Many customer inquiries involved repetitive questions about shipping and order status. While easy to answer, their sheer volume swallowed up large chunks of time — leaving the support team less time for complex inquiries and the pre-sales education that’s crucial for Luksusbaby's sales. 

To support further growth, it was clear Luksusbaby needed a more efficient and streamlined customer support system.

The solution: Centralized customer conversations and automated workflows in Gorgias, optimized by D.TAILS

With the help of ecommerce tech specialists D.TAILS, Luksusbaby implemented Gorgias to centralize and manage customer conversations, eliminating inefficient platform hopping. The set-up streamlines ticket assignments, automates responses, and speeds up service.

Automatically filtering and prioritizing tickets

Gorgias automatically routes tickets based on keywords to the right teams or members, ensuring faster, prioritized responses that tap into the best team skills. Gorgias also auto-closes Meta tickets that don’t require a response, allowing the team to focus on important messages.

"We've set up filters so Facebook and Instagram comments that need a response get routed to a customer support agent, while all the others get auto-closed. That’s a very huge lift off our shoulders. Even during a live session where we get 3,000 comments in one hour, Gorgias filters and closes them so quickly that we can still keep handling questions from other customers.”

— Tanja Munch, Customer Service Manager at Luksusbaby
Luksusbaby sets up autoreplies to tickets in Gorgias 

Macros enable quick, consistent responses

Gorgias Macros provide custom, templated responses to frequently asked questions, pre-filling the response field based on the subject. Customer support agents can tweak these for a personalized touch, while ensuring consistent messaging and faster replies.

“With 15 colleagues and several languages, we use Gorgias Macros a lot to unify our answers to customers. They ensure we say the same things in the same way.” 

— Tanja Munch, Customer Service Manager at Luksusbaby
Luksusbaby uses Macros to ensure quick and consistent replies

Easy tracking and oversight

Customer support agents use Gorgias’s internal comment feature when assigning tickets to different departments, ensuring easy tracking and full transparency of customer interactions.

"The customer overview is very helpful and we use it a lot. Now, we can see if a customer has already chatted with us, or sent an Instagram DM or an email. We have the full history for each customer.”

— Tanja Munch, Customer Service Manager at Luksusbaby

Luksusbaby found a partner who could translate Korean messages from the Kakao platform into Gorgias. With AI support, the support team not only addresses these tickets via Gorgias but also responds to messages in Norwegian and Swedish, reducing the dependency on language-specific team members.

Expert implementation support from D.TAILS

“It was a very smooth transition. D.TAILS understands the Danish market dynamics and their proficiency in both Gorgias and Shopify makes them a reliable and effective partner. We highly recommend D.TAILS and feel in good hands with them."

— Tanja Munch, Customer Service Manager at Luksusbaby

Luksusbaby engaged D.TAILS to provide tailored support with setting up and optimizing both Shopify and Gorgias. D.TAILS championed the move to Gorgias, emphasizing its comprehensive features. The D.TAILS team’s focus on process automation, paired with their experience and 24/7 accessibility, made them an incredible partner. 

“We love offering Gorgias to our merchants. We started doing so because we found that many didn’t know that customer service can be optimized, or how to optimize Gorgias themselves. So we build a simple setup package which is an easy sell and provides high value to the merchants.”

— Kim Eriksen, COO at D.TAILS

The results: Improved efficiency and cost savings thanks to 66% faster first response time and 45% Meta ticket automation

With Gorgias in place, Luksusbaby reduced its first response time by 66%, from 36 hours down to just 12 hours. Gorgias now auto-closes around 45% of Meta tickets, eliminating a big chunk of the support team’s previous workload. Ticket handling is now so much more efficient that Luksusbaby has also made cost savings, as the team can manage the same workload with fewer staff. 

“Our response time has dropped from within 36 hours to within 12 hours. That's a very big improvement. We also have one less staff member to handle the same amount of tickets. So staffing costs have reduced yet we can still deliver the same five-star service that we want to give our customers.”

— Tanja Munch, Customer Service Manager at Luksusbaby

The improvements go beyond numbers alone. The team find they are “working smarter, not harder” thanks to automatic ticket routing and standardized responses provided by Gorgias Macros, which also improve the overall customer experience. 

“I can’t imagine going back to our old setup now. It would be like working in the Stone Age again!”

— Tanja Munch, Customer Service Manager at Luksusbaby

Next steps: Unleashing the full benefits of Gorgias automation 

Luksusbaby has big plans for its ongoing digital transformation. Once all six of its websites are moved to Shopify within the next few months — with D.TAILS’s help — Tanja and her team can embrace the full capabilities of Gorgias’s automation. They plan to continue working with D.TAILS to ensure they get maximum benefit from the integration. 

“To others considering working with Gorgias and D.TAILS, I say go for it! We highly recommend it. It was a fast implementation process and D.TAILS has huge experience with ensuring a best practice setup.”

— Tanja Munch, Customer Service Manager at Luksusbaby

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